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Need [PERCEPTION] rating

Discussion in 'Participation Awards' started by Parsifarka, May 5, 2018.



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  2. kingcomrade

  1. Parsifarka Erudite

    Dec 31, 2014
    Potato field
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    I perceived this forum lacks the basic feature of acknowledging fellow codexers' display of perceptive skill with a single button, and this must needs change.

    The perception of such need struck me when reading this quality post. Surely you all reckon an agree rating is unfit for the situation -expressing agreement with an observation merely states the percept is shared, not the quality thereof; of course, an informative rating makes only sense when the codexer writes something previously unknown, which was not the case here.
    Dear Tom Selleck deserves a [PERCEPTION] rating, and he's walking away without any commendment due to our parade's lack of diversity. There are many other instances when this rating would be the most proper one; v.g. when someone states that Georgians aren't white, this fact demands no agreement since its truthfulness is independent of the subject's alienation but merits the appreciation of the highly skilled perception of the speaker.
    Without the proper means of expression, the freedom of speech may materially be in danger albeit its formal recognition in this forum.

    Of course the Codex hosts highly perceptive individuals who would quickly make an ironic use of the rating equalizing it to a perception fail, but this shouldn't be an obstacle to respond to such peremptoriness (maybe a middle ground solution conveying both meanings would be ?? PERCEPTION ??). No way to express the outcome of a skill check in a forum but quoting a whole post and typing feels as weary as an inventory without item stacks.

    'k, DarkUnderlord ?
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  2. Clockwork Knight Arcane

    Clockwork Knight
    May 6, 2009
    Castelo da tia VĂ¢nia
    That was more of an [Intelligence] check.

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  3. Somberlain Arcane Zionist Agent

    Mar 5, 2012
    I'm looking for the admin. Middle-aged guy. Maybe you've seen him?
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  4. IncendiaryDevice Arcane

    Nov 3, 2014
    OP needs to post this in the appropriate thread. I guess they failed their perception check.
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