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Underrail - Additional content?

Discussion in 'Underrail' started by Major_Blackhart, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. Major_Blackhart Codexia Lord Sodom Patron

    Dec 5, 2002
    Jersey for now
    So, there are a few things I always wanted more of for additional content, like jobs or quests you could do that specifically relate to South Gate Station. The rewards for those quests and work done could be things like rarer items or higher quality stuff for sale, random encounters maybe, and some other options.

    Characters that would be great to offer additional missions:
    • Harold - Chief Engineer
    • Ezra - Head of Engineering
    • Quinton - Biologist
    • Big Bret - Argonomist
    • Captain Svana - Sea Captain
    • Bisson - Psionic trainer and martial artist
    • Lucas - Armorer
    • Pasquale - Doctor
    • Old Jonas - Resident old dude and underrail expert
    • Vera Hale - Council Member and trade rep.

    The types of missions these guys offer, and the rewards that they entail, might relate to their backgrounds and general histories, or stuff related to the station itself.

    BioCorp related quests
    • Pasquale - Search old facilities in Upper Underrail.
    • Quinton - He has some old notes from his days as a BioCorp scientist. Wants to further complete his research and verify a few things. Help him. Need high bio skill, or access to the Institute of Tchort.

    Station improvement related quests
    • Lucas - The Omega Station had access to a lot of high end arms and armor, some of which they built in-house. Their station may have some remnants of their machinery, etc. Gotta search the station. To do this, you need to first power it up. Talk to Harold (must have completed his battery quest), or travel to Rail Crossing and get help from Buzzer with a portable generator (if he survived). End result is the same. Access to new, higher end stuff for SGS.
    • Big Bret - Expedition Only, available after completing Pasquale and Quinton Biocorp quests - Obtain several calves from the Black Sea. They will begin an artificial insemination program and begin breeding/cloning them via work with Quinton and Pasquale. The new food source makes SGS wealthier.
    • Harold - Available after Lucas Quest complete and you have entered the institute of Tchort - Discover some old processing techniques in the toxic waste processing plant underneath the institute of Tchort.
    • Ezra - The network security of SGS has been hacked by an unknown individual or group. Help find the hacker. Optional - Aid in improving security. Optional - Discover Occulus bugs. Potential Impact - Random encounter with a group that wanted to weaken SGS. Sell the improvements to Oculus so they can more quietly monitor SGS.

    Trade related quests
    • Vera Hale - Help improve trade with the following groups: Rail Crossing, Foundry, Core City (choose an Oligarch), Black Eels (only if they control the Junkyard). You will be required to do something for organization in some way, unless your reputation with them is beyond reproach already.
    • Captain Svana - Expedition Only - Help her get a bigger boat, allowing her to travel faster and further, and allow her to get a bigger crew. Opens up unique Jetski, travel options, as well as her now offering a few unique items for trade similar to the Ferryman in the Black Sea, as well as leather skins. Other merchants now rarely have 'Lemurian' style equipment for sale. If you use her services to travel, now have the potential to encounter pirates on the open waters. Rare random encounters.

    Other (Personal)
    • Bisson - He has a score to settle with a gladiator. PC must be a named gladiator, not necessarily the Invictus though.
    • Old Jonas - Expedition Only - available only after completing Captain Svana quest - Help Old Jonas explore several locations in the Black Sea. He'd been there once, as a young man, and never returned. It cost him the life of a friend. He wants to pay his respects.
    • Ezra - Expedition Only - Unknown at this point. Potentially doing some research on the other Mega Corps of the time, from learning information about Lemuria. Learn the name of a city of legend never discovered, Carcosa, which is the society that evolved from the mega corp that was all about psionics.
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  2. Trashos Arcane

    Dec 28, 2015
    I doubt Ezra would let anyone know anything about security issues. If anything, Ezra might be facing such issues from SGS members who are suspecting him. But he wouldn't recruit anyone competent for help, because it would endanger his cover. He'd probably recruit someone like Newton (the guy who was trapped by the beetles in the beginning).

    I could see the following storyline:

    An SGS member suspects that Ezra manipulates the SGS databases. He tries to hack the systems to find the truth about Ezra. Ezra finds out and recruites Newton (possibly in a "charmed" state?) to look for the person who is after him. Newton talks to you in order to investigate you (you are a suspect, too), and sends you to a suicide mission to get rid of you (just to be sure).

