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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Codex Quest Ideas

Discussion in 'General RPG Discussion' started by Infinitron, Dec 29, 2017.

  1. Quantomas Learned

    Jun 9, 2017
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    Jokes and cheesy quests make a point, but are hardly incline. — Why not have a quality quest that gives the Codex credit? Something that is memorable and an example of good encounter design.

    General structure

    — One quest giver who is shrouded in mystery, that is you don't know her/his true motivations and goals

    — Multi-stage quest, easily scalable to match available resources and writing team

    — Reuses already existing game locations for quality encounters; i.e. typically the player clears the locations from the adventure path and it is a waste that they are used once only, e.g. the hidden dwarven fortress shown during the Kickstarter. Why not use these locations again? Something like PoE's Warden's Lodge quests, only better.

    — Each quest stage has the following components:
    • The quest giver provides a cryptic hint: a parchment, a book, a riddle that the player has to figure out to find the location and the kind of opponent that is waiting there (or go in there blind and unprepared which should be punished)
    • Quality encounter design on reused iconic game locations
    • Customized loot to be collected after the encounter
    • RPG opportunities to engage with the opponent instead of a mandatory fight
    • Narrative like the enemy boss giving you cryptic hints with his dying breaths about who the quest giver truly is and how you may thwart him.
    • A key item that the player retrieves and delivers to the quest giver
    — The quest will have two main solutions:
    • Simply follow the instructions of the quest giver — smaller but still worthwhile reward at the end
    • Alternatively figure out what is really going on; thwart the quest giver's plan and collect the big prize yourself
    • The general idea is to have a quest that can play out like standard RPG fare, i.e. receive instructions, follow these and get your reward. But use your wits and probe deeper and you will reap a richer reward. Figure out what the real plan of the quest giver is, who uses you to do the dirty and dangerous work.
    — Advantages
    • Can be implemented by reusing what is already in the game
    • Scalable
    • Most of the work is in the writing of the dialogs, narrative and encounter RPG elements
    • Quality encounter design with customized loot tables
    • A mystery and riddles that can be embedded well into the adventure paths and add to game

    It depends on Owlcat to tell us, whether this concept is too involved, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

    If Owlcat would be willing to do more, we could have a more involved quest introduction like the following:

    Show Spoiler
    In the palace

    A clearly shaken guard enters the palace and hurries towards you. With a frightened voice he reports: "Your grace, a powerful mage has appeared in the ruined watchtower facing the town square and said that he will tear this place apart, if it is necessary in his search for a gateway to," he pauses a moment, "--I didn't catch the name." He sighs. "I was too frightened. He just turned Miller who was with me on guard duty into stone and claimed that he is a dark underlord. I ran as fast as I could to report to your grace without delay." A moment later he adds: "He is a kobold."

    "A kobold, you say? Let me investigate."

    In the ruined watchtower

    You enter the watchtower in full armor and in the company of your trusted party, everyone fully armed. You spot the interloper immediately. He is indeed a kobold in a richly embroidered robe sitting on a makeshift bench.

    You approach: "I heard you are threatening our citizens and I will not—"

    "No, no, you are getting it all wrong. I am not interested in this place. There are much bigger powers at work and your best chance is that they won't take an interest in you. I am merely passing through in my search of the gate to Ranglator."

    "What with the guard you turned to stone?"

    The kobold grins, "Merely a cantrip. He lacked courtesy and will reanimate before noon."

    You grit your teeth, "What is this intrusion about?"

    "You see, I can provide you with lore and priceless knowledge in exchange for your help."

    A kobold as a quest giver might sound cheesy, but for a quest of this type an evil aligned character makes more sense. In principle the quest giver could be from any race and alignment.
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  2. Infinitron I post news Patron

    Jan 28, 2011
    Codex 2016 - The Age of Grimoire Serpent in the Staglands Dead State Divinity: Original Sin Project: Eternity Torment: Tides of Numenera Wasteland 2 Shadorwun: Hong Kong Divinity: Original Sin 2 BattleTech A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    Neanderthal That's nice, but it's not really a quest, more a one-off encounter. I think our money has bought us more than that.

    In general, folks should remember there's room here for more than just Codex meme fetch quests in a high fantasy setting. This is a game that will feature politics and choice & consequence.
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  3. Feyd Rautha Augur Patron

    Feyd Rautha
    Apr 17, 2009
    Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    You find an item, a locked codex of some sort, but what does it contain? To unlock it you have to travel inside of it as a miniature.

    Inside is a tiny enchanted world. A lot of members of the "codex" are trapped there as minuatures. Everyone have entered just like you but been unable to solve the puzzle. But you manage to solve the riddle and get out. And you get to decide what happens to the other "members" or whatever
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  4. Ocelot570 Novice

    Aug 13, 2017
    How about a gnome illusionist who is causing minor discomfort for some people and you have to catch him
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  5. ERYFKRAD Barbarian Patron

    Sep 25, 2012
    Serpent in the Staglands Shadorwun: Hong Kong Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    In your travels you happen upon ruins. Broken stone walls hint at what might have been a once-mighty fortress, now a mere heap of rubble.
    You know not what civilization these ruins came from, and the faded sign at its mouldering gate only makes out the word, "SROTK".

    You wonder what happened here, what could have possibly caused such a magnificent structure to crumble into ruin, and what lies within.

    "Of course, it was doomed from the start. If any of the idiots even knew what they were doing, ot wouldn't have gotten to this state."
    You didn't notice this man approach you, but his presence, while unsettling, is not unexpected.
    He continues, almost oblivious to your presence. "I was the only one among them who could even work, hell, I was the only one even comfortable with the word used in daily conversation. If only they knew what they wrought by their inaction. What could have been if they had but the will to stir out of their stupor."
    He looks at you, laughs. "I bet you don't believe me either. Ha, see if I care. The Arnhem stones are in there, and they know. And when IT comes, I'll be there to tell you all that I told you so."
    He walks away, with the air of a man about to bunker down before the worst of the worst.
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  6. Background Character Learned

    Background Character
    Jan 17, 2015
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  7. Storyfag Arcane

    Feb 17, 2011
    A Dark Place
    It should be a combination of the most Codexian memes (the ring, the decline, grimoire) with an actually prestigious quest along the lines of what Quantomas suggested.
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  8. sser Arcane Cuck

    Mar 10, 2011
    You take on a quest to solve a mystery in some town. The townsfolk are all strange, though. They suddenly treat you like a potion vendor and you find yourself behind a stall of good. You're just a shitty NPC in their world now. You look around. Other vendors in the town are similarly dressed up like former adventurers. You're forced to sell potions to haggard lumberjacks and ragtag farmers who go off on adventures. When night comes, you enter a house but the inside has nothing. No furniture. No lights. You just stand in the darkness. At some point -- you don't know when -- you're forced back out into the sun. Customers await. A smile streaks across your face. Your hero urges desperately want to get out of there. But... but the potions. They have such good deals!
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  9. TT1 Savant Patron

    Nov 25, 2016
    From Rio to Krakow
    Make the Codex Great Again! Grab the Codex by the pussy A Beautifully Desolate Campaign Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
    Ok, my 5 cents:

    The quest is activated at some inn or camp as soon as the party is sleeping. All NPCs, including all companions, have been replaced by doppelgangers. The goal was also to replace the player (and, consequently, take power and influence the kingdom), but something wrong happened with the doppelganger that would replace it.

