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Black Island Studios - Obsidian InXile and Larian Merge To Form New Studio

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Black Island Studios - Obsidian InXile and Larian Merge To Form New Studio

Game News - posted by Jaesun on Wed 1 April 2015, 14:57:21

In a completely surprising shock to the future of RPG Development, it has been revealed today that Obsidian Entertainment, InXile Entertainment and Larian Studios are merging into one large development studio to be named Black Island Studio.


While is has been no secret that Swen Vincke has been expanding Larian Studios, what we did not know is this was a join effort between Brian Fargo, Swen Vincke and Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart.

Feargus Urquhart stated “Joining our companies into one large studio dedicated to classic RPG's was just a no brainer. We all love and have a passion for classic RPG games and design. When Fargo called and approached me on this subject, I said hell yes! This is a brillant idea!”

What we have been told is that the former Obsidian team will work mostly on Story, Setting and Characters. Former Larian will work on Combat Design, and the former InXile team will assist both teams, but will also head a sort of research and develop team, that will try out and pitch different ideas and settings for future RPG's for the company.

Brian Fargo, speaking with us privately said “Using the strengths of three very talented RPG development studios, we will merge all of this unparalleled talent to form one strong company that will usher in a new age of classic RPG games and design”.

The new Black Island Studio is currently working on two games. The first will be a title called TORN. Which many of us on the Codex may be very familiar with. Mr. Fargo stated “After securing the rights to this, I felt this was the game with a setting and story we all wanted to tell. After it's cancellation by Interplay many years ago, I have always had a passion to make this game. The setting and story is one of my favorite settings for a RPG”.

The second game is best described as “a turn based RPG with a nearer-future setting with technologies that can be realistically predicted by present-day science”. The project is headed by Lead Designer George Ziets. There is currently no official title or ETA for this project yet.

TORN will be a turn-based RPG and will be for PC, Mac and Linux and is scheduled for release on Spring 2017.

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