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Management / Sim Warsim: The Realm of Aslona - kingdom management game with ASCII graphics - now on Early Access

Discussion in 'Strategy and Simulation' started by Robert Jarzebina, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Show Spoiler

    It is really pretty cool and :obviously: game that I am following for months.
    Please vote for this game on steam greenlight:
    since imbeciles are downvoting it cos its text based.

    Here some lets play:
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  2. hivemind Guest

    lmao what is this dork shit

    just play total war dude
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  3. laclongquan Arcane

    Jan 10, 2007
    Searching for my kidnapped sister
    A curious concept I might get behind

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  4. Burning Bridges Enviado de meu SM-G3502T usando Tapatalk

    Burning Bridges
    Apr 21, 2006
    Tampon Bay
    About 30 years too late.
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  5. Werdna's Revenge Cipher Patron

    Werdna's Revenge
    Jan 28, 2015
    Looks like a great little game, although maybe more Sim than Strat.
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  6. kris Arcane

    Oct 27, 2004
    Lulea, Sweden
    It is textbased so the graphics dont even apply.
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  7. CryptRat Prestigious Gentleman Arcane Developer

    Sep 10, 2014
    The game is promising, thanks.

    I recruited some peasants, soldiers, dark knights, goblins, halflings and heroes, eradicated some rebel and bandit overplaces, made peace with some small and big nations, set up some trading caravans, talked to a demon king in his citadel, bought or annexed mines, forts and entertainment areas, grew some powering fruit crops, played some death-or-rich coin flip games and bet on animal and gladiator fights, solved some very minor conflicts from on farmer and one guard or that kind of thing, bought some powerful artifacts, stumbled upon a wishing well, talked with a seer and various taverners and village elders, died in quicksands, used some slaves but then freed them so that some of them joined me as soldiers or peasants, destroyed some demonic monuments, asked some mercenary troops to attack weak kingdoms to gain total control of it faster, generally until the mercenaries just get slaughtered because they're not numerous enough anymore.

    I think I explored a big part of the current version in one big session, at least when it comes to management mechanisms, but first the various areas to visit are actually generally more interesting than the management part itself and secondly a lot of these areas are not available in the current version (some parts of the world are not accessible and even in the available part some areas are visible but not accessible).

    No doubt the final game will be fun.
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  8. LESS T_T Prestigious Gentleman Arcane

    LESS T_T
    Oct 5, 2012
    Codex 2014
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  9. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019

    Hey guys, this update wasn't supposed to take as long as it did, but I ended up adding a few additional features that kept growing, the main focus of this update is called 'The Secret Place', I am not going to reveal any details about it, but lets just stay, start off in the black market! good luck.


    I'm blurring out the changelog for this part of the update... can't have those secrets getting out!
    Show Spoiler

    * Added --- ------ -----
    * Added ----- ---- -- ---- ---- -- ----- --- ------ ------
    * Added ------- ------- -- --- ----- -----
    * Added --- ----- -- ---- -- ---------------
    * Added ----- ---- -- --- ----------- ------ -- ---------
    * Added ------ ----- ---- -- --- ---------- ------- ---- ----
    * Added ---- ---------- ------- -- ------ -----
    * Added ----- ----- -- ----- ------ ----- ---- -------- -- ----- -----
    * Added ----- ----- --- ---- --- ---- -- ------- ----- -----
    * Added -------- ---- ---------- --- --- --- ------- -- --- -------- ------- ---------- ---- -------- -----
    * Added ----- ---- -- ---- -- --- ------- --------
    * Added ----- ---- --- ------ ---- --- ----- ---- -- ------ -----
    * Added ------- ---- --- ------- ---- --- ----------- -- ------ -----
    * Added ------- -- ------- ----
    * Added ------- -- --- --- ------- ----------- ----
    * Added ------- ---- -- ------ -----
    * Added ------- -- ---- -- ------- -- -------- -- ------ -----
    * Added ------ ------- ---- ------- ------ -----


    It took quite a bit of work, but now all faces line up equally, it was a problem that wasn't clear unless you got a two headed race, now they should look a little better, also tons and tons of new faces for all kinds of races.

    * Added 297'663'740'532 new gnome faces (was 34 billion)(now 332 billion)
    * Added 64 Billion troll faces (was 6.6 Bil, now 70.2 Bil)
    * Added 240 billion new demigod faces (was 18 billion)
    * Added 50 million lizardman faces (double the previous number)
    * Added 24 trillion new human faces
    * Replaced 30 older human face parts with better ones
    * Reworked goblin faces system and replaced many parts
    * Added 17.4 trillion new goblin faces
    * Fixed faces not lining up everytime
    * Fixed two headed faces being warped out of shape
    * Overhauled demon face system (was 36 billion faces, now 4.6 quadrillion)


    * Fixed slaver fort giving incorrect text when destroyed (credit u/Buckzor122)
    * Fixed Camp assurak not being loaded properly in save games (credit u/ColonelKepler)
    * Fixed guards jailing silver tongue throne room visitor regardless of your choice (credit u/Buckzor122)
    * Fixed jailing silver tongue claims 'the painter is jailed'
    * Fixed viewing minor bandit gang extra info before battle skips battles (credit u/ColonelKepler)
    * Fixed arena letting you bet when you/arena has no gold credit (credit u/ColonelKepler)
    * Fixed were did westerners flee text bug
    * Fixed blackmarket leader kicks you out of trade talks if you have a trade post
    * Fixed missing menu for not having trade post when asking for trade
    * Fixed false name generation text when entering the wrong thing in race modding menu
    * Fixed if creating a race and choosing to give them names but then exiting name creation menu before creating any names the game breaks when you use them, now instead, if this happens the game will just call them various derivitives of the name harold (credit Cablenexus)
    * Fixed a rogue blank line in face0.txt causing missing face parts on occasion
    * Fixed vampire bard face colour occasional bug
    * Fixed warsim settings screen text colour
    * Fixed missing line in goblin drum school lessons
    * Fixed Timed game system not working properly due to gamestart year being random
    * Fixed Timed game screen not giving enough information
    * Fixed southern coast region description error
    * Fixed 'called stole his chamber pot' text bug
    * Fixed slums watchtower tag not changing properly bug
    * Fixed slum pit onlooker's skin being randomly coloured blue green and red


    A handful of new name suffixes for your world

    * Added new name suffix 'the Everloving' (+10 battlescore)
    * Added new name suffix 'the Noteworthy' (+23 battlescore)
    * Added new name suffix 'Longbraid' (+5 battlescore)


    Again just a small addition, but now you can find Lesser Orcs, Greater Goblins and so on.

