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Chaos Chronicles resurrected? Resurfaces on Steam as "Century of Chaos"

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Chaos Chronicles resurrected? Resurfaces on Steam as "Century of Chaos"

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 8 October 2014, 19:29:48

Tags: bitComposer; Century of Chaos; Chaos Chronicles

It's been over a year since the development of Chaos Chronicles, the promising-looking isometric tactical RPG from the now-defunct German developer Coreplay, came to what appeared to be a sad conclusion, as documented here on the Codex in a series of news posts and interviews. Since then we've heard nothing about the game's fate from its publisher, bitComposer, and after the removal of its store page from Steam it was assumed to be permanently dead, although it was never officially cancelled.

It now appears, however, that Chaos Chronicles might not be gone for good. You see, when a game is taken off of Steam, its community page always remains behind, and it remains registered in Steam's database, which is publicly browsable on the outstanding SteamDB site. Yesterday, eagle-eyed Codexer Sinatar noticed that Chaos Chronicles' entry in the database had been surreptitiously renamed to Century of Chaos, as was its community page.


What could this mean? Some people suggested that bitComposer might simply be reusing Chaos Chronicles' entry on Steam for a different game, but the similarity of the names, plus the fact that they had absolutely no reason not to create a new one, makes that highly unlikely. No, in all likelihood, bitComposer have rebooted or are attempting to reboot the development of Chaos Chronicles, under a different developer. Who that developer is - and whether they can even pull this off - remains to be seen.

In related news, the people behind Coreplay, including the Codex's own Peter "HobGoblin42" Ohlmann, have reorganized under a new studio - Grimlore Games, a subsidiary of the Austrian publisher Nordic Games. Their first game will be Spellforce 3, a sequel to the Spellforce RTS series originally created by Phenomic Games, another German developer that was later swallowed up and destroyed by Electronic Arts, after being forced to create F2P browser games for a few years.

Man, the German game development scene sure is rough.

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