    The whole party and NCPs start to act strangely, with conversations completely different from their normal behavior. It is up to the player to discover the clues that lead to the body of the doppelganger that would replace him and unmask the whole conspiracy.
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  10. ArchAngel Magister

    Mar 16, 2015
    Considering the most popular cRPG on Dex is.. my suggestion is for players to find an old decrepit underground structure, clear some bandits/monsters that have taken residence on upper level and find a secret passage into lower level. There they find a troll like creature in some kind of suspended state inside a machine. Room is strange and filled with unknown symbols and language.
    They find one corpse there wearing something that was once a blue jumpsuit and parts of the number 13 written on it. All they find is a old journal of that person also written in some unknown language.
    Players need to find someone to decipher it. Later they do find someone (maybe only if they make a specific building in their kingdom), and that person find enough information from the leftovers of the journal that explains how to operate the machine that had the troll like creature suspended.
    If they go back and free the creature they find out the creature calls himself the Master and wants to resurrect an ancient troll-like civilization. He found a way to turn normal trolls into those, but can also do that to other races. These trolls are much smarter and are not led by aggressive beast like behaviour like normal Trolls.
    Players can choose to send "specimens" to the Master and after a while get a possible ally (or a rival).
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  11. Luckmann Arcane Zionist Agent

    Jul 20, 2009
    Something involving the purging of degenerates, or possibly ousting foreign influences from financial institutions.
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  12. Background Character Learned

    Background Character
    Jan 17, 2015
    Felt like I read something like this not so long ago
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  13. Dyspaire Augur

    Sep 26, 2008
    In all seriousness, may I suggest making it something along the lines of the Golden Pantaloons quest.

    Make it very easy to miss entirely. Golden Pantaloons is that.

    Golden Pantaloons is a little silly in its subject matter, of course, no need to emulate that part of it; but holding onto that weird item and then stumbling on its use much, much later, in the sequel no less, was great. The payoff was wonderfully, ridiculously overpowered too, if I recall.

    Make it span beyond just the one game, if possible.

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  14. mogwaimon Learned

    Jul 21, 2017
    Show Spoiler
    Since Pitax is one of the locations they're light on quests for, how about there are two groups of artists vying for more influence under the thumb of that Irovetti guy, one group is composed of swarthy-looking individuals who are abrasive and brash and the other are like hipsters or people who puff themselves up but don't really got 'it'. We'll call these the 'Codex' and the 'Watch' groups, respectively, for the purposes of this post, but the names shouldn't really come up during play.

    If you come to these groups, they each explain their case in their own ways, and you find that they're trying to come up with something that would curry favor with Irovetti so he treats them better/doesn't murder them/etc. At this point you can...

    1.) Make suggestions through dialogue on what they should create. A few non-skill check options that demonstrate a base understanding of art but result in nothing, along with one or two skill-check options that bring the quest to an end but provide middling rewards and end up with both groups dead next time you go through the area

    Or you can talk to more of the groups, and you'll hear members of both groups talking about a reclusive artist who has been working on the 'next big thing' for decades. The only reason Irovetti hasn't slain this individual yet is because his tomfoolery amuses him so. So you can find some hidden bunker on the outskirts of the city where you find a Cleve pastiche, and you can talk to him to find out that his artwork is this massive piece of architecture and light-shows that he's essentially finished, but the creation of the artwork has attracted a corrupting influence that is preventing him from putting on the final touches and he's been warring with it for years but can't win and is too proud to ask for help.

    At this point you can...

    1.) Persuade him through dialogue to allow you to help

    2.) Sneak into his bunker while he's asleep, steal his development diary, and learn how to perform the magic that will allow you to enter and combat the 'micro-issues' on your own.

    3.) Tell one of the factions where Cleve is. They will raid his bunker and present his art as their own to Irovetti. This results in the player getting no rewards, since each group weasels out of paying the player under the rationale that no one would believe them, as well as stories popping up of people acting strange after visiting the bunker to see the art. Eventually results in some of the tournament contenders gaining buffs or more minions from the corruption of the micro-issues.

    If you help Cleve, you enter the artwork and find a bunch of minor demons that keep respawning as the party kills them. The only way to stop them is to find a golden baby in the area and hang it from the top of the architecture. The radiance of the golden baby banishes the 'micro-issues' as well as adds the finishing touches to the artwork, which shrinks it from its gargantuan size to a tiny hand-held marvel of sculpture. This leads to the penultimate branch of the quest.

    1.) If you persuaded Cleve to accept your help, he thanks you and gives you a pretty decent magical item as a reward. You can stop here if you'd like, and if you let seven hours pass in-game time he goes to Irovetti with the artwork himself. This results in the hipster group being killed for expressing distaste with the artwork while the swarthy individuals end up trying to craft their own knockoffs and failing, but still surviving.

    2.) If you snuck into the artwork and managed to get out of it before daybreak/still at night while Cleve is asleep, when it's day he finds that the micro-issues have mysteriously disappeared. This results in an outcome similar to option 1, except you don't get the magical item and Cleve doesn't acknowledge your assistance at all, thinking he did it all himself.

    3.) If you snuck into the artwork and come out during the day while Cleve is awake, he gets pissed and attacks you. He's got Neanderthal strength so it's a tough fight but not extremely difficult. This result gives you the magical item from option 1 since you can loot it off his corpse, but leaves you with the enlarged non-portable artwork. You can still shrink it, but you need a wizard or someone with a high Lore skill to pass a check to do so.

    Note that you can also just kill Cleve when you find him, which results in a branch similar to option 3, where you can still squash the micro-issues and retrieve the artwork. If the micro-issues are not squashed before miniaturization, passing the art to any of the interested parties will result in the corruption angle triggering.