    * Added new race suffix 'Lesser' (takes -10 battlescore from units)
    * Added new race suffix 'Greater' (adds +15 battlescore to units)


    I reworked a lot of the non-brawl pit based brawl system, this is everything from throne room brawlers and tavern brawlers to the slave fights in the slavers fort and in Baiaa, lots of new changes but mainly the addition of sound!

    * Added new dynamic sound effect system for brawls in the game
    * Added new screen after the end of all non pit brawls
    * Added special screen for victory during general of aslona challenge in throne room
    * Added special stat presets for brawling goblins (weaker)
    * Added special stat presets for brawling slaves (weaker)
    * Added special stat presets for brawling orcs (stronger)
    * Added special stat presets for brawling nomads (stronger)
    * Added new enchanted brawl in the artifact market adventurers district


    A new two tiered upgrade for your kingdom now thanks to a suggestion by Buckzor, you can build something to prevent mercenary groups casually disbanding.

    * Added small mercenary rest hall upgrade (8000 gold) mercenary groups 3x less likely to break (credit u/Buckzor122)
    * Added mercenary rest hall upgrade (16000 gold) mercenary groups don't disband (credit u/Buckzor122)


    There are quite a few more important features here, such as changes to the name system, ability to order your steward to auto imprison everyone, a new autosave setting, new bugs and cheatcodes, some tweaks and new additions to locations in the world, some small additions to diplomacy, and the new stats bar which is able to be changed in the settings menu.

    * Added additional question to Captian Bgax of Goblinwood (Credit u/vylcount)
    * Made names created using random suffix system 2.5x more likely to occur
    * Added new guard face system for certain throne room encounters
    * Added ability to auto imprison all visitors by speaking to steward (credit u/Buckzor122)
    * Added Overzealous autosave feature to settings menu (saves each time you enter main game screen) (credit u/Buckzor122)
    * Enter 666 on warsim's main menu
    * Added a new warsim loadscreen tip
    * Added 909 secret menu on main screen (allows you to change the face) use race faces.txt for reference on numbers
    * Added new location 'statue of greydor the pirate king' to the city of Shaian docks
    * Updated cheat codes list (111)
    * Added new debug code 6000 random screen colour (enter in cheats menu)
    * Added new screen to the settings menu (change text size)
    * Added stats bar to all main menu screens
    * Added ability to disable or enable stats bar on main screens in settings
    * Tweaked time game system to take land as 2x more valuable for your score
    * Added new section of the blackmarket herald, random sponsors of the issue (credit Dtyn8 for the inspiration)
    * Added a default 5000 gold to the arena betting pool at game start
    * Reworked there are many peoples intro screen text
    * Added ability to ask the status of questing knights in reports screen
    * Added ability to ask the odds of the wheel of wealth (special scroll of odds)
    * Reworked layout of the wheel of wealth stall text
    * Added information section about pest bandit groups in diplomacy
    * Added infromation section about pest bandit groups leaders in diplomacy
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 20, 2019
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  10. Gunnar Savant

    Jul 10, 2016
    I kind of like this game but this guy reminds me of Caves of Qud devs. He fiddles and adds things but never addresses what the game actually needs. Basic stuff like warring and managing your throne room (that you will be spending most of your time doing) are completely tedious. Here's a perfect example:

    * Added new guard face system for certain throne room encounters

    The throne room encounters are a dreadful bore, lets add new faces to the guards!

    I played this 5 months ago and nothing that's sorely needed has been added to the game in that time.
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  11. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Roasted on my first post... gg

    Genuinely I appreciate the feedback though, what sort of changes would you like to see made to the game?
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  12. Gunnar Savant

    Jul 10, 2016
    It's been awhile, but these are my recollections:

    The throne room thing where you receive visitors is repetitive beyond belief, there are way too many and way too few events in the pool that can happen. That's why it pissed me off when I saw that you're adding pointless throne room content like additional faces, when the entire system sucks so bad. You need to tune the encounter rate way down, make the decisions matter more and add way more events.

    The war fighting needs to be something more than just throwing some units at each other and each side losing some one time per turn. I'm never able to take advantage of a good army because of the restrictions on attacking. I never have to think about my troop composition. How about some catapults and other siege engines for assaulting forts, archers to effectively target lightly armored units, mounted units that are better for skirmishes, etc. This complete lack of depth in the combat was a major missing section of the game, for me.

    I remembered liking the exploration in the game.

    I couldn't care less about a billion faces or whatever fun you're having tinkering with procedural systems, when you herald that in your update it just makes me think you're lost in the weeds.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
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  13. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Thank you for the feedback, to be honest the throne room was meant to be somewhat repetetive when it gets popular and full so you hire staff to deal with it for you.

    The combat definitely needs to be overhauled though, I will keep these things in mind as I continue working on it
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  14. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Hey guys, while I've been working on some warsim theory, the little mini things I've been working on, on the side have stacked up so I thought I'd push a release, there is no real focus of the update but one of the bigger changes was to the militia and the near north!

    **Militia Update**

    The militia can now be interacted with a lot more, you can provide them with better weaponry, greatly increasing their effectiveness, and you can learn more about them, there are now 9 upgrades that can be made to them and a reworked diplomacy screen!

    * Reworked the militia screen in diplomacy
    * Added ability to ask many questions to the militia leader
    * Added militia stats screen with all militia information
    * Added militia orders screen to give commands to militia
    * Added militia recruitment signs kingdom upgrade (more militia recruits per turn)
    * Added Bigger militia recruitment signs kingdom upgrade (more militia recruits per turn)
    * Added Giant militia recruitment signs kingdom upgrade (more militia recruits per turn)
    * Added Militia council room kingdom upgrade (less likely to disband militia)
    * Added Militia council chambers kingdom upgrade (militia will not disband)
    * Added Militia old weapons stash kingdom upgrade (+10 battlescore to all militiamen)
    * Added Militia weapons stash kingdom upgrade (+21 battlescore to all militiamen)
    * Added Militia good weapons stash kingdom upgrade (+32 battlescore to all militiamen)
    * Added Militia elite weapons stash kingdom upgrade (+42 battlescore to all militiamen)
    * Added ability to upgrade militia from the militia diplomacy screen
    * Added militia current weapons stats to the militia stats screen


    The brawl pit has existed in warsim for a very long time, it was one of the earliest visitable locations and hasn't been changed much since, this puts an end to that and reworks it, especially pit ownership, now owning the brawl pit is more profitable with Pit champion fights earning you tons more, and if your brawl pit hosts the battle of the two champions (once every 6 years) you earn even more. Fights now have better sound effects and things and fleshed out and explained better.

