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Blackguards released on Steam Early Access

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Blackguards released on Steam Early Access

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 6 November 2013, 19:45:25

Tags: Blackguards; Daedalic Entertainment

Surprise! Blackguards, Daedalic's turn-based tactical RPG set in the world of The Dark Eye, just came out on Steam Early Access, a day before originally planned. Here's the game's teaser video:

A FAQ on the game's store page explains what you'll get if you purchase it now. Here's an excerpt:

Cards on the table! What's in the game right now?

Starting with the early access on November 6th the game will contain the first of five chapters. We will add the following chapters with periodical updates as more and more content gets integrated. Our goal is to release a new chapter roughly every two weeks until the final release.

The first chapter of the game contains:
  • more than 50 battle maps
  • 11 quest chains
  • 3 playable character classes (Warrior, Mage, Hunter)
  • lots of items
  • 10 to 12 hours of gameplay
What are you still working on?

As the game is still in development, not everything in the game is highly polished or implemented yet. Here is a list on what is subject to change during the Early Access phase:
  • Content: New game chapters will be added
  • Balancing: Difficulty, ability values and effects, map layouts etc. will vary
  • Overall polishing: We're enhancing the overall feeling of the game
  • Technical issues: There may occur minor bugs, we're improving stability with each update
How can I participate in the development process?

That's simple. Just play and (hopefully) enjoy the game. Then give us feedback on what you liked and what you disliked so far. You may also make suggestions on what you would change or like to see in the game - just remember that the game already is feature complete. That means that we simply cannot add major features or turn the game 180 degrees around. We would also like if you report bugs as they turn up, so that our development team can fix them in the next regular update.
There's a timetable for those new game chapters:

The Early Access Version includes:
  • First chapter at start
  • Second chapter end of November
  • Third chapter mid of December
  • Fourth chapter end of December
  • Fifth chapter end of January
The game is available at various price points, as the press release from last week explains:

Daedalic Entertainment offers several packages for those interested in Early Access. In every case, players will secure access to the final version of Blackguards, by paying a lower price than they would if they purchased the game after its official release.

Additionally, they have the opportunity to purchase exclusive extras that will only be available before the official release: For $24.99/£18.99/€24.99, players receive the Standard Early Access Edition of Blackguards, including all chapters for PC at their earliest availability, and the full PC & Mac version of the game after the official release. For $34.99/£26.99/€34.99, players receive the Blackguards Early Access Deluxe Edition, additionally including an approx. 150 page artbook, as well as developer interview videos and six exclusive wallpapers.

Priced $49.99/£29.99/€49.99, the Blackguards Early Access Contributor Edition additionally includes an appearance of a buyer’s name within the game’s credits, as well as the first Blackguards DLC and a copy of the The Dark Eye point & click adventure Chains of Satinav for free.
Time to find out whether this game is good, then.

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