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Oct 12, 2019 at 2:27 AM
Jul 31, 2017
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Learned, Male

rogueknight333 was last seen:
Oct 12, 2019 at 2:27 AM
    1. CaesarCzech
      1. View previous comments...
      2. rogueknight333
        You could perhaps check the Swordflight database with a text editor to see if the Ch. 2 data has been included.
        Sep 23, 2019
      3. CaesarCzech
        Thanks, i was bit worried, its another of those minor bugs that seems far more serious at first glance.
        Sep 23, 2019
      4. CaesarCzech
        BTW i have to say i adore your work, The Twisted Rune stuff was one of the best bits of comedy i seen in roleplaying game and you portrayed the best Genre savy but arrogant character i ever seen in roleplaying game. I also adore how you managed to make even evil companions nuanced and real rather than Evil Head Smash.
        Sep 23, 2019
        rogueknight333 brofisted this.
    2. CaesarCzech
      Cant replly under the comment but for reference im playing EE
    3. CaesarCzech
      Quick question, I completed Zarala Quest 4 but she doesnt want to talk to me about Sword Lore and Hamad keeps sending me to Zarala. How do i advance from this ? i can look up conversation in toolset but i need to know command to advance the quest and complete it.

      Also Chelys didnt spawn in the Tavern but that is minor problem .
      1. View previous comments...
      2. rogueknight333
        You actually should have been able to advance the "Sword Lore" quest with Zarala by first resting and then talking to her about it. I was assuming it was bugged but perhaps you simplyl neglected to do this.
        Sep 22, 2019
      3. CaesarCzech
        Okay Chelys isnt there, not even in debug mode, she isnt in the creature list. As for Zarala i didnt have any idea you need to rest.

        I figured that since the Quest With Packet simply has you to wait for time its the same with The Sword lore so my bad for the stupidity.

        So there is no bug with Zarala but Chelys bug seems to have escalated from previous versions :D from invisibility to nonexistence.
        Sep 22, 2019
      4. rogueknight333
        I do not know why she would disappear. For reference, when I investigate, are you playing the EE or pre-EE NWN?

        You could still get her by using the Debug command "dm_runscript s_test008" to spawn several potential henchmen including Chelys. Just ignore the others, though there is a chance that having multiple versions of Talu/Snajagh might cause a few issues.
        Sep 22, 2019
    4. luj1
      Massive props to you sir
      1. rogueknight333 and Martyr brofisted this.
    5. purpleblob
      Hi there. A quick question on installation of Swordflight - is it safe to install Swordflight module while The Aielund Saga is installed? I see that from chap 2 to 4 requires its own Hak file - is there any chance these Hak file will have any compatibility issues?

      I will be playing with NWN Diamond edition, not EE.
      1. Sukhāvatī brofisted this.
      2. rogueknight333
        Yes, that is safe. There is no problem having haks from multiple module series installed at the same time. A module only references the specific hakpaks the builder has set it to, so it will ignore any others.
        Feb 23, 2019
        purpleblob brofisted this.
    6. Tonden Ockay
      Tonden Ockay
      Hi there
      I was wondering if you or anyone you know might enjoy working on a very large Dark Sun project for NWN? We have a really large team already but we are always looking for more help.
      1. rogueknight333
        Thanks for the offer, but I am quite busy with my own Swordflight project at this time so I doubt I would be in a position to help you much. From what I have seen you are at least as active as I am on places such as the NWVault forums & Discord channel, so any other NWN modders who come to mind would probably be people you are already familiar with.
        Nov 19, 2018
      2. Tonden Ockay
        Tonden Ockay
        Thanks for responding, we have a really large team already but I'm always looking for more because this is a really BIG project. Thanks again.
        Nov 21, 2018
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