    If you can steal or otherwise retrieve the miniaturized artwork before Cleve unveils it to the world...

    1.) Pass it to the Watch. They give you a really great magical item in return, and they make their own alterations to the artwork to 'sand down the rough edges'. Due to this, some of the people in Pitax start to become less-monocled as a result, so you see people acting like morons since the bar has been lowered. In addition, the Codex starts to send the player a LOT of hate-mail, with some members ambushing the party as they roam the streets of Pitax. These ambushes have few people, but each individual is tough which can be a difficult encounter.

    2.) Pass it to the Codex. This also results in a great magical item geared toward a different playstyle. They recognize the artwork for what it is and submit it with no alterations. Dialogue around town becomes far more critical of everyone in a way that raises good points but is rather vulgar and uncouth. The Watch sends a single threatening note, with vague wording and a snobby attitude. The player also gets ambushed around town, but these encounters rely on numbers and the weight of unwashed masses rather than individual strength.

    3.) Pass it to Irovetti on your own account, through an intermediary. This results in a hefty reward of gold as well as Irovetti's favor, giving the player an edge in the tournament somehow. In addition, both the Watch and the Codex refrain from attacking you out of fear of invoking Irovetti's wrath; instead you end up getting gaggles of fans greeting you at every turn as well as a stalker fan who follows you around town for a few screens singing your praises. However, if you've left Cleve alive he now blames you for stealing his artwork and ambushes you much later on in the game, having pursued you from Pitax. Being prepared for this encounter, he brings along ?_SQUIRRELS_? and ?_RUDECHAPS_? to help him get revenge.

    It's kind of a lame idea but maybe it could work?
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  15. HoboForEternity Arcane

    Mar 27, 2016
    Okay, so with the spare area, like the fairy glade it would be pretty easy to incorporate a quest involving trickery and illusion. You find a mysterious peddler (makes him weird and creepy and like the mask salesman from majora's mask, speaks in weird rhymes and riddles) resting his donkey or whatever on the edge. He came to you, asking for help to gather a unique ingredients, the legendary red troll's heart which legend said reside in this forest. You can use whatever reason as his motive. If you accept, he offers your party a drink and explain the legend of the red troll, and give the only hint of a set riddle that involve landmarks, location that reside in the glade. You solve the riddle, find the troll and kill it, take its heart to the merchant and he rewarded you handsomely.

    The plot twist: the drink was drugged and caused you to hallucinate. The merchant lured you into the forest and is a actually a very clever man who wants to murder someone. It was revealed later in the nearest town after some time that 2 person went missing. Sketch Poster of the 2 people was posted, one of them is pretty much looks like the mysterious merchant without the strange getups, one of them vaguely resemble the troll you killed. With enough skillcheck, your character (or just leave it to the player's interpretation) can deduce how the murder was carried out. First the merchant lure you into the forest, complete with magical hallucinogetic drink, and made you do the riddle instruction. That, is actually intended as a bait to lure the victim. For example, the riddle asked you to draw a magic circle painted with chicken blood, then wait a few hours. With that time frame, the merchant killer went to town, talked with his victim, lure him into the forest to follow the trail you created when solving the riddle. He manipulated the victim in similar way to us, for example, telling there is a treasure hidden in the forest and he have to find magic circle or whatever.

    Time passes, the victim followed your trail and the illusion is complete. For the victim, he found the designated location and in your point of view, the riddle worked and the "troll" appear right there for you to extract his heart. The killing happened, making you a key instrument of a near perfect murder.

    Later in the game, you meet the merchant, now living with other alias in other town as a normal person and give u a chance to confront hin where he explain his motives, and a choice to let him go, execute him on the spot, or bring him back to your kingdom for him to be tried within the proper law procedure.

    that's the gist of it. the variable is pretty much up to them, whether the sex, race or age of both victim and killer, or make the culprit has sob story or simply a crazy fucking psychopath that has been doing the same tricks of making strangers killing each other for a long time.

    of course i love the clever psychopath route better. with the added bonus, he cleverly makes it that the best option is to let him go as he give other unique items to you. here is the reasoning:

    1. if you let him go, your actions will never be known. the killings may be continued until he made a mistake or he simply got bored or died to natural cause or accident or whatever. the fact that you were an instrument of a murder, directly or indirectly will never be known. in a cold logical way, this is what benefit you the most, although in doing so, he will orchestrate more murders and create more unwilling killers.

    2. kill him on the spot, but it will make you prime suspect of his murder because you are the last one seen entering and exiting his house or whatever. because nobody know he is actually a psycho serial killer, people just assume you killed an innocent man.

    3. bring him back to try him in a court of law, however your part in the murder will revealed. you are also part of the trial but eventually is not found guilty, but for some people, killing an innocent regardless the reason is killing, and affect your reputation among the masses. some people will respect you less simply because you have killed an innocent person, whether you know it or not, or some will simply look down on you because how easy you are to get tricked by some evil killer and that is a bad thing for a ruler to be seen as, a fool who easily get tricked.

    of course, you can simply refuse the quest, but the killing still continues. the culprit simply found another band of adventurer, tricked them to kill and you will see the same missing persons poster in the next town after some time. but because you arent involved, you have no way to know the truth. your character just deduced the merchant got attacked in the forest trying to fetch the troll heart alone and died. (which work all the better in second playtrough if you choose not to do it then you will know everything you do is FUTILE to stop this motherfucker)

    either way your character gonna feel the GUILT of having a part of a murder or ignoring the quest, and assume that because we refuse the quest and made the merchant desperate, recklessly heading into the forest and got killed by creatures. it's a quest that's gonna makes you feel terrible no matter what you do and feel the DESPAIR!

    the secret best solution:
    with your meta knowledge (the player not the in game avatar of the player) of both scenario or accepting or refusing the quest, KILL the bitch in the forest where there are no witnesses, nothing and no one can figure out you killed the merchant before he orchestrated the murder. next time you go in town, only 1 missing person exist that is the face of the quest giver. you will grin that your 5th dimensional knowledge just saved an innocent man.

    and the best part: in any of the scenario BLOOD WILL BE SHED BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Infinitron pls respond

    also it will be best to separate the action and reaction between decently long timeframe. like several days in game or several hours (i thin 3-4 hours is punishing enough) before the missing poster appear after some time and have the "revelation" dialogue prompt appear later. that way people will think the quest is all wrapped up and just a simple fetch quest with little riddle.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
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  16. Deuce Traveler Prestigious Gentleman 2012 Newfag Patron

