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Incline Kingdom Come: Deliverance Modding Thread

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by PorkyThePaladin, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. PorkyThePaladin Arcane

    Dec 17, 2013
    Mods, please keep this thread separate, since it's only about modding.

    So now that KCD has been out for over a year, there are some really good mods out for it, as well as other ways to significantly improve the experience. Below, I will list the stuff I am using on my current play-through, which I think has improved the experience tremendously from the vanilla game, and took KCD from an "interesting game with a ton of issues" to "one of the better open world RPGs ever made, with a ton of issues" territory.

    1. The base mod I use is called "Better Combat and Immersion Compilation", and it's available on the Nexus:

    To install it, simply download the mod package, and extract into your Mods directory in the main game folder.

    You can view the Nexus page for the exact list of "immersive" changes, but I will list the main ones below:
    - removes the UI HUD entirely, so you will have pretty much a RL view in the game
    - removes automatic centering when riding a horse (can look around)
    - removes arrow trails
    - makes the clock more realistic according to medieval time-keeping
    - less carry weight

    But the main point of this mod is to rework the combat system. Its combat module changes many numerical variables of the combat system in KCD to make it more challenging and realistic. The beauty of it, however, is that once the mod is installed, you can open the combat module with any archiving software (e.g. WinRAR) in the Mods directory, drill down to the rpg_param.xml file, and edit all of these values yourself, to your liking. That's what I ended up doing. While I use the mod's changes for the most part, I've edited some of the combat values a bit, even further customizing the combat to what I feel is the most fun and realistic configuration. Below, I will list the key numerical variables that are changed by the mod, and will also mention the ones I changed, and why. Still, all of the credit obviously goes to the mod creator, I am just tweaking it a little bit.

    CombatAutoMaxAttackDelay: changed from 6 to 3 to make NPCs have less attack delay
    CombatAutoAttackDelayIncreasePerAttacker: changed from 0.8 to 0.2, to prevent multiple attackers from slowing down too much, in vanilla, they will slow down Hollywood style, the more of them there are

    The next 5 variables are used together. They determine how often the NPCs will defend using a particular technique, so each of the five is the ratio (or weight) of that technique out of the whole pool. By increasing the value of each, you make it more used, and vice versa.

    CombatAutoDodgeWeight (how often NPCs dodge): 1.1
    CombatAutoNoDefenseWeight (how often NPCs have no defense - get hit): 0.3
    CombatAutoNormalBWeight (how often they regular block): 3.2 changed to 2.2 (I changed to 2.3)
    CombatAutoPBWeight (how often they perfect block/parry): 3.1 changed to 4.4. (I changed to 4.6)
    CombatAutoSPBWeight (how often they masterstrike): 1.5 changed to 0.3 (I changed to 0)

    So the idea here is to remove masterstrike from NPCs entirely, since it's a bullshit non-counterable move that kills the flow of combat. We will later remove it from the player as well. Also, the idea is to make parries happen more often, and regular blocks less often, for 2 reasons:

    a. After parrying, NPCs will often riposte, which is a quick attack that's difficult to defend yourself. So this adds more defensive challenge to combat, where you can't just attack all the time, but must defend more as well. It makes the combat a lot more back-and-forth.
    b. When there is a lot of regular blocks, combos become too easy to execute, but with this configuration, they actually take time and patience to perform.

    MaxPerfectBlockSlotModifier 0.6375
    This makes the perfect block (parry) a little harder to nail down in terms of timing, as the vanilla time window is very generous, especially considering that the window increases as you level up your skills.
    MaxSpecialPerfectBlockSlotModifier 0
    This makes the masterstrike impossible to perform for the player, goes together with the change for the NPCs above.

    The mod also makes player damage scale less with skills, since by default, it becomes way too high, and makes fights arbitrary. And it nerfs player armor a bit as well. And finally, it nerfs clinching significantly, since this was used to cheese the combat system in vanilla.

    2. Another smaller mod I use is "No Mo' Slow Mo":

    This one simply removes the slo-mo effect when you land a perfect block(parry), since this is annoying, ruins the flow and timing of combat, and is somewhat of a cheating mode. It goes very nicely with the mod above.

    3. The final change I made to the game was to increase the encounter rate in the game, and is outlined here:

    By default, the game world can be a bit empty. You can ride across the map and encounter very little. But by adjusting another numeric variable, you can significantly improve this. Use a hex editor to enable changing this variable, as outlined in the link above, and then add it to your user.cfg file in the main directory:

    wh_pl_randomEventBaseChanceRunOffset = 0.5

    Then, in Steam, add this to launch options for KCD: +exec user.cfg

    This will load the cfg file every time you run the game, and set the encounter rate variable to 0.5. With this setting (by default it's 0), you will run into a lot of Cumans, bandits, guards, traveling merchants and knights, and other cool stuff, and the world will seem a lot more alive.
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