    * Added new victory screen at the end of every brawl pit and fighters pit battle
    * Added clapping crowds to brawl pit champion victories
    * Added clapping crowd to throne room hired brawl and artifact market magic brawl
    * Added gasp sound to brawl pit when a fighter is killed
    * Added boo sound to brawl pit when a fighter flees
    * Increased income from brawl pit fights with warriors and brutes
    * Increased income from brawl pit fights inside larger upgraded brawl pit
    * Added upgrading the brawl pit instantly gives you more fights per turn you can run
    * Added ability to submite your own units to the brawl pit soldiers and bandits
    * Improved the brawl pit roster to include more info and pit champion info
    * Made it slightly harder for people to die in the fight pit
    * Added Brawl pit champion fights will now earn you money (and significantly more than normal fights)
    * Added Brawl pit held battle of two champions fights will earn you money (tons more than normal)
    * Added option to ask about unit types when setting up a brawl pit fight


    I spent a bit of time playing around with the blackmarket and noticed several things that needed updating, the slavers post in the slums was a little flat, so now it's a more fleshed out location with a horrible owner called Skug, there are more screens, several bugfixes, faces for characters without them, and more money for owning the market too!

    * Added ability to speak to slaver post ruler in the slums
    * Added ability to order a slave brawl for 30 gold in the slums slave post
    * Added new background sounds to blackmarket
    * Added special screen for slum pit fight during century festival
    * Added new screen and graphic for speaking to seer of minds
    * Fixed speaking to a random local in guildrow doesnt work (credit u/Vylcount)
    * Update east dock company layout
    * Added additional 10000 minimum when sacking blackmarket as previously it was possible to get even 1 gold from sacking it
    * Fixed broken blackmarket sacked chaos orb text
    * Added dynamic donation text to the slums donation screen
    * Added face to coinflip man in blackmarket central
    * Added small guarenteed minimum to blackmarket tax
    * Added several new economic notices for blackmarket tax in the blackmarket herald newspaper
    * Added blackmarket herald newspaper still reports on the economy when you own the market
    * After asking three times blank out the ask if anyone will join you option


    Most of the new upgrades were added for the militia but there are also some bonus upgrades for recruitment!

    * Added recruitment signs kingdom upgrade (chance of +2 peasants or +1 soldier per turn)
    * Added Bigger recruitment signs kingdom upgrade (chance of +4 peasants or +2 soldiers per turn)
    * Added Giant recruitment signs kingdom upgrade (chance of +6 peasants or +3 soldiers per turn)


    * Fixed blackmarket bandit building text bug (have build an outpost)
    * Fixed fight mercenary companies tag bug
    * Fixed phenor truce offering throne room encounter popping up when the bandits are dead
    * Fixed smallhaven watchtower not showing up as destroyed when destroyed
    * Fixed ruffian gang hideout text being miscoloured
    * Fixed ruffian gang intro text spacing issue
    * Fixed 'my brother an I' text bug in orcish bard origin stories
    * Fixed destroyed doom stone message not appearing sometimes
    * Fixed map of the wild north being out of place
    * Fixed missing colour for slave revolt flag in diplomacy screen
    * Fixed slums watchtower graphic not displaying flag correctly
    * Fixed market scum option not blanking out when all scum are hired
    * Fixed slavers fort owned allowing you to sell and take slaves when you have none
    * Fixed northern hall skipping screen if you take the orb and then get rid of it
    * Fixed typo in best beard throne room encounter
    * Fixed typo in ugly face throne room encounter
    * Fixed slavers in slaver fort dont have working dialouge if you own the fort
    * Fixed bandits taking over an unprotected blackmarket having 0 troops
    * Fixed blackmarket troops recruitment system recruiting everyone as mercenaries and no actual soldiers
    * Fixed watching pit champion fight kicks you out of the pit at the end
    * Fixed near north conquest not recognised if the forts are upgraded
    * Fixed able to accidentally lose a fighter by selecting an incorrect choice in brawl pit management


    * Added wisdom joke (level 1 jesters) (credit u/illegalcattoss)
    * Added 50 trillion new human faces
    * Added races with lava suffix ie Lava Elves, Lava Dwarves has red skin now
    * Changed destroyed mercenary company reward from 100 soldiers to 1000 gold
    * Added new cheat 299 'competent workforce' +100k peasants
    * Added new screaming sound effect for demon overlord
    * Added 505 main menu test bard debug system
    * Removed one of the entrances to the secret place (credit u\Fitrillian)
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  15. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Hey guys, another smaller update this time, some changes to Fort Northwatch and the Thickblood tavern in the Near north, making these areas better and more functional.

    **MAIN STUFF**

    When exploring a lot of those encounters with peasants looking for gold were asking for way more money that they should have been so they have been nerfed, it's still random but you're less likely to get such high self worth peasants. Also I had a race of gold orcs spawn in a world and was sad to see their skin wasn't gold, so now it is! And finally, as part of a continued effort to improve the sound of warsim, there is a new ambient track for the main menu.

    * Dropped the min and max wage ask for peasants found in world exploration
    * Added gold races now have yellow skin
    * Added new main menu theme music to warsim


    The thickblood tavern is a location that can be, bought or visited, but for some reason you can't just attack it, well now you can, you can attack it, but there's a reason the place is still standing, it's popular with many northern folk and they are willing to die for it, be careful now.