    Deuce Traveler
    May 11, 2012
    United States
    Grab the Codex by the pussy Divinity: Original Sin Torment: Tides of Numenera Shadorwun: Hong Kong
    So I play the annual Iron DM challenge at ENWorld and I've won three trophies. Here are some of my better entries as mentioned here, and some of which I'd like to offer for the Pathfinder game:

    Obbin's Wondrously Friendly Home
    Show Spoiler

    Background: Obbins the Mage was always an odd duck. He was a talented magic-user, but never truly exceptional at his craft. Though he preferred living his days in the county of his birth, he was a voracious reader in regards to various lands and planes. And he was so very old, though he was young. The last bit was what was truly strange about him. One day the elderly spellcaster announced he was going on a trip and wasn’t sure when he would be back, so he sold off his home and his possessions and used the coin to fund his journey. He was gone for many a year, but when he returned to his county he was a young man again, claimed to now worship Rotcod Eht, the Lord of Time, and traveled upon a strange house that walked on skittering insect legs. He called the house K’Rikkt, though what the word meant was anyone’s guess. Other wizards and priests were quite interested in these events, but whenever their intrusions into these matters became too heated Obbins and his amazing home would disappear for days, weeks, or even months at a time. However, Obbins couldn’t escape the greed of his fellow men forever. Eventually a roguish band noticed that Obbins always returned during the three High Holy Days of Rotcod Eht and sometimes left his home to worship at a local temple. Through guile this band learned the secret of Obbins' home, taking K’Rikkt and leaving Obbins stranded. For the last year this band has been stealing from the local estates, disappearing for awhile, only to reappear with K’Rikkt on some new lawn in the dead of the night to rob again. But what the band didn’t get from Obbins was that the house cannot use its amazing powers during the three High Holy Days of Rotcod Eht, when the arc of the Plane of Time reaches its highest point in conjunction with our world. For those three days the band would not be able to escape justice, and it would be possible for some intrepid heroes to enter K’Rikkt and put an end to the crime spree.

    Adventure Hooks: The party can be brought in a number of ways. Obbins the Mage might be alive and in good health (though reduced in power due to the loss of his magical equipment) and contact the party directly. Also, the local lords who are being victimized by the thefts may charge the adventurers with helping to stop the thieves. In this case, Obbins may be anything from a respected adviser to the local powers or their distrusted and poorly treated prisoner. Finally, the characters may be acting as free agents and see the band of thieves as competitors who have taken K’Rikkt, which the players themselves covet.

    Adventure: Obbins got lucky during his foray into the Plane of Time, both by having his age reversed instead of advanced, and by befriending a telepathic creature of Time called K’Rikkt. Obbins convinced K’Rikkt of returning to the mage’s land of birth in the game world, and the two found kindred spirits with one another as they both enjoyed leisure and philosophical discussions on alien lands and culture. K’Rikkt feeds on time, so Obbins would often live a single pleasant day fishing in a nearby brook or taking a stroll in a local town, then feeding those 24 hours to K’Rikkt, sacrificing the pleasant moments to the alien creature. The next day Obbins would not be able to recall this devoured day. For those not of the Plane of Time, those moments around Obbins never existed. So they recalled his home sitting nearby, but never the mage himself. For Obbins, it was if he missed an entire calendar day, which was the case. K’Rikkt finds days of time with overly bad experiences unpalatable. The majority of what K’Rikkt devours fuels the creature, but a small portion feeds into the Plane of Time. K’Rikkt has a giant clock in the center of its body, the arms of which can be turned in order to make the creature travel into the future, but usually only in the same spot that he left. The clock can also be stopped for ten minutes at a time, though K’Rikkt can keep walking during this instance. When the clock would resume its movement, it would appear to outside observers that K’Rikkt disappeared and teleported a great distance away. This stopping of the clock would cause great pain to K’Rikkt, so Obbins refrained from using this trick unless both agreed that danger necessitated doing so. The scoundrels that now operate Obbins' home care little over the poor creature’s pain.

    The adventure itself can be broken into three parts: finding the location of K’Rikkt, gaining entrance before others manage to do so, and battling inside K’Rikkt in order to defeat the band of thieves.

    Finding the location of K’Rikkt will be tricky, even if the players discover that Obbins’ home cannot time travel during the three High Holy Days of Rotcod Eht. First, after each heist, the thieves were able to stop K’Rikkt’s internal clock to escape. They have several locations they are using away from populated areas to rest, recuperate, and plan before their next strike. Although they have been striking hither and dither for the last year, for the thieves only a few of weeks have passed. When K’Rikkt stops during the High Holy Days, the thieves are caught by surprise at one of their hideouts. The home informs them that he is now tethered to the Plane of Time by unseen means and cannot move forward in time or geographically until the High Holy Days are over, and the plane recedes from its traveled arc. The only action he can perform is to freeze time, making him temporarily disappear to outside observers, but only for the usual 10 minutes per hour.

    This gives the party plenty of opportunities to find the thieves if they prepared properly. First, the thieves are only using a handful of sites as safe havens, but those sites leave evidence of their comings and goings, especially because of K’Rikkt’s unique prints when he rests and sinks into the ground. Second, the thieves are staying in the local county or counties as they are only striking targets they are familiar enough with in order to be sure of the wealth inside the estates, limiting their operating area. Third, if the party discovers the significance of the High Holy Days, they can leave scouts on patrol or scrying magic to find the location of where Obbins’ home has been stuck.

    Obbins was good-natured, but had jealous rivals because of K’Rikkt, some of which he himself did not even know about. The party will not be the only agents looking for K’Rikkt, and will find themselves in a confrontation with a crooked mage and his hirelings, or agents of said mage. If the heroes have made a past enemy of a wizard, this would be a good time for them to have another confrontation, as the stakes are quite high.

