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Lionheart Q&A at Gamer's Click

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Lionheart Q&A at Gamer's Click

Interview - posted by Mistress on Thu 20 February 2003, 15:59:24

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Gamer's Click have posted a brief interview with Jeff McAteer, Art Director at Reflexive Entertainment, regarding their upcoming title, Lionheart.

From start to finish how many hours are put into art during the development process?

In this game, we have had about 7-8 artists working at any one time. Since we have been in development for about 14 months now, it adds up to a lot. Maybe the programmers could put a decimal value to it, but I would estimate at least 14000-15000 man hours so far.

Without stellar graphics it is becoming harder and harder for a game to compete in the current marketplace. How do you feel about this and how do you deal with the stress of knowing that what you do will play a vital role in how well the game sells?

I love it! I love the competitive aspect as well as the responsibility! The great thing is, the art in Lionheart is one of the many strong points of the game. Many of the screenshots on the internet don't do it justice. They keep washing the colors or textures out when the image gets brightened or compressed.

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