    You survive the suicide mission, and realize that Newton is working for Ezra. It is time to investigate the situation. You start looking for the other SGS member who is after the truth about Ezra in order to collaborate. You find him, and he tells you about his progress. Together, you hack the SGS databases that Ezra has hidden, and you go confront Ezra.

    Something like that.
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  3. Elemental_wanamingo Educated

    Jul 18, 2016
    I think the different boat captains could offer some room for cut throat capitalism. You have either the choice of leave them alone, kill 2 of the 3 or just kill all of them and take over. Maybe with high persuasion you could pick one of them to handle things for you if you go for the third option. If you kill 2 of them then the remaining one gives you further quests as rewards where you have to kill bandits and other opposing factions and you get the loot plus financial compensation. Each of the captains also have their own factions to worry about. Broderick sides with the black eels and the others have their own factions. Naturally this locks you out of certain storylines. Or you can just kill them all outright and hire people to be captains and then take care of any bandits and whoever try to take over your business.

    The difference between the two is that the first option is the easier one with less micro management. You sometimes get an offer to do some simple kill quests to handle business relations but most of the time they do their own business on their own. If you choose to takeover you get bigger rewards but you also need to provide the muscle and manage the business. Or you can simply hire some muscle and enjoy smaller rewards. Either way you could occasionally get some smuggling or cargo quests from your faction as well. All totally optional.

    I'd guess you could do something similar with the metro.

    Also while not at SGS I think there should be some scope to take over Vince's harassment business at Junkyard.

    Old jonas is also more than the eye catches. I'm sure in reality he is in the slave trading business. Our own little Bill Cosby. Once you catch him in the act you could do little extortion but he could randomly try to kill you if you step on his traps while exploring inside any of the caves. Or you could take part of his business and kidnap certain people in various places around underrail for him. He'll get you the names later. Or just torture him and get the list of names who he sells his ... material. Then you can become Jonas or do something else with the info. Or just let Vera know and let them figure it out. This last storyline comes with couple of endings. You can banish Jonas into the caves or kill him. With high persuasion you have also an option to let Jonas keep going but you need to appoint someone to watch hi over. If you choose any option that prevents Jonas from going into the caves it will cause huge increase in respawning rats in all the caves.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
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  4. The Wall Erudite

    The Wall
    Jul 19, 2017
    How much review by my favourite Ugandan war criminal Sseth helped Underrail sales, I wonder?

    Hope the answer is LOADS! and we can safely expect more content. I'd be perfectly content with another DLC as good but half the size of Expedition
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  5. toro Arcane

    Apr 14, 2009
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  6. HoboForEternity sunset tequila Patron

    Mar 27, 2016
    Disco Elysium
    with sseth moolah styg can buy more ukrainian slaves and pay them spud to make development faster
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  7. ItsChon Resident Zoomer Patron

    Jul 1, 2018
    Great thread, I love the idea of expanding on the SGS questline a little more. Styg should also move towards expanding the Oculus quest line, as well as perhaps one or two more things for Camp Hathor. Of course, this is all secondary to some post DC content in Norther Underrail. I'd love to fight some more specialized characters that are built like the PC. Could really make things interesting pitting the level 28 PC against two-three level twenty NPCs.
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  8. Lord_Potato Prophet

    Nov 24, 2017
    Free City of Warsaw
    I do not feel SGS needs much more content (maybe a bit Omega station related). However, there are factions that do. The Protectorate has like 3 quests. Coretech - the same. They do not feel really rewarding and don't give you a feeling of advancing within the organization. Those parts (amd corresponding Free Drones and other factions of the Oligarchy) could get some love.

    Also I heard the occulus quest line is quite limited when you actually find it.
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  9. Rafidur Literate

    Sep 12, 2019
    Not sure that's a good idea, as it is so bloody easy to miss if you're not reading wikis as you play the game. Spending time on content that 90% of the players will never see is not great.
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  10. Mac_Orion Stygian Software Developer

    Jun 10, 2015
    Styg's Garage
    I'm no ukranian, i'm a bosnian egg sack!!!
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