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Dragon Age: Inquisition Interview at CVG

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Dragon Age: Inquisition Interview at CVG

Interview - posted by Crooked Bee on Thu 20 June 2013, 20:09:50

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Inquisition offer an interview with Bioware's general manager Aaryn Flynn on Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third entry in the Dragon Age series, currently in development. Have a snippet:

How ambitious are you being with the open-world design?

Oh pretty ambitious! That comes down to some of the feedback from Dragon Age II and wanting to give people a lot more exploration. That's one of the reasons why we chose Frostbite as an engine, because we went through a big review of that.

We knew that our own engine Eclipse that did Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age II was getting pretty long in the tooth. Continuing to develop on that engine would've taken a lot of investment and time. But when we lined up a lot of the opportunities for engines, one of the things that we loved about Frostbite was that it did terrain streaming and big open environments quite well.

So we thought that if we could take that and then layer on beautiful open-world systems and quests, that would be a pretty killer combination. That was a big priority for us.

The first and second Dragon Age titles are quite different games. How are you going to balance Inquisition in terms of incorporating various elements from those games?

The idea for 3 is obviously that the medium has moved ahead again. So we have to take advantage of that and figure out first and foremost where the medium is going. Then from there based on where we see it going, which is to bigger, open areas and more things to do, we then have to decide what from Origins and Dragon Age II we're going to bring in to that.

Each game has things that we like. For example, Origins has a great, tactical combat feel. I personally like that Dragon Age II has a faster, more action feel to it. So we want to blend those and bring them in to Dragon Age: Inquisition and then have it play out in larger, open spaces.

What can the next generation of consoles bring to the role-playing genre?

I think for us when you see the Inquisition trailer you'll see that it's such a radical leap in character fidelity. These are characters that now feel alive. Our goals is to get right past the uncanny valley and right to characters who you love and interact with. Morrigan for example has moved radically forward in terms of that kind of stuff.

The computing power behind the new consoles just enables so many things. And then you get in to the peripherals that they have and it's almost too much - you've got to really pick and choose what you can do cool stuff with.​

For more Aaryn Flynn wisdom, check out the full interview.

Spotted at Gamebanshee

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