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Comments on Profile Post by J_C

  1. Bumvelcrow
    Think of the unsigned integers. That's discrimination.
    Nov 20, 2017
  2. FreeKaner
    The problem with THAC0 is its too simplistic and too abstract.
    Nov 20, 2017
  3. Kev Inkline
    Kev Inkline
    RuneQuest is superior anyways.
    Nov 20, 2017
  4. Night Goat
    Night Goat
    Subtraction takes longer than addition and it creates a pointless and stupid inconsistency where high numbers are sometimes good and sometimes bad. Just because you're nostalgic for something doesn't mean it's good.
    Nov 20, 2017
    FreeKaner brofisted this.
  5. J_C
    Night Goat Maybe I expected too much from people here. Basic math is teh hard!
    Nov 22, 2017
  6. Night Goat
    Night Goat
    Please explain what's good about THAC0. I'll wait.
    Nov 22, 2017
  7. J_C
    There is nothing to explain. It is just a mechanic, and a simple one at that. It is not better or worse than the current (5th Ed.) system, it's almost exactly the same. Maybe for people at your place has a harder time to substrack numbers than to add, but it's not my fault that you are not as intelligent as me.
    Nov 23, 2017
  8. Night Goat
    Night Goat
    So, you have no arguments? I rest my case.
    Nov 24, 2017
  9. J_C
    I won't lower myselft to explain an obvious case like this to an inferior being like you.
    Nov 24, 2017
  10. Lhynn
    By being a substraction instead of an addition it actually a way to differentiate the roll from every other roll in the game. This creates a more entertaining and varied experience at the table without changing the underlying mechanic.
    Instead of always rolling and adding you roll and substract, you roll d100, you roll and want lower instead of higher, you roll and want closer to average instead of lower or higher.
    Dec 8, 2017

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