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Serious attempt at a playthrough

Discussion in 'Prelude To Darkness' started by Severian Silk, May 17, 2010.

  1. I'm giving this game a serious attempt at a complete playthrough. Yeah it crashes a lot, but so far there don't seem to be many bugs that affect gameplay or the story. And, on modern systems the load times are pretty short so restarting isn't that bad.

    I got through Kellen and am now in Land's End. There are a lot of people standing around with little or nothing to say to you which is kind of disappointing. I do like how you could walk across the entire world if you wanted to, and the random encounter system is pretty cool. Combat is pretty good, though I wish there were more hotkeys for such things like ending a turn or waiting. The game also REALLY needs a hotkey to toggle between selecting the ground layer (i.e. movement tiles) using the mouse and selecting stuff lying on top of the ground layer (i.e. creatures/characters). Right now there's a lot of time wasted on hunting for the correct pixel which sucks. The camera movement keys are also not very well-suited for people who are right-handed.

    Is there a picture of the world map online anywhere? I haven't succeeded in taking a screenshot, and the game doesn't play nice when ALT+TAB-bing. [edit] I found one while digging around the official walkthrough.
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