    Access to K’Rikkt is easy enough if you know his secret. The creature is telepathic and desperate to evict the band that has occupied his chambers, so diplomacy or a message from Obbins may persuade the creature to share the secret. Some divination spells or hiring a diviner may also be of help here, though the clues may be appropriately cryptic. K’Rikkt is a creature designed to devour time for his home plane of existence and is obligated to swallow a day of a person’s existence before allowing them access to his facilities. Each adventurer must choose a pleasant and important day of their life while in telepathic contact with K’Rikkt. As they focus on this day, K’Rikkt will extract it and create a large coin-like disc that appears in front of the character. The character can then feed K’Rikkt this disk and walk through the ethereal membrane that makes up his maw. The pleasant day no longer exists to the character. Instead there is a memory of them losing a day, and tales afterwards on how they disappeared while friends and family frantically looked for them. The loss of a day should not take on the form of a financial or experience point loss. Such a day instead could be the day after an adventure where the party was feted by the local aristocracy and danced with nobles, or a special trip with a relative, or even a kiss from a special someone. Once the day is chosen, it never happened however, and the character is left with a deep sense of loss, knowing something special was taken but not knowing what or its implications. If a character chooses his special day to be sacrificed poorly, such as when he saved a sibling when they were children, it can have other dire implications.

    Once inside K’Rikkt, the hijackers will have to be dealt with and a confrontation will ensue. There are only a few chambers inside K’Rikkt, so spells and attacks will have to be specially considered. Furniture is bolted down and cannot be easily tipped for cover without cracking some of K’Rikkt’s skin. Spells such as fireball and lightning bolt could be as dangerous to the party in here as they are to the enemy. Also, such spells and other area of effect spells could harm K’Rikkt himself. The creature is mostly made of a hard, hollowed, insect-like skin, so missed melee strikes and arrows will have little effect. But he will feel extreme heat, cold, electricity and acid based damage. Further, if K’Rikkt’s clock is stopped by the bandits, the adventurers will find themselves with the added challenge of fighting without gravity. When the great clock is stopped, gravity ceases to have an effect inside the home. The bandits will know this from experimentation and take adequate precautions. Heroes will have to balance how to handle the danger without harming a sentient and harmless creature.

    When all is said and done, K’Rikkt will want to go home after his abuse at the hands of the rogues. This can be accomplished by spinning his central clock backwards, tearing a fabric in reality, and ripping him from the time stream and back to the Plane of Time in a few short rounds. Characters who use those rounds to escape will find themselves in the same spot of earth and around the same time that they had entered K’Rikkt. If Obbins is alive and the characters can retrieve his spellbooks, Obbins will regret his friend’s departure, but otherwise be happy that K’Rikkt is safe. Of course the players may decide to keep K’Rikkt for themselves and continue abusing the creature for their own personal gain. This will go well for a short while, up until a certain Lord of Time takes pity on his creature and intervenes…

    Going Legit
    Show Spoiler

    The party is contacted by Jimmy ‘Nine Fingers’ Octon, an infamous and quite wealthy half-orc gangster who runs a lucrative smuggling business. Jimmy has grown accustomed to a lifestyle full of tailored clothes, expensive dinners and polished jewelry. He has grown soft and sees the new generation of hungry and violent criminals as a force against which he lacks the energy and means to handle. Jimmy plans to go legit, and poured some of his wealth into an abandoned foundry on the outskirts of the ritzy town of Sunnyvale. The gaudy gangster hopes to use the foundry as the basis for a high-end limited edition jewelry business, recasting himself in the process as an entrepreneur.

    There are two problems. First, the abandoned foundry is not in working condition as it was built more than two centuries ago by an eccentric inventor who believed that manure from a species of two-tailed cows would be better for the foundry than importing expensive coal. There haven’t been any two-tailed cows in these parts for seventy years, and the species is considered extinct. Ranchers found their dietary needs to be too complex when compared to the single-tailed cow.

    Attempts to use other kinds of manure have ended in failure, and Jimmy lacks the funds to retool the plant to function for other kinds of fuels. A diviner hired to solve the problem had a vision of an island of two-tailed cows in the direction of a constellation, and a ship carrying straw. Desperate, Jimmy hires out a sloop and crew, orders a large bundle of straw for the ship and requests the heroes guard the bundle and ship for the voyage, with the intention of them bringing some two-tailed cows back to create manure for the foundry.

    The second problem is that Jimmy is not wanted by the Sunnyvale community, nor is a working foundry. Over the last few decades manufacturing and farming was steadily pushed out of this small territory, and coastal Sunnyvale became a very expensive community of financial employees and employers who were able to enjoy the long periods of sun and surf without the stench of coal or agriculture. The Sunnyvale foundry was an ivy-covered tourist attraction until Jimmy was able to show a questionable title of ownership over it. A working foundry run by an infamous mob boss would be both a distraction and a threat to property values. The community brought a powerful suit in law against Jimmy, stating that he inherited decades of back taxes that he owes to the community as the title holder. Of course Jimmy lacks the money to pay such an exorbitant amount, but believes he might be able to bribe some town officials, and threaten the rest into compliance if he can get his business up and running before the back taxes and accumulated late fees from the suit come due.

    The party is hired when the straw shipment makes it into the town. This tightly packed bundle of straw is two feet thick and six feet long, and weighs five hundred pounds, though it comes in a specially made canvas sleeve with multiple handles for carrying. It has been specially treated with an ancient solution found in old agricultural books that are supposed to provide healthy vitamins for two-tailed cows. The party needs to protect the shipment for two days and two nights, while facilitating the local health inspectors’ inspection of the ship, followed by an inspection of the straw.

    Because of the obvious importance of this endeavor, the local government sends in the health inspectors with the intent of hitting Jimmy with more suits in order to shut him down financially. The party must make a difficult local knowledge check and spend time at the town library in order to understand the set of regional byzantine regulations that the inspectors may choose to employ against them for the ship on the first day, and the bundle of straw on the second. Two successful checks equates to the party members anticipating the inspectors, who grudgingly give a passing grade and allow the expedition to proceed. For each failure, another suit is slapped onto Jimmy and the expedition delayed for a full day to give the party a chance to fix discrepancies before the inspectors come back again armed with more obscure requirements. Jimmy docks the party a third of his promised pay each time they fail, as he needs the money for the new legal fees incurred by their failure. If the party fails three times, Jimmy is wiped out from the suits and the adventure is over.

    There are also elements within and outside of Jimmy’s organization that do not want him to leave his life of crime. They are hoping that his attempt to become a legitimate businessman fails so that he returns to the fold. There will be an attempt to destroy the treated bundle of straw each night that the expedition is waiting to deploy. These attempts are made by lackeys hired through intermediaries, as no one wants Jimmy to track down their efforts to sabotage him. Treat each of these attempts as an easy encounter, which the party should have little problem thwarting as long as they take reasonable efforts to guard the straw each night.

    The crew of the sloop plans to head out the morning after the party finishes dealing with the inspectors. The sloop complement includes thirty crew members, six shady-looking porters (one of which is another hired saboteur who intends to destroy the straw if he can do so without being implicated) to transport the straw, and the party. The sloop heads towards the direction of a constellation as foretold by Jimmy’s diviner and will encounter the uncharted Oester Island on the twelfth day.

