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KickStarter Definitive Edition Mod Thread

Discussion in 'Larian Studios' started by DJOGamer PT, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. DJOGamer PT Arcane

    DJOGamer PT
    Apr 8, 2015
    Like I said in the DMC thread, I recentely started playing D:OS 2 again but with a considerable amount of gameplay Mods.
    From what little I played (up until Alexander's battle to get out of Fort Joy), the main issue with the game were the ridicoulous flaws in the systems. But unlike Skyrim or Oblivion, these flaws aren't so fundamental as to the only way to "fixing" them would be to completely remake the whole game.

    For anyone interested, here's the list:

    Divine War is the most important of all the mods, as it's the one that does the most dramatic changes to the gameplay.
    The author has a short explanation the changes in the mod page. But here's a more in-deph document that details everything this mod does:

    The Initiative Fix Mod migth give the impression of not working properly (because the character portraits during combat usually don't appear in the rigth order), but don't sweat it the mod works.

    These mods are all in the Steam Workshop, so for those of you that don't possess the Steam version, here's a site that let's you download those mods.

    Overall, they just take up 201Mb of space, so nothing that takes long.

    Lastly, but perhaps the most important aspect here, is how you have to set the Mod order on the main menu (this step is imperative for everything to work):

    DOS2 - Divine War
    Party Size Evolved
    OdinCore: Mod Services
    The remaning mods in whatever order you want to
    Odinblade's Class Mods (just make sure they are before Initiave Fix but after OdinCore)
    The remaning mods in whatever order you want to
    Initiative Fix - Round Robin Begone
    Divine War - Compatibility Patch
    DW - Odin - Compatibility Patch
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