    * Added ability to attack thickblood tavern
    * Added chance if fort northwatch has over 100 men they join defence of thickblood
    * Added random bands of wildermen loyal to thickbloods that will join defence of thickblood
    * Added random groups of northerners loyal to thickbloods that will join defence of thickblood
    * Added random groups of northern mercenaries loyal to thickbloods that will join the defence of thickblood
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood wilderman'
    * Added new enemy 'Wilderman Warrior'
    * Added new enemy 'Wilderman'
    * Added new enemy 'Retired northern mercenary'
    * Added new enemy 'Northern mercenary'
    * Added new enemy 'Northern sellsword'
    * Added new enemy 'Northern Sellspear'
    * Added new enemy 'Northman'
    * Added new enemy 'Northwatch bandit'
    * Added new enemy 'Northwatch bandit sharpshooter'
    * Added new enemy 'Northwatch captain'
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood Bandit mercenary'
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood bandit sellsword'
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood bandit sellspear'
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood Bandit warrior for hire'
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood tavernguard'
    * Added new enemy 'Thickblood Clan-claimer'
    * Added personal small army to thickblood tavern
    * Added thickblood recruit 3 new thickbloods per year (max 120)


    Fort Northwatch was rather bland, seeing what could happen with forts with the updates of Gorthmek in the past I decided to give this place a spruce up, now there are a few more things you can do here!

    * Fixed northwatch army non-existant and instantly refils every attack
    * Added northwatch recruit 5 bandits per year (max 1200)
    * Added ability to speak to fort northwatch ruler
    * Added ability to speak to fort northwatch local bandits (10 unique dialogues)
    * Added ability to hire local bandits from northwatch
    * Added ability to learn about northwatch history
    * Added ability to watch a brawl in northwatch
    * Added new dynamic northwatch buy price depending on public opinion
    * Added aftermath for buying northwatch (all of northwatch's bandit troops will disperse among relevant locations and factions)


    It's been long overdue, Vylcount has been an active member of the community for quite some time and has been contributing with more ideas than I can count, so I've decided to give him a special place in the living district of Goblinwood in the Wildwoods.

    * Added Vylcounts manor to Goblinwood
    * Added 5 new dialogues to slums (including reference to old bug) (credit u/Vylcount)


    * Fixed weird alliance response tagged as trade route response
    * Fixed Eswin century fest dialogue out of line
    * Fixed wild skalds band in Dragons kneecap using wrong backdrop
    * Fixed wild skalds band in Dragons kneecap dialogue out of line
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  16. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Hey guys I'm really happy to finally be able to release this update today, this has been another tough one to code so it look a lot longer than expected but here we are, the Monster Trainer Update. I also recorded a video demonstrating the new monster trainer update features, see it [here](



    So this was suggested a while ago on audiogames and also recently on steam by Blackenblood and so others so finally I decided to give it a go, now you can build a monster pit and find yourself some procedurally generated monsters either by buying them or sending an expedition of soldiers to capture one for you, captured monsters can fight with eachother, be named, be trained, or be pitted against one of 42 different challengers each with their own procedurally generated beasts, the system was made to be fun and was bugtested more rigorously than new features usually are but let me know of any bugs or suggestions you have for it!

    * Added new kingdom upgrade 'Little monster pit' (25k) Allows for access to the monster fight system, stores 1 monster
    * Added new kingdom upgrade 'Monster pit' (30k) Allows for 2 monsters to be stored
    * Added new kingdom upgrade 'Grand Monster Pit' (50k) allows for 3 monsters to be stored
    * Added 5555 new monsters
    * Added 42 different challengers to monster pit (each with unique dialogues/graphics and bonuses)
    * Added cheat code '420' to fill your monster pit with monsters (Enter in monster pit screen)
    * Added cheat code '421' to monster pit to refresh monster seller (Enter in monster pit screen)
    * Added cheat code '422' to refresh monster trainers (Enter in monster pit screen)
    * Added Expensive monster seller throne room encounter (dynamic price)
    * Added Cheap monster seller throne room encounter (dynamic price)
    * Added new throne room encounter sneaky boys see monster
    * Added new throne room encounter beasts raised in keep
    * Added new throne room encounter the king at night
    * Added dynamic expedition to capture a monster (can come back alive/some dead or all dead)
    * Added new screens for docile monster fight failure
    * Added dynamic text for monster fight commencning (5 alternates)
    * Added dynamic text for monster pit fight entrance text (4 alternatives)
    * Added 1 in 5 chance of public opinion drop for battling your monsters (-2 public op)
    * Added if no trainer your monsters fight with -5% health
    * Added 160+ skill trainer gives 25% bonus to health
    * Added 140+ skill trainer gives 20% bonus to health
    * Added 120+ skill trainer gives 15% bonus to health
    * Added 100+ skill trainer gives 10% bonus to health
    * Added 80+ skill trainer gives 5% bonus to health
    * Added less than 50 skill trainer takes 2% from your monsters health
    * Added missing spike move to monster fighter system
    * Added 6 dynamic intro texts for fights involving your own creatures


    Not to be outshined by monsters mercenaries have undergone a lot of work this update too, now expect more screens and situations involving mercenaries, bugs have been fixed, ex-slaves wont work for slavers, what they do and say to you are far more dynamic and there are more sound effects being used for them!

    * Added mercenaries with the backstory of having been slaves will not work for a ruler who has slaves
    * Removed destroyed factions from mercenary attack screen
    * Made who to attack next it's own screen for mercenary groups
    * Added never mind I want to reconsider option to mercenary attacks
    * Added vassal status shown on any vassals in mercenary attack menu
    * Added new screen to mercenary group refusing to work with demons attempted hire
    * Added new screen to mercenary group with vendetta against you attempted hire
    * Added merc refusal and vendetta encounters use dynamic mmm sound effect (1 of 4 at random)
    * Added new screen for hiring merc group for single attack
    * Added new screen for merc cost refund
    * Added new screen for contract being fulfilled by merc group
    * Added new dynamic screens for attempting to assimilate mercenary companies
    * Added new screen and graphic for converting peasants into peasant militia company
    * Added new screens and graphics for converting soldiers into merc company
    * Added new screens and graphics for converting demons into merc company
    * Fixed text and layout of mercenary assessment screen
    * Added new screen for asking merc group to disband
    * Added new screen for hiring mercenary group
    * Added new screen for firing mercenary group (with sound effect if group has 15 troops or more)
    * Added new screen for assessing strength of mercenary group
    * Fixed grammar issues with assessing strength of mercenary groups
    * Fixed raid and invade options being available for demons and pest group in merc menu
    * Added new text for before battle with demons as mercenary company
    * Added new text for before battle with pest group as mercenary company
    * Added new pre-battle mercenary screen
    * Fixed not refunded if attack is cancelled last minute with mercenaries
    * Added screen for not being able to afford land capture charge with mercenaries
    * Added cost tag to invade option for merc companies who charge for invasions
    * Fixed unable to view merc leaders stats screen once hired
    * Reworked merc leader stats screen a little bit
    * Added 10 different possible comments from merc group before launching an attack
    * Added 10 different possible comments from merc group when being hired
    * Added 5 different possible comments from merc group when completing a single contract
    * Fixed mercenary groups screen skip for any group that refuses you


    Not a massive load of them, but 10 different throne room encounters and variants are now added to the game trying ever harder to keep the throne room from getting too stale.

