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Discussion in 'Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome' started by Anonymous, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

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    Just a little thing about the naming of the sword. I suppose the weapons you found in Teudogar will be in Darghul. The Magical sword that make the blacksmith in Herwood is just called "sword moderatly blessed" and it cost 500 silver coins. A normal sword who is blessed cost 350 and is called "sword very lightly blessed". Just to recognise them without looking at there price, the magical sword could be called "magical sword" because it is not an ordinary weaponwith a good blessing but magic item.
    My suggestion is little silly but I alwais confound the two swords!
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  2. Anonymous Guest

    In Teudogar, blessing is variable. You bring your weapons to witch to bless them or you can bless them yourself once you learn that skill. Therefore calling the sword magical makes no sense.

    However, it seems that historically (if you look at the Viking saga's) magic properties were related to decoration on the sword. A plain sword would have been less likely to be magical than a sword with jewels on the hilt.

    But in Teudogar's time, Germanic swords were not yet as nicely decorated as in the Migration and Viking periods, so it's difficult to say whether that belief was already present in Teudogar's time.
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