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Tim Cain talks briefly to GameSpy

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Tim Cain talks briefly to GameSpy

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 8 March 2003, 17:57:49

Tags: Dungeon Siege; Tim Cain; Troika Games

Per part of GameSpy's coverage of GDC, they decided to ask Tim Cain a few questions, like this one:

GameSpy: Of all the games that have come out in the last year, which one amazed you the most? Which one disappointed you?

Cain: Dungeon Siege pulled off the continuous world better than we did in Arcanum and I was jealous. So I really enjoyed Dungeon Siege. As far as disappointments, there weren't that many PC games that really grabbed for my attention enough that I built up any expectation for, so I can't say I was disappointed by anything.​

It's hard to argue that Dungeon Siege didn't have a nice engine, that's for sure.

Spotted at HomeLAN Fed.

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