    Oester Island is a circular mass frequently punctuated with large-headed statues. When they arrive onto shore, the party and deployed porters will find signs of abandoned dwellings, complete with partly cooked fish and dwindling fires. Many dwellings have a fanged face with a single large eye painted upon their surface, as an obvious symbol of worship.

    The islanders scattered at the sight of the incoming ship and headed deeper into the isle and into a network of caves. The land is barren, and if the characters make a moderate nature check they will realize that the natives have been using up the surrounding grass in their cooking fires to the point that only occasional tufts can be found. The most prominent feature of the island is a single, spike-shaped mountain in its center, where there still appears heavy vegetation. Travel to the center should take two days, as the porters will have to carry the bundle of straw over treacherously sharp rocky ground. The sound of a large drum can be heard coming from the mountain and echoing across the island. The drum beat being used was an audible signal telling the islanders to flee for the cave networks. Once the party begins heading towards the center of the isle, the drum beat will noticeably change. The call for evacuation has now been changed to a call to war.

    There are three island chiefs in competition with one another on the island, though they form a temporary alliance in order to expel the intruders travelling towards the mountain. The center of the island is considered sacred, as it is the residence of the island’s deity, a forlorn cyclops that only the three chiefs and their various shamans are permitted to visit by island law. The law gives the chiefs sole access to the cyclops’ two-tailed cows, and one of the only remaining sources of meat left on the resource scarce island.

    The now elderly cyclops came to this island a century ago with his parents. They raised a large flock of two-tailed cows on a land abundant with trees and grass. Years afterwards, the first islanders arrived in large numbers and began to quickly use up the island resources in order to create statues in honor of the vain leaders. It was too late by the time that the three cyclops had realized that most of the trees suitable for creating large boats for transporting them off the island had been used. They attacked the islanders in an attempt to drive them off, but the humans were too numerous, though the attacks did solidify the community’s cultural fear of the giants and their isolation from them. Eventually the two parents died, leaving their offspring alone. He came into an agreement with the chiefs, offering the occasional cow in exchange for a supply of fish and some conversation to ease his loneliness. The cyclops also asked that the chiefs keep the islanders away from his grazing land, as desperate people have been pulling up grass needed by his dwindling and sickly herd. The chiefs eagerly declared the cyclops to be a deity and his grazing land to be holy land, and if anyone violated the cyclops sanctuary, they would bring ruin to the island. The party’s drive threatens their access to tasty cow.

    The three chiefs and their shamans wait at the top of the mountain where they coordinate attacks upon the party using their huge drum. The islanders wear no armor and use inferior stone spears, and are little threat to armored veterans. Therefore they will attack en masse, trying to overwhelm the party. Treat them as a swarm of humans. The chiefs will have the attacks come every few hours in an attempt to deprive the party and porters of rest, hoping that the combination of exhaustion and swarm attacks eventually wipes them out. If the party retreats back towards the ship, they will be allowed to flee unmolested. If the party makes it to the cyclops or can somehow find a way to destroy the drum, the attacks will also cease as the chiefs accept their loss and decide it is time to parlay. The cyclops can be understood as he speaks a rough dialect of common, though the islanders speak a foreign tongue and can only be understood by gestures or magical means.

    The cyclops is eager for company and is willing to barter with his fourteen remaining cows. He will part with half of the entire herd for transportation back to land if the party can bring a boat large enough for his herd and him, an outcome that is probably unlikely in the short term, and would likely reignite the island chiefs to violence. If the party was able to bring the bundle of straw, the relieved cyclops parts with two of the herd, a male and female, and thanks the party for saving his flock with the food. If they have any other objects that would be of value to a lone giant stuck on an island, he may part with a single cow. He also tries to make a trade agreement for manure shipments in exchange for continued imports of straw and news of the outside. If the party agrees it would be enough to solve Jimmy’s fuel crisis, but they will also have to deal with the islanders who place themselves as intermediaries. If the party deals with the chiefs, the chiefs ask for a shipment of metal weapons with each trade ship, as each chief wants to settle their overpopulation problem through a war each believes he would win. If the party decides to take the unorthodox decision to negotiate separately with the regular islanders, they will find that the islanders will be willing to ignore their chiefs’ calls to war if they could receive goods that would allow them to fish for food, such as metal hooks, wood for boats and fishing line. Finally, the party can choose to kill the cyclops, take four cows that would fit on the sloop and which would provide a bare minimum amount of fuel for the foundry, and fight their way off the island. Their decisions will dictate the islanders’ ultimate fate.

    Leaping Shimmers
    Show Spoiler


    Old man Wetherby has a pretty good racket going on. Every few months he hitches his wagon and travels to a new town to sell off the goods he's collected and purchase for himself some room and board. A shrewd trader, the man always manages to have a bit of extra coin on him so he can purchase earthly pleasures. Although the kind of expensive dining silver and rare pictures always changes from place to place, one item he continues to sell each time he moves is a worn, disturbingly-decorated grandfather clock.

    The clock itself is garish; the type of thing that only the well-to-do might afford in order to show off as a conversation piece. The clock has a secret, however, in that Wetherby will set a hidden, special internal chime that is set to go off weeks or even months after he auctions it off. When this chime goes off, a large swarm of shimmering beetles erupts from a compartment devouring all organic material it crawls over. The fast, leaping beetles will kill for an hour, following a combination of sound and heat signatures as they kill every living thing in an operating radius that can include an estate or keep. The swarm itself communicates by mimicking noises, each beetle echoing the noise to the others in its swarm and moving towards the intended victims, splitting into smaller swarms against multiple targets, and leaping over obstacles, up stairwells, or even into high windows to get to their targets. Old man Wetherby decides when the chime is to go off, so he is ready to appear after the duration of the beetles' attacks and pick the area clean of valuables. He then stashes them for awhile until any investigation is over, purchases the clock through third parties, and moves again to another far off town. He would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for some kids and some wild dogs.


    The recent mass slaughter of an entire estate or plantation has local investigators stumped and authorities call for outside help. All that were found of animals and people at the crime scene were skeletal remains picked entirely clean. Several small valuables have also gone missing, though the authorities are unsure of a connection, or if locals decided to take advantage of the tragedy and loot the scene.


