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Era Q&A over at RPGDot

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Era Q&A over at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 12 February 2003, 19:45:33

Tags: Era: The Arken Throne

RPGDot has posted up an interview with Peroxide about their former remake of Ultima 1 now turned new setting CRPG, Era.

RPGDot: Did you change the name of the game only or redesign gameplay as well? For example, is the game still taking place in Sosaria and are characters from Ultima 1 in the game?

Kasper Fauerby:
Era should still look and feel pretty much the same as what we had originally planned for the Ultima 1 remake but since EA holds the copyrights not only on the brand name "Ultima" but also on the names of characters and places, we've decided to whip up our own universe. So, no, the game will no longer take place in Sosaria. The look and feel of a game is one thing though - the rule-system by which the game world works is another. As we've 'moved out' of the Ultima universe and into our own there is a lot of gameplay features we have to rethink and redesign. This is where a significant portion of our development time is spent these days and at this time there are still a lot of loose ends that we're trying to tie up, so you'll have to excuse me if the answers to some of the questions on particular gameplay features are a little vague at this point.​

I have to agree with Calis, something new but similar to Ultima is fine and dandy with me. Moreso than just a simple remake of the classic.

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