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Discussion in 'Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome' started by Anonymous, May 1, 2006.

  1. Anonymous Guest

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    I purchased this game from the creator, and I have to say its a refeshing contrast to the AAA shite I have been forced to constantly reject. I have been gaming since the late 80's, and Role Playing has been the main genre i have bought over all these years.

    When I noticed this game, I was surprised at the locale it was set in. Tried the demo, and had to play it all. I have since replayed it a number of times, and its one of the most original games i have come across.

    If you are a CRPG lover, and don't need graphics in order to actually play a game, i suggest you fork over the smallchange to buy this game.

    Cannot wait to buy a sequel if its made with the same love and care that this title evidently had rubbed into it. Well done Wolf Mittag, you have garnered one fan, even if he is on the other side of the world, keep it coming!


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