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Destiny #1 is actually a pretty fun game

Discussion in 'MMO(RP)G / Online Discussion' started by Ebonsword, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. Ebonsword Arcane

    Mar 7, 2008
    I found myself in the mood for a sci-fi shooter/RPG last week, and I didn't feel like replaying any of the Mass Effect games. So, when I came across the base game of Destiny and the first three expansions for $30, I figured I would give it a shot.

    I know that this game received a lot of criticism when it was first released. And, hell, all of that criticism may have been justified. I didn't play it back then, and, supposedly, the game has changed a lot since it was released. All I know is that I've really enjoyed my time playing it so far.

    Keep in mind that I'm strictly just playing the PVE portion of the game (I couldn't care less about PVP). There seems to be a lot of content available for the PVE areas. I always have story missions to do and, if I feel like taking a break from that, I can always go patrol one of the zones collecting bounties, doing public events, or just trying out different weapon loadouts.

    I find the basic gameplay immensely fun. Although it doesn't feel that different from Halo #1 (which is, holy crap, 17 years old now?!). Still, the various weapons certainly play differently. For example, primary weapons include scout rifles (which are generally high-damage and low rate of fire), auto rifles (less damage but much higher RoF), and pulse rifles (in between). There also also different classes and different subclasses of those classes which play very differently. Right now I'm playing my Hunter as a Bladedancer, which is much more focussed on stealth and melee than, say, a Gunslinger who is much more focused on keeping their distance.

    The game also does a good job mixing up enemy types, so you'll have, for example, some enemy snipers plinking away at you while hordes of melee units rush you, while a lieutenant hangs back and pelts you with AoE attacks. So, the game definitely keeps you on your toes. And it's definitely not a "popamole" cover-based shooter, since staying in one place too long often gets you flanked and killed.

    I don't see myself playing this for 800 hours (like some people seem to), but as a game to immerse yourself in for a few weeks, it seems great.
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  2. Cyberarmy Love fool Patron

    Feb 7, 2013
    Smyrna - Scalanouva
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Dude, just leave this and play Warframe instead...
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