    There were two survivors of past attacks in different locations that the adventurers might seek out and interview, both surviving through fear-induced feats. One young man was passing by drunk in the fields of a plantation late at night when he was set upon by a pack of wild dogs. They had surrounded him, yelping and growling, and the young man froze in place since he knew the animals would set upon him if he ran. He saw the swarm of leaping, shimmering creatures bound over some hills and towards the dogs. One brave mutt ran forward and barked, only to have the swarm bark back and devour it. The swarm then split and followed the now-terrified fleeing pack of dogs down some hills and when they were out of sight the young man fled to the authorities.

    A young woman was in a keep when the swarm attack occurred. Young and foolish, she fled behind a tapestry with nothing but her quivering legs covered with pink socks showing from the bottom. She wept quietly as the swarm went up and town the keep's steps, mimicking its screaming victims while ignoring her.

    Both the youths recall hearing the loud chimes of a grandfather clock. Their stories reveal potential weaknesses of the swarm, which is that the swarm attacks by following a mixture of movement, sound, and heat. The rare color of pink is part of a color spectrum that does not register to the beetles. A silence spell can greatly disrupt the swarm, stopping the little creatures from echoing to each other the sounds of their detected targets.

    Whenever Old man Wetherby is investigated, those near him when he is sleeping or passed out drunk will hear him mutter through fearful nightmares about the horrors of the clock. Just because he profits from the device does not mean that the man does not worry about his own survival should he ever make a mistake.

    Get Ye to the Underdark
    Show Spoiler


    D'roal was a great disappointment to his drow family for he had exceeded their expectations and somehow survived into adulthood. When he was born into his matriarchal society he was already an embarrassment, as the fourth male child in a minor noble house, he could expect to inherit no aristocratic title, no military rank, and no religious function. So he was sent out again and again in the hopes he would die in some glorious battle, but he always returned victorious and without recognition for his valor; thus a continued source of embarassment to his house.

    S'zann was an older, married matriarch of a strong noble house, and D'roal's lover. The two had a magnetic attraction to one another, causing controversial whispers about their co-dependency towards one another. When S'zann needed a hitman, or thief in the night, D'roal was always there. When D'roal was in political trouble, S'zann would pull just the right strings to help. But now S'zann was vulnerable, as she was greatly injured and lost her spellbook during a raid on the druegar forces of Eyz'la the Beholder. The spellbook is beyond valuable, having been passed down through the generations of house matrons. In happier times, she had even taught D'roal some minor magics from it when the two were able to have rare moments of elongated privacy. Rumors are now flying about the loss, and S'zann's enemies, including her husband, are calling her unfit and seeking ways to unseat her.

    Always brash, D'roal gathered a force of fellow drow outcasts and raided Eyz'la's fortress, succeeding in reaching its center and his lover's spellbook. While there, his men slew several duergar and destroyed much of the fortress' defenses. Yet they were outmatched once Eyz'la's vehicle, an enormous headless iron golem wielding a weapon in each hand, was commanded by the beholder to attack them. With several of his friends now dead, D'roal was desperate to escape and found a device the beholder's servants helped create: a machine that created short-lived, but stabilized teleportation portals. D'roal's forces figured out how to create a portal, but lacked the time to learn how to set the location. They had the portal created to a random place, pulled the main portions of the machine from its encasement, and retreated through into the unknown. Eyz'la ordered his golem to pursue, and it had crossed the portal behind the fleeing drow just as the portal collapsed.

    A day later, Eyz'la and his duergar caught up with the drow and golem, who had been teleported to the world's surface. The drow fled into a surface fortress, killed or captured the inhabitants, and sealed its great door to the pursuing golem. The golem was quite damaged from drow sorties when Eyz'la caught up, and it had to have its hunt stopped. The golem was ordered back to camp and repaired before receiving a new set of instructions: patrol around the fortress looking for drow scouts to fight, and to return to Eyz'la's camp for repairs when injured. The drow have thus far been unable to get out and flee, while Eyz'la's men have been unable to create a breach in the walls, though the golem gives an occassional scare when it hammers a side wall or pursues pointy-eared scouts.

    Adventure Hook:

    The local lord wants these invaders out as soon as possible, which is where the heroes come in. The heroes discover that each force is at an equal strength to their own, so taking out one force would be difficult, while both would be very tough without preparation, external resources, and planning. Luckily, both Underdark forces are quite ready to go home and are more than willing to negotiate with surface dwellers.

    Eyz'la's camp might not be as well defended, but his forces are formidable with duergar warriors and casters, the iron golem, and Eyz'la himself. In fact they might have been victorious already if Eyz'la wasn't such a horrible leader. The eye tyrant hates travel, which is why he had constructed his headless golem in the first place, along with his newest invention, the portal-creating teleportation device that can fit him on his golem and entourage wherever they want to go for short and easy trips. Eyz'la hates being away from his comfortable home, and hates the surface, the weather, and the smell of the place. He wants the portal-making machine back that was gutted from its housing since it took much wealth and time to build, and he wants the drow punished for what they have done to him and his home. As a bonus, the eye tyrant would also like the drow spellbook back, as he found the little he was able to study in it quite fascinating. The duergar feel that if Eyz'la leads the attack from his cockpit at the top of his iron golem, they can win an assault on the front gates, but the miserable beholder complains constantly instead and won't come out of his enormous tent.

    The drow are less trusting, but want safe passage home, which is why they are delaying while trying to figure out Eyz'la's device. If they can return with both S'zann's spellbook and the device, D'roal believes he can return to a hero's welcome and a seat in his lover's court, bringing great honor to himself, his family, and getting closer to being officially recognized as S'zann's paramour. He constantly carries around S'zann's book, gripping it unconsciously as he talks about her situation. All he needs are those beholder's forces wiped out or scattered. He is in a great position to defend himself, as his drider's have secretly coated the tall courtyard columns and walls with finely layered spidersilk so that it looks part of the artistry of the place. D'roal is ready to 'accidentally' let the front walls be opened so he can lead Eyz'la's forces into a trap, while his men press the enemy into the spider-webbed walls. The driders in this force walk across these treated walls with ease, firing ranged attacks into any battle. The one missing piece of the plan is how to trap the iron golem, who can rip through the webbing easily and has been so deadly. Using drider bile, the drow have created large vats of glue to pour down upon the golem, but so far it has proven useless as the golem rips through it with ease before it can harden.