    * Added appreciated knight throne room encounter
    * Added reasonable leader knight throne room encounter
    * Added favoured knight throne room encounter
    * Added royalist throne room encounter
    * Added emancipation throne room encounter
    * Added price of nothing throne room jester encounter
    * Added jester's son throne room encounters (2 different encounters)
    * Added budding jester throne room encounter
    * Added drunk funny man throne room encounter


    I found poor Gar'gallock with a bug effecting advising, I thought i'd fix him up and give him a few nice new features and polish.

    * Fixed great gar'gallock double pause bug
    * Added new question to ask gar'gallock (who are you?)
    * Added new question to ask gar'gallock (do people often ask your advice?)
    * Fixed grammar issues with gar'gallock screen
    * Added new dynamic screen for paying gar'gallock
    * Added single coin sound effect for gargallock during century fest
    * Added coin bag sound effect for gargallock normal time
    * Added Gar'Gallock to other category in throne room summonable entertainment


    These are some lesser features that are still worth considering, now discovering new kingdoms/lands will be much harder depending on your difficulty choice so be careful how you start. The starting helmet your kingdom gets in the game is now randomised (fitting with so much else in the game). There are tons of other little features here so have a read.

    * Added new system new lands depending on difficulty (now newly discovered kingdoms will be twice as hard on normal mode, 3 times as hard on hard mode, 4 times as hard on solid mode, and 5 times as hard on insane mode)
    * Made it so that starting helmet in any game is randomised
    * Added new screen for pulling new group of heroes from the hire screen
    * Added rare chance that name begins with 'old ' and takes 5 battlescore from character
    * Added new system for discovering new kingdoms (after 3rd lot of kingdoms lands growth will slow down a bit)
    * Added 2 new screens for ordering mass sacrifice
    * Added new screen for worse public opinion hit for mass sacrifice
    * Added 4 special extra texts in grand champion screen before big battles (5th, 10th, 20th and 50th fights)
    * Reworked the load game screen layout
    * Added new screen for buying land from an independent nation
    * Added ability to ask wagon throne room representetive how much you'll earn from trade
    * Added ability to ask wagon throne room representetive who the wagon man is
    * Added the ability to speak to a miner monfort mine (25 dialogues)


    Prison was looking a little lackluster so I've updated it some more!

    * Added new screen for asking how many prisoners are in your prison
    * Added ability to speak to random prison in prison (req 10 prisoners) (25 dialogues)
    * Added ability to set prison rules from prison screen (cause why the hell not)
    * Updated prison description text

    **NEW SOUNDS**

    Lots of new sound effects for in game, mostly for monsters and monster pit related thing but some others for throne room and diplomacy situations.

    * Added new orc laugh sound effect orc win in monster pit
    * Added new slurp sound effect to vampire win in monster pit
    * Added new sound effect for were-change
    * Added sound effect for mass sacrifice
    * Added coin sound to blacksmith paid screen
    * Added 6 monster sound effects
    * Added monster sound effects played between menus in monsterpit
    * Added new bring the beast sound effect
    * Added new warcry sound effect
    * Added new trainer death sound
    * Added hiccup sound to the game (and to the three hiccuping throne room encounters)
    * Added new mining loop sound for visiting active mines


    A handful of new reactions to certain throne room encounters, now things will be even more dynamic and unpredictable.

    * Added 'smiling warcry' recruitment reaction in throne room
    * Added 'wild warcry' recruitment reaction in throne room
    * Added 'beat chest' recruitment reaction in throne room
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'Thank you thank you' (+1 guild relation)
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'grins and bows' (+1 guild relation)
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'thanks for listening'
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'tears up a little' (+1 guild relation)
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'bows and thanks'
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'nervous one' (+1 guild relation)
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'you're welcome'
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'Nods and thanks'
    * Added new praised bard reaction 'Just a nod'


    Visited the mystery slaver in one of my playthroughs and his screen was looking like an afterthough, I ended up giving the entire mystery slaver feature an overhaul and changed most of it.

    * Added 4 new graphics for mystery slaver (demon, goblin, human, empty)
    * Added a face to the mystery slaver in the east
    * Lowered price of mystery slaver in the east to 75 gold (was 100)
    * Reworked description of mystery slaver
    * Added new screen to forcing mystery slaver tribute
    * Added new screen to arresting mystery slaver (with sfx)
    * Added new question to mystery slaver dialogue screen
    * Reworked mystery slaver dialogue screens
    * Added new screen for having no gold with mystery slaver
    * Added new screens for revealing cage with mystery slaver
    * Fixed kicked out of mystey slaver screen after speaking to him


    One mystery to another I also visited and was disapointed by the mystic hut, it now has new screens including a cool coin graphic and some sound effects.

    * Added coinflip sound effect to mystic hut
    * Added new graphic for destroyed mystic hut
    * Added new screens for mystic hut
    * Added face to mystic hut person
    * Added new screen and sound effects for arresting mystic hut man
    * Added new screen for mystic hut demon servant gold gift
    * Added new coin graphics for mystic hut


    I was sure it was completed but upon revisiting the history guild (on Niklas' request) I found several bugs and issues, so I went through it all and fixed as many as I could as well as adding a few minor additions.

    * Fixed teachers now recognise if you've graduated when you ask them questions about lessons and exams in history guild
    * Fixed eastern history exam not showing your end grade
    * Fixed east and south history exams showing second year on exam sheet
    * Fixed south history showing wrong number of questions on exam sheet
    * Added teachers names to final history guild ceremony
    * Added trumpet sound and new screen to history guild ceremony
    * Fixed text colour issue in history guild library
    * Made history guild library graphics correlate with how many books there are


    The lava pit was another thing spotted on a playthrough that looked flat, now the screen has been improved with new features and sounds.

