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Management / Sim Warsim - kingdom management

Discussion in 'Strategy and Simulation' started by Robert Jarzebina, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Thanks! Hope you do get a chance to play it :)
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  2. Andronovo Literate

    Aug 7, 2019
    I wonder if I have enough TURBOAUTISM to enjoy this. I guess there's only one way to find out.
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  3. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
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  4. gunman Arcane Developer

    Jan 4, 2008
    As a fellow indie dev, I can only congratulate you for your determination and I only wish you success.

    But please understand that adding suffixes and prefixes to make cartesian products will add nothing of value to this.

    Unless your goal is to surpass the maximum memory of known CPU architectures and storage systems with races alone. Is your ultimate goal to fill a room of servers yielding Terabits of information with randomly generated races? Is this the end of the digital world by self generating races until not a single working computer remains?
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  5. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Hey gunman, thanks for the kind words, Also your profile picture is awesome, love the art style!

    Also I totally appreciate what you're saying about the high number of proc genned stuff and don't worry, while in the article it seems to be the prime focus of the game I can assure you it's little more than a minor feature, it's possible to play the game without even paying attention to the foreign races in your world too, Warsim has a lot more to focus on than just the 75 million races :)
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  6. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    So let me start by saying this is one of my favourite additions to Warsim in a long time!


    The let the people drink aspect of the update is the meat of this, this is a major content update adding a new area of the game that includes lots of random events and interesting things, it adds a whole new dimension to the taverns of the world and a whole new way to explore them!

    To summarise, you can drink one of many drinks in various taverns with you getting drunker as they go on. Events can happen while you drink such as throwing up, getting into fights, talking to people, tons of random and weird events and so on.

    There is also the chance you passout or blackout if too drunk, this also results in additional random events!

    I wrote a huge number of Wiki pages over on the Warsim wiki to explain the detail of the drinking system, check it out here -

    There's a page for every tavern, bartender, drink, and event!

    * Added new massive drinking system in game with tons of drinks, encounters and events
    * Added 2 new dialogues to Borwyn the Skullstomper
    * Rewrote lots of Rusty Dagger inn text to fit running joke of 'Me no speak human'
    * Added Blackmarket Pubcrawl
    * Added new dialogue to Karald in the Ox Head Tavern
    * Rewrote Ogloob intro text
    * Added new ogloob screen for viewing full bar
    * Added new dialogue to Nugmeek of the silver staff tavern
    * Added Blackmarket Pubcrawl sign in Dragon's Kneecap Tavern (dynamic based on goblin law)
    * Added 2 new option of dialogue with Ogloob in Blackrow Tavern
    * Added 3 new options of dialouge with Eswin Elf-Hater in Dragon's Kneecap Tavern
    * Updated Ogloob the ogres graphic in Blackrow
    * Rewrote 12 dice game intro text in Blackrow Tavern
    * Fixed text colour issue with dice game 12 in Blackrow Tavern
    * Added sound effects to dice game 12 in Blackrow Tavern

    Some screenshots from this:



    The brawl pit was in need of a little bit of a rework, now it's nicer!

    * Added new graphic and screens for betting in brawl pit and fighters pit
    * Added new screen and graphic for brawl pit
    * Fixed colour issue with victory screen in brawl pit
    * Fixed ability to choose a number other than 1 or 2 when choosing a fighter to bet on in brawl pit
    * Added screen to stop player betting more gold than they have in brawl pit
    * Added screen to stop player betting more gold than max bet in brawl pit
    * Reworked brawl pit victory screen text length
    * Added new bet gold notification text to victory screen in brawl pit


    The odds of getting a ghost kingdom are fairly small but even so it didn't make any sense that diplomacy worked the same for invisible ghosts as it does for others, now that's changed

    * Added new screen for diplomacy with ghost kingdom if you have seer stone
    * Added new screen for diplomacy with ghost kingdom without stone
    * Added ability to sacrfice to speak to ghost kingdom if they're evil
    * Added ability to learn about ghost kingdom
    * Added new sound 'ghost laugh' to the game


    Now this has been reworked as it was super outdated and didn't even have a screen, I'm happy with how it's displayed now!

    * Added new graphics for Black Bank unpaid
    * Reworked dialougue for Black Bank unpaid
    * Added new option to Black Bank unpaid resolution screen
    * Added dynamic screens and sound effects to Black Bank unpaid
    * Added dynamic system to pay from both gold and bank if you need to combine them


    A couple of improvements to the Blackmarket, the main improvements to it still come from the Let the people drink aspect of the update.

    * Added 2 new random intro texts during century celebration festival
    * Added new alterate intro text for blackmarket ruled by decorator
    * Added 3 new random intro texts for Owned Blackmarket
    * Added 3 new random intro texts for Unowned Blackmarket
    * Fixed Blackmarket intro typo
    * Fixed Blackmarket intro grammar issues on multiple texts
    * Fixed wordwrap issue for Ogloob in Blackrow Tavern

    **NEW NAMES**

    Some name ideas courtesy of /u/elrinne, /u/lady-valkyrie and /u/Dtyn8!

    * Added 13 new female character names (thanks to u/lady-valkyrie & u/elrinne)
    * Added 2 new giant names (Bone-Chomper & Stone-Smasher) (credit u/Dtyn8)


    A metric ton of bugfixes including some nasty stuff!

    * Fixed save crash bug (due to goblin slave update) (credit u/timedonutheart)
    * Fixed diplomacy skip after making peace with strange leader
    * Fixed ability to use dots in your name (causing save game invalidation) (credit u/blackskies4646)
    * Fixed race packs not containing certain races
    * Fixed blogroki race description bug
    * Fixed challenge grand champion text bug
    * Fixed heart of the world stab text bugs
    * Fixed Fjori text bugs (credit Defender)
    * Fixed celebratory soldiers encounter text colour
    * Fixed kindom spelling error (Credit Bones)
    * Fixed goblin berserkers not showing up in troop counts (credit u/TheGamingDictator)
    * Fixed Nugmeek dialouge word wrap
    * Fixed Nugmeek story being a massive block and split it between 3 screens
    * Fixed Karalds dialogue wrap in the Ox head
    * Fixed Karalds grammar issues in Ox head
    * Fixed Xeelor (demon head in ox head tavern) name typo
    * Fixed cloaked man Blackrow tavern shown in description when not there
    * Fixed Baiaa leaders refering to you as King regardless of what you chose title
    * Fixed Demon Warder refering to you as King regardless of title (credit Bones)
    * Fixed wordwrap for Doran the dim and Diran the Old in three blades Inn
    * Fixed layout of Diran the old's story into 2 screens
    * Fixed outlawed mercenary screen colour and exit issues (credit u/TheGamingDictator)
    * Fixed missing reference to foreign merc hall in outlawed merc screen (credit u/TheGamingDictator)
    * Fixed missing splitline in rewarding pickpocket group screen
    * Fixed missing moneyloss indicator to pickpocket group paid screen
    * Fixed 'he ones again' text bug in gnome heist


    * Added screen for touching the heart of the world
    * Reworked Mushroom men into Shroomlings race (credit u/Pokemonerd25)
    * Added looted tag to menu when Blackmarket treasury is looted
    * Added ability to upgrade throne room from it's own screen (credit u/TheGamingDictator)
    * Updated fullscreen screen
    * Reworked main warsim screen for Ascii free version
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