    The party can decide to help one side against the other, either after convincing Eyz'la to get motivated enough to join the battle or helping D'roal come up with an alternate formula for his thus-far useless glue or otherwise finding a way to neutralize the golem. Or the party can help the drow jerry-rig the stolen machine to create a portal back home, leaving Eyz'la to pursue them into the Underdark. The victorious side will thank the party and willingly return home once their objectives are met. The party can also try to pit the overly cautious forces into a final confrontation and pick off the survivors, but the drow and duergar are quite familiar with games of treachery and may have plans of their own to meet with such possibilities. Still, it might be better to take the risk than allow either side to get away with a device that can create stable teleportation portals to the surface, as well as to avoid retribution for their actions.

    On the other hand, the party might find much to admire between the two opponents, as D'roal is quite courageous and Eyz'la focused on intellectual pursuits. They can help both sides come non-violently to an agreement, with D'roal giving up the stolen part of the portal machine and promising some financial restitution if his plan to save S'zann political future works, while Eyz'la promises to allow their safe return and give back any killed or captured allies of D'roal. D'roal might be a drow, but he has become a leader by taking care of his outcasts.

    Good-aligned parties that help one or both sides can expect a single favor should they need it in the future, such as safe passage through the Underdark, martial aid, or intellectual investigation. Evil-aligned parties might find this as a potential opening to a future alliance. The surface lord will be pleased with the Underdark forces being dealt with and will reward the party depending on the final state of the liege's fortress and nearby people.
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  17. conan_edw Educated

    Dec 3, 2017
    Fairies trick love birds and eat them
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  18. M. AQVILA Cipher

    Jan 6, 2016
    The quest should be fun and based on Codex traditions but also make sense based on the lore and setting. I don't know anything about Pathfinder so I'll refrain from giving any stupid ideas.

    The fairy quest sounds interesting though. Does anyone know anything about Pathfinder fairies?

    Edit: It would be cool if you could befriend a fairy, she would follow you sort of like a pet and you could talk to her whenever you want. Like asking for advice on the current mission, only to be trolled since she's a mischievous fairy. It would be a great way to have a laugh once in a while.
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  19. Andhaira Arcane

    Nov 25, 2007
    Quest should be serious and involve demons, or preferably a shaeshifting demon murdering townsfolk and you have to find out which of the suspects is the demon.
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  20. M. AQVILA Cipher

    Jan 6, 2016
    And you could ask a tranny witch holding a grimoire named Blakemore which of the suspects is the demon, only for her to tell you "Equip the ring!". Brilliant.
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  21. Jrpgfan Savant

    Feb 7, 2016
    You're walking through the fairy glade a fairy named Sedaitlim shows up and says "Hello good sir, I have some really cheap fairy dust for sale. Please step into my tree warehouse".

    If you accept, when you enter the house a few armed trolls start attacking you. After you kill them you wait for the fairy to come back. When she comes back you threat to kill her and she tells you if you let her live she'll bring you an eager buyer with a lot of money looking to buy some non-existent merchandise and you can take his money anyway you feel like and keep the money to yourself.

    If you accept the deal, you wait for very long and at last an elf with a few bodyguards show up asking for some gem. You ask for the money and he tells you he already paid your "master". If you have enough persuasion and charisma you can convince him both of you were fooled by the fairy, otherwise you'll have to fight for your life.

    After the fight, you can look for the fairy and find her somewhere in the woods. She'll give less than half the money she promised you and tell you she lost the rest gambling. If you decide not to kill her, she'll tell you to find her at the city of pitax, and that she has big plans for you.

    If you liked the idea and want to extend the questline let me know. I'm feeling creative lately, coming up with a lot of cool original ideas.
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  22. laclongquan Arcane

    Jan 10, 2007
    Searching for my kidnapped sister
    1. Rescue the unusually hot bigtittied slut that just visit your main camp
    - An unusually hot bigtittied slut just visit your camp site. Despite your gender might just be female, the gal is hot enough to kindle lust inside you.
    - She got kidnapped by a pack of Orcs into the forest/mountain nearby.
    - Counting on gratitude sex, your party set out into the wilderness giving chase immediately.
    - Rescue successful. The gal convince you/your party to bring her to your stronghold/capital.
    Characters: Slut.

    2. Bedroom negotiations
    - After that gratitude sex you are hooked. The gal play hard to get, however.
    - One condition is that she want luxuries that hard to acquire for your kingdom.
    - She suggest we open a trade route to the biggest merchant center of the Continent.
    - First, you are going to meet and negotiate with the merchant guildmaster/mistress there to set up contract.
    - Bringing back the good news, you got 2nd gratitude sex reward.
    Characters: Slut, Guildmaster
    3. Running around like headless chickens
    - To set up trade route you are going to set up waystation, safe place for caravan to stop and rest before onward. The slut suggest you meet and arrange negotiations with village chiefs/town mayors along the route.
    - The village chiefs and town mayors that you are acquainted over the course of the game should be fine candidates.
    - Finish negotiations with those people (lore, persuasion, and quest checks), you get back for the third gratitude sex reward... Nope, not yet. You are to go to the merchant hub earlier to set up caravan schedules, and hire guard/adventurers.
    - Yep. Third one.
    CHaracters: village chief A, and B, town mayor C, caravan master D

    4. No sex until you straight out the kinks
    - Caravan interrupted due to bandit attacks. Hunt down those responsible. (it's possible that D get killed)
    - Waystations be attacked by monster swarms. Protect them! (it's possible that A/B/C get killed)
    - Increased price at the hub thanks to merchant greed. Go there, investigate their characters, and blackmail/threaten/sue them into submission.
    - SE... Nope, you get cockblocked until you sign over your portion of the caravan contracts to the slut. You still get a portion of profit (lore/persuasion/etc checks) but the slut get to bite a big chunk of that.
    - SEX.
    Characters: Guildmaster, A, B,C,D.
    Thus witness the rise of the allure beauty of the kingdom, the rumoured power behind the throne.
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  23. holla_cabezas_de_mierda Arcane

    Jul 8, 2006
    I like the idea people have had of a traveling circus as the basis for the encounter/quest...
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  24. Valtiel Learned

    Jun 27, 2017
    This but is just the beginning of the quest, you discover the classic lil town in your reign which is populated with codex cultists, then you find it's a whole widespread network of cultists (also reaching an insider in your court), as kingmaker you get to choose if they live or if they should all be annhilated, but then it's all Jonestown, and when they're all dead all their dead spirit evoke some shit you should fight later.
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  25. Efe Learned

    Dec 27, 2015
    save the codex of infinite wisdom from the clutches of Evil Jew Wizard Infinitony.
    quest involves using scroll of opposite alignment on evil toni and take advantage of his new found excessive alturism.
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