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Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #64: GOTY Edition renamed to Director's Cut + E3 2015 Trailer, Perks

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Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Update #64: GOTY Edition renamed to Director's Cut + E3 2015 Trailer, Perks

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 23 June 2015, 18:03:27

Tags: Chris Keenan; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 2

Yesterday, inXile teased that they would be publishing Kickstarter updates for all three of their Kickstarter titles today. That promise has been fulfilled, with the first of the updates being for Wasteland 2. There's a new trailer for the game's upcoming enhanced rerelease, which taking a page out of Harebrained Schemes' book, has been renamed to Wasteland 2: Director's Cut.

And there's some details on the Perks system, complementing the description of the Quirks from last month's update.

Perks, unlike Quirks, are gained as you level up your characters. As you progress in the game you will earn Perk Points, which you can spend on Perks whenever you wish. Perks are per-character bonus you pick, and unlike Quirks, they are always positive stat and gameplay adjustments. Right now, we have it set up so that you gain a new Perk Point every 3 levels, though we're currently playing through the game balancing things out, so the rate you earn Perk Points may change by final release. Perks also have Skill requirements to unlock – for instance, you might need 3 in Toaster Repair, or 7 in Assault Rifles, with more useful or powerful Perks typically at higher Skill requirements.

This also gives us a great opportunity for us to give players more incentive to pick certain Skills, since now you might need to think about which Skills to get based on the Perks they unlock. Some Perks are a bit more universal in how they work. For instance, you might get a bigger Evasion bonus from hiding behind cover, but with others, you will get gameplay-altering features that will change how you approach combat or exploration, such as unlocking the ability to deal more damage when attacking from behind.

Here's a few more examples:

Deadeye: Slow and steady wins the race. In combat, your enemies keep an eye on you at all times - because if they don't, they're liable to lose theirs.

Benefits: -1 Action Point cost when firing Sniper Rifles if you haven't moved during your combat turn

Glancing Strike : Your prowess in close combat allows you to catch your enemies with a well-timed melee strike as they weave in and out of the fray.

Benefits: Gain melee Ambush attacks against enemies when they move past you in combat, dealing 50% normal damage

Powder Packer: You always seem to find ammo stuffed in the strangest places. Your friends won't ask.

Benefits: +10% chance of finding bonus Ammo when looting

And that's just a small sampling. We have over 80 Perks in the game for your party to earn, giving you new tactical options and choices in how you build your party. We are very happy in how the system has turned out and we can't wait to let you enjoy it!
Other than that, there's some photos from E3, and the news that inXile too have decided to branch out into the card game spinoff business, with a Wasteland-themed deck of cards to be Kickstarted on July 1st. Now, on to Torment...

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