    * Added new screen for having no peasants
    * Added 2 new random outcomes for throwing peasant in lava pool
    * Added new background loop sound for lava pit lava
    * Added new sound effect for throwing peasant into the lava
    * Fixed lava pit text wordwrap and grammar issues


    An enourmous amount of bugs fixed in this update, thanks to everyone who helped with these!

    * Fixed village attack leaving your troops in purgatory bug (credit u/telejimes)
    * Fixed arena crowd sound not resuming after buying the arena
    * Fixed missing line and text colour issues from destroyed royal bank
    * Fixed grand champion bribe issue taking you into debt if you didn't have the gold
    * Fixed brawling throne room ending double pause bug
    * Fixed totem graphic bug for assurak camp visit
    * Fixed brawling throne room men not having any names bug
    * Fixed blessing encounter text space bug
    * Fixed groan sound effect not working
    * Fixed bug with allies and new lands
    * Fixed rabble rule in throne room shows up as bards once disabled
    * Fixed goblin hall goblin leader text bug (credit VineFynn)
    * Fixed prison pop report guard bug
    * Fixed prison fight to the death kicks you out of prison after its done
    * Fixed closing prison option not working properly
    * Fixed peasant sacrifice for peace event took gold instead of peasants
    * Fixed 'hasn't been working very on the fields' text bug (credit 71)
    * Fixed goblin hall leadership bug
    * Fixed 'come to and end' text bug with demon mirror
    * Fixed 'known as be' harlaw text bug
    * Fixed missing space in slave agitator encounter (credit 71)
    * Fixed unfunny jester space missing throne room encounter (credit 71)
    * Fixed demon summoned text (credit 71)
    * Fixed militia throne room encounter happening even when militia banned (credit 71)
    * Fixed 'the open his mouth' text bug in throne room (credit u/telejimes)
    * Fixed 'room nice room' text bug in throne room (credit u/telejimes)
    * Fixed spacing issue with celebration well wishes throne room event (credit u/telejimes)
    * Fixed bandit gold giver face change bug (credit u/telejimes)
    * Fixed centre of a village text bug in south (credit u/telejimes)
    * Fixed demon mirror sound bug (credit u/HabibGaming)
    * Fixed bug with theme music not restarting when restart theme music selected
    * Fixed rewards and far greater text bug
    * Fixed mines not changing to unstaffed if you take miners back out
    * Fixed triton warrior unit listed as Triron warrior
    * Fixed on old hag text bug in celebration event text
    * Fixed bug with wagon man throne room rep face changing if you accept the deal
    * Fixed tax tax is sometimes 0 but still gets reported (credit 71)
    * Fixed blackmarket assassination questline being available even when you are the leader of the market (credit 71)
    * Fixed witches harvest blessing not working
    * Fixed textwrap for fleck the demon servant
    * Fixed text colour bug for all of fleck demon servants dialogues
    * Fixed game shows you being at war with newly discovered lands when you're not
    * Fixed missing space when buying land from independents
    * Fixed double pause on independent land buy screen
    * Fixed able to get into hall of order even if you dont own it
    * Fixed farrad wall text bug
    * Fixed zombie sound not working


    A big load of other stuff that I couldn't categorise for one reason or another but still work a read of!

    * Added new text indicator of how much gold was spent when hiring independent troops
    * Rewrote jester throne room intro dialogues
    * Added single coin deposit and withdraw screens to royal bank (with sfx)
    * Added no gold withdraw and deposit screen to royal bank
    * Added 420 secret option to Erkland the leaf burner in blackmarket slums
    * Reshuffled layout of options on other buildings screen
    * Added new vampire name 'Cradula' (credit u/Vylcount)
    * Added guidance lines to monster part maker
    * Made two and three headed races heads closer together
    * Updated other buildings screen layout
    * Reworked 'yeah' reaction to recruitment to have a sound effect and slightly altered text
    * Fixed intro game text about number of races
    * Updated demon overlord victory screen
    * Added new screen and sfx for sacrificing a peasant to demon totems in the south
    * Merged numerous instances of monster fight code into one instance
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  17. thesheeep Arcane

    Mar 16, 2007
    Tampere, Finland
    I mean... this is definitely not a game for me, but I can see a labor of love (or craziness, same thing, really) when I see it.
    Kudos for sticking with this weird idea.
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  18. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Thanks Sheep! really means a lot. I've worked on this game for years now and I don't see an end in sight, I want to make this more fun for everyone but mostly I just want to keep adding things I enjoy myself haha :)
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  19. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    I want to start by saying that this may be one of my favourite updates in a long time, not that I don't like monster trainers or the improved arena or anything like that, but as the developer of a video game it's very hard to find something new that you haven't seen before, I've made every aspect of this game myself so I know it like my own hand... Until now.

    As of the last Warsim update we had 396'775 races in the game, which I'll admit is a lot still, more than anyone could hope to see in 10'000 warsim playthroughs, but I wanted to find a way to get this number higher with a plan to submit the final figure to guiness as a possible video game world record.

    After a lot more beasts added, tons of race prefixes, and some new types of race modifications things were looking good, but the real twist was a new concept to combine some of the race prefixes by splitting them into two categories, I thought about the elder scrolls and how they have Dark Elves in the game just like you can find in Warsim, I thought you could also get Reaving Dark Elves and it wouldn't sound out of place, but you couldn't have Reaving Laughing Elves, that just sounds silly.

    So I split all of the prefixes into two categories, ones that are more like states and others that are more like traits, this creates a huge combo system where some races will use to random but mergeable traits to create races that we can't imagine, so to follow my earlier point about being a dev, with this new system the races that come from it are completely beyond my imagination and are basically always a surprise for me despite the fact I made the game, meaning I can experience things like the players do!

    I am so hyped to bring this update to you guys and I hope you find some weird and wonderful races as a result of this, feel free to share any really weird ones or funny ones!

    Oh and with all the new content and the new system in place, the total number of possible races in Warsim as of this update are... 55'822'936! 55.8 Million races! Hopefully we'll hear back from the world record people and Warsim can potentially get a world record!


    * Added new race prefix stack system for race generation allowing for some extended race prefixes
    * Added tons of new beast races to the game
    * Total races in Warsim now 55'822'936 (was 396'775 as of last update)

    **NEW RACES**

    Some new races added, Fungus folk are kind of like mushroom men but green and with different troop trees, People are a new race of humanoids who differ to normal humans a little bit, and finally beast races now have additional modifiers that can get us some more weird and wonderful races like Demi-Pugs or Exo-Snails!

