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Become a ...

Discussion in 'Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome' started by Anonymous, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

    How can i become the king of my tribe?
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  2. Wolf Mittag Wolf Mittag Software Development Developer

    Wolf Mittag
    Dec 18, 2003
    Well, by following the game's plot. Heremod wants to turn your defensive alliance into a tribal federation, in order to become emperor of the united tribes. For this, he needs cooperative kings with both your tribe and the Cattan tribe. So - provided you're on good terms with Heremod -, there's an opportunity for you.

    For details, why don't you just look into the Walkthrough? (Help Menu/F1, 'Walkthrough') It's organized by chapters, so you can look up specific topics without spoiling the rest of the game for you. In this case, the chapter you'd want to read is 'tribal alliance against rome - finishing the game' (on page 2 of the topic list).
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