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RPG Maker Fes

Discussion in 'Codex Workshop' started by Giauz Ragnacock, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Giauz Ragnacock Scholar

    Giauz Ragnacock
    Jul 16, 2011
    So, I have a Nintendo 2DS, and I bought RM Fes on the e-shop I think in summer 2018. It's a charming little program. I have been working on a first-person dungeon-crawler on and off for some months using the program. More on that later.

    What I currently want to do is promote a game made for my contest that I set up on one of the online communities for the program. It is the first of hopefully a few games that will be completed this month for the contest. My contest parameters are:

    0. This is a 3DS RM Fes competition.

    1. The setting has to be a shop, mall, or store of some kind.

    2. No conventional dungeons.

    3. Every item sold must be stealable just not necessarilly all of it in a single playthrough.

    4. Create as many role-playing interactions with people and the environment as you can think of and reasonably implement.

    5. The only "win" condition/trigger end credits is to leave the shop. If the player wanted to just start up the game and turn around and walk out the front door to "win", they could, but your job is to give them plenty to get into that will make exiting the shop both hard to want to do AND increasingly more complicated of an affair (remember requirement #s 3 and 4?).

    6. Turn in what you have in November 2019. Keep working on the games if they interest you still afterwards, whatever.

    The game is:

    Title: Intershop Crime
    Creator: Guy/1154
    Genre: Original/Mini Game
    Description: Steal a high score!
    ID: 64o6nuz4

    It's not really a RPG at all, but it has role-playing interactions like buying and stealing items, distracting guards, a simple real-time combat system, stealth that can degrade... The goals of the game are to score high by stealing everything not bolted down and unlock two more characters to play as. The game took a lot of thoughtful work with RM Fes's eventing system. I would like anyone with a 2DS or a 3DS to download the free game player app and play and rate this game and any other ones in this contest so that the games have a good amount of ratings for judging a winner who will possibly receive a Nintendo e-shop gift card and bragging rights, of course. Please, give guy's game a try.
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  2. Giauz Ragnacock Scholar

    Giauz Ragnacock
    Jul 16, 2011
    About my own game:

    It is a first-person perspective dungeon crawler called 'Path of the Worm God'. So far I have a timer to track the days passed, some of the mapping implemented, choosing from 15 characters, some incomplete skills and items, incomplete monsters with all variable stats, and a "win condition" to trigger the credits.

    The objective of the game is to lead some pilgrims through the PotWoG to an exit. Along the way the PCs will collect items that they will have to pay a NPC fees to carry the items and use them, and the party will face monsters with a variety of stats and attacks that the player is never sure of. Resurrection is only in the form of rare items, so the player will have to switch out characters regularly to form parties of 1-4 PCs. I just want to create a 3DS RPG with challenges and a old-school D&D module atmosphere.
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