    * Added new base race 'Fungus Folk' (Seedling, Living Fungus, Fungus Master) large population, really weak lower tier unit
    * Added new type of animal race 'Exo' (Exo-Dogs, Exo-Tigers, Exo-Worms)
    * Added new race type 'People' (Person, Warrior Person, Guardian Person)
    * Added new type of animal race 'Demi' (Demi-Hawks, Demi-Wolves, Demi-Frogs)


    I'm actually really happy with a lot of these prefixes, some of them are little more than race descriptions and have no bearing on how they act, but generally as a rule I like to make the prefixes have an effect if I can, this allows for different races to have completely differing effects and with the new update it's possible for some of these to stack in weird ways. My favourite of the new prefixes are Fragile which sets the race to such low strength it would be light fighting glass people, Crying which has them cry out if you attack their lands, and Deformed which removes a random part of the deformed creatures face creating all manner of weird looking people!

    * Added new race prefix 'Sparse' slightly more savage, +5 battlescore, obsurdly low population
    * Added new race prefix 'Breeding' 5x population -10 battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Subterranian' +12 battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Planes'
    * Added new race prefix 'Fragile' immensely weaker
    * Added new race prefix 'Violet' dark purple skin
    * Added new race prefix 'Shrouded' +25 battlescore, half population, surrounded in grey smoke
    * Added new race prefix 'Fog' +3 battlescore, surroudned in light grey fog
    * Added new race prefix 'Marsh' +3 battlescore -5 population level (credit bookrage
    * Added new race prefix 'Dreaded' +35 battlescore, always evil, -1 civilisation level (credit bookrage
    * Added new race prefix 'Juvenile' childlike faces, half battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Banished' -5 battlescore, half civilisation (Credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Frozen' half population, -10 battlescore, inside a block of ice graphic
    * Added new race prefix 'Laughing' +2 battlescore, before being attacked they do a warlaugh
    * Added new race prefix 'Elite' +40 battlescore, most of their starting units will be higher tier units, half population
    * Added new race prefix 'Ivory' white skin (credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Chanting' +4 battlescore, +1 civ level, before being attacked they will chant (credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Brooding' -8 battlescore, 4x Population (credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Deformed' -5 battlescore, half population, -1 civ level, faces will have missing parts (credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Disfigured' -10 battlecore, faces will have missing parts
    * Added new race prefix 'Inbred' half battlescore, double population, -2 civ level, faces will have missing parts
    * Added new race prefix 'Tropical'
    * Added new race prefix 'Cackling' +5 battlescore, will let off creepy cackle before lands are attacked
    * Added new race prefix 'Combat' +34 battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Tideland'
    * Added new race prefix 'Ravine'
    * Added new race prefix 'Ditch' -4 battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Crying' -10 battlescore, cries before being attacked
    * Added new race prefix 'Translucent' +1 battlescore, invisible without copy/paste or seer's stone artifact (credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Colourful' +3 battlescore, random skin colour changes
    * Added new race prefix 'Majestic' +1 battlescore (credit Ash)
    * Added new race prefix 'Action' +12 battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Mud'
    * Added new race prefix 'Feral' +7 Battlescore, automatically savage (lowest civilisation level, no diplomacy)
    * Added new race prefix 'Tormented' -5 Battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Minor' -9 Battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Tomb'
    * Added new race prefix 'Crater' +2 Battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Underpass' Grey skin
    * Added new race prefix 'Pond' -1 Battlescore
    * Added new race prefix 'Lake'
    * Added new race prefix 'Ocean' Blue skin
    * Added new race prefix 'Dust'
    * Added new race prefix 'Gorge' +13 Battlescore, half population
    * Added new race prefix 'Cowardly' -15 Battlescore, wont attack people
    * Added new race prefix 'Glacial' light blue skin
    * Added new race prefix 'Surface'
    * Added new race prefix 'Edge'

    **MO' MONSTERS**

    Just a few new monster parts (adding a total of 2213 more monsters) but for real if anyone wants to hop into the ingame monster part generator and make some of their own, feel free to do that and send them to me, happy to get more monster content into the game!

    * Added 3 new monster parts (adds 2213 new monsters)


    A few small fixes found mostly in [this video]( also thanks /u/vylcount!

    * Fixed a red skinned man text bug (two occurances)
    * Fixed 'spent' instead of 'spend' text bug
    * Fixed grammar issue with farmer visitor to monster pit
    * Fixed underworld creatures not evil by default
    * Fixed bug in eagle description text and eagle-humanoid battlescore
    * Fixed final score of timed games not including gold in the bank (credit u/Vylcount)


    Some tweaks to some of the race prefixes, a few new giant names (like Bigfoot, Boulder, and Cloudtoucher) A new book, a nice little add on to mercenaries assessment screen and a new screen when attacking the rebel captial!

    * Made swamp races now slightly less numerous (as swamplands are harder to populate)
    * Made pygmy races now have smaller faces
    * Added 8 new giant names
    * Added new book to guildrow library 'Koova and the Half-Giant King'
    * Added battlescore info to assesment of mercenaries (credit Bookrage
    * Added screen to attacking rebel capital


    Thanks for the support and the feedback I've been getting! I really appreciate you guys :)

    Also if anyone doesn't have the game yet or you know someone who might want it, has a 50% summer sale on and Warsim is significantly reduced!

    See you in the next changelog!
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  20. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
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  21. thesheeep Arcane

    Mar 16, 2007
    Tampere, Finland
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  22. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    @thesheep, that was pretty much me when I hit the first million working on the generator the other day hahaha
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  23. thesecret1 Scholar

