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Lionheart Q&A at LoadedInc

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Lionheart Q&A at LoadedInc

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 24 February 2003, 17:08:25

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

LoadedInc has posted a fun little interview with The Amazing Chris Parker, producer of Lionheart for Black Isle. Here's a bit about SPECIAL:

Lionheart uses an updated version of the SPECIAL character development system from the Fallout series.  What makes this system superior to others, and what types of updates have you made to the previous iteration of SPECIAL?

SPECIAL is a system that was developed in Black Isle. It has a number of strengths but foremost among them, in my opinion, is that it's classless and has Perks. I like not having to select a class because I typically make some crazy melee, spell-casting, speech oriented character when I play, and you don't get that kind of flexibility with classes. Perks are special abilities that you can select every few levels that further define your character (and make them more bad-ass). I just think Perks are cool.

The primary things that have changed in SPECIAL are that it's been updated to play out in real-time and we've added magic into the system. Fans of the Fallout series will not see a Skill like Science since it didn't seem practical. Instead they will see things like Necromancy and Summoning skills.

Don't you just love it. SPECIAL was in a game, Fallout, which came out the year before Black Isle was founded, by a majority of people who didn't even develop a game under that division.

Spotted this at Shack News.

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