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Crawler's Academy for Dungeoneers and Overseers (CYOA/SG)

Discussion in 'Choose Your Own Adventure Land' started by Cheesecake, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. lightbane Arcane

    Dec 27, 2008
    I see. So the cliché of Jrpgs implying that children are meant to fight monsters that would kill them without hesitation everytime they leave their home is true after all.

    Hmm, do we have the familiar with us? Since it can float, it could stealthily move towards the other side of the mire, then provoke the kobolds to come at him. If they're stupid enough to attempt to move towards him in a straight line, they'll drown in that pool of mud and shit (Unseen Servant could be used to "help" them trip into the water, if necessary). If they aren't, they'll still have to circle the obstacle, giving us time to position ourselves, then have the thief do a sneak attack and such. Azira's idea is good too.

    :decline: And you call yourself a Codexer? At least tell me you played Torment 7 times and memorized its rpg rules.
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  2. Cheesecake Savant

    Oct 7, 2015
    I'll rule it as 'yes, it qualifies'....

    ...but having the invisible servant stay stationary where a kobold would incidentally trip on them doesn't count. ;)

    It builds character :)

    From where you are standing now, the foliage is sparse enough to squeeze through, and is the only entrance you see. It'd also be a good chokepoint, leading from inside the grove to outside to the greater forest.

    There's plenty of bushes and trunks to hide behind as well.

    You won't know what your companions do until you see them or you ask them. I've got Tess' sheet ready, still need to work on the other two. I'll also work on a stat block for Bee.
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  3. Nevill Arcane

    Jun 6, 2009
    Shadorwun: Hong Kong
    I support this, to an extent. Try to provoke the infighting with Unseen Servant, have your team advance on them while they are slapping each other.

    Use Charm Person and Bee's Domination as necessary to prevent the kobolds from resisting meaningfully.

    Paladin tanks, the rogue flanks, the barbarian poses for pretty pictures.
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