    Jun 30, 2019
    I tried it. It's a fun game with a surprising amount of mechanics, which is however hampered by terrible balance and lack of design focus. For example, while it is called "Warsim" you actually won't spend much time warring – the bulk of the game is made by exploring the game world (which is always the same, only with the locations reordered differently), as it's where, right now, the meat of the game is. The "war" part is just at the end of a turn, where you get three options for attacking (skirmish, raid, invade), where you just decide how many troops you send against the enemy. There isn't really any depth to the battle itself, you have no input beyond the type of attack and number of troops used. If you take land of enemy's land (each successful invade take one), he's dead. That's pretty much the entirety of war in Warsim. In the exploration part, you will see the bulk of content and get options to attack the places you visit, trade with them, talk, etc. and usually get to get some massive bonuses from it, although you don't really need it because of how broken the balance is.
    The way to gain more money is simple. At the start, as is right for the ruler of a country, your only meaningful income will come from gambling. You'll go to as many gambling places as you can each turn and clean them out (it's trivially easy to guess which gladiator to bet on to win, even without save scumming). After that, you invade some mines or, prefferably, a tavern. To put things in perspective, your income at game start will probably be something around 2k or 3k gold. The mines will give you around 3k each, and the tavern's income varies, but can go as high as 12k easily. You'll start snowballing massively, since all the brawling pits and similar you find in exploration give you stupid high amounts of money compared to what you'd normally expect (trading with others, for example, nets you like 200 gold per turn. It's completely worthless). Then you start upgrading your kingdom with buildings, with stuff that increases harvest yields and auto-recruits troops. This is where you'll eventually make the most money. Without doing anything at all, my kingdom somehow gradually recruited hundreds of thousands of peasants and slaves that then gave me 100k-200k per turn.
    Now, you might ask, what about the other factions? The answer is, they don't really do anything. They never get very powerful, they're only a danger in the very, very early game, after which you can just ignore their existence and squash them whenever you feel like it. The game boasts about the number of races it has, but the truth is, they're entirely inconsequential. All the race does is give them a different face in dialogues, different fluff (a couple paragraphs), and different troop tree. They have zero impact on the exploration part of the game and only really come up during war, where it doesn't matter much - do you invade race A this round, or race B? Who cares? I don't really understand why so much work went into making hundreds of thousands of races when the whole thing is utterly inconsequential. Maybe they'd feel like they have more impact if my army didn't outnumber them 1000:1 and thus crushed them regardless of their stats, but as things are now, it really doesn't matter. After you beat everybody, the game even provides you with some "unconquerable lands" that are supposed to really test you. They didn't. Conquered them all in the same turn, just by throwing my massive army at them. Keep in mind that I haven't done anything special to reach this massive army size – I just built some upgrades for recruitment, and spent a couple dozen turns exploring stuff and invading irritants. I didn't have to manually recruit any troops, it was all gained from the automatic recruitment.
    As for writing, it's pretty good – there's lots of history behind the realm to read about, plenty of unique places to visit and find out more about, many characters to anger and pulverize... It really is the meat of the game right now. Of course, none of it is procedurally generated – the entire exploration part is, as mentioned above, not very random at all, and anything outside of the exploration part is inconsequential in terms of writing. It's kind of strange from a design perspective, though – it's like the dev cannot decide whether he wants to make something procedurally generated, as he presents, or handcrafted content which forms the bulk of the game at the moment. The only other issue I had is that he breaks the 4th wall often. It's not funny, it's annoying and immersion breaking. You can even meet the dev if you buy a certain key and go to the other side of the realm with it – you jump into a portal and there he is. You quickly find out you have nothing to talk about beyond him showing you his room, so you quickly bow out to prevent more awkwardness. He also mentions he didn't believe many would find this, but really, it's trivially easy to get there, so long as one explores the world.
    There's also a wealth of other mechanics, like throne room audiences, musical performances, popularity, etc. but they don't matter. They just don't. Despite trying to partake in them so as to get the most of the game, I quickly found myself ignoring them entirely, as they weren't THAT engaging and were absolutely unimportant to anything. Overall, it feels as though the dev keeps focusing on irrelevant details while forgetting to actually finish the core of the game.
    :2/5: might become a great game after a year or two of active development, provided the dev focuses on what's important.
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  24. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Brutally honest but I appreciate you taking your time to share this, I agree completely about the warfare side, it's the biggest complaint I get currently and so I have plans for a massive combat system overhaul in a near update, as for balance with money this is something I am greatly struggling with at the moment, there was a time where people complained it was too hard to get any money but the game gets to a point where money flows in and it's impossible to go broke, do you have any suggestions on how to balance the money in the game? Also weird question but what sort of stuff would you have liked to/expected to see in my little secret realm?
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  25. Wastelander404 Arcane Developer

    Feb 19, 2019
    Hey guys so this is an update just working through some of the leftovers of my current warsim to do list before I move on to some promised update work that's going to take a bit longer, lots of different stuff as well as some cool things to see!


    I promised I'd develop the modders toolbox a while ago but haven't added anything to it in quite a while, well now you can add animals to the game and the monster mod part system allows for easier part editing, thanks to 71 for bringing my attention to this!

    * Added animal creator to modders toolbox
    * Updated title of modders toolbox screen
    * Added new ability to learn more about monster mod system in the mod menu
    * Reworked Monster part maker in modders toolbox (now better guidelines, better previews, reworked screen layouts)


    A few little tweaks and things here!

    * Added indicator of change from throwing peasants into the lava pit (credit omer)
    * Added faction ranking screen to kingdom reports screen
    * Added three new graphics for training grounds/barracks/grand barracks (one for each)
    * Made normal throne room encounters occur more often than celebration related encounter during celebration


    I wasn't planning on touching the race system again for a while but I had a new influx of ideas poured in and so while actioning them I added some new features to pre-existing races as well as my own new prefixes, now you can have space races that will blast off to space at some point and leave the game world. Also thanks to /u/administrativetreat7 there are now millions more races!

    * In total including u/AdministrativeTreat7's suggestions below, this update adds 3'538'106 new races to the game
    * Added new titles for races with the prefix 'space' (stellar captain and sub captain)
    * Added new special event for space races
    * Made weeping races have cry before battle ability
    * Added new head type to blind races
    * Added new head type to longneck races
    * Reworked race effect system to allow much easier modification to race faces in the future
    * Added new race prefix 'Longhead' (+2 battlescore, longer heads)
    * Added new race prefix 'Many-Eyed' (+7 Battlescore, usually has two sets of eyes)

    **u/AdministrativeTreat7's RACE SUGGESTIONS**

    Thanks to u/AdministrativeTreat7's suggestions we have a total of
    2'950'350 new races in the game thanks to this suggestion!

    * 2.9 Million new possible races thanks to u/AdministrativeTreat7
    * Added new race prefix 'Albino' (white skin and -5 battlescore)
    * Added new race prefix 'Little' (smaller faces, -3 battlescore)
    * Added new race prefix 'Short' (smaller faces, -2 battlescore)
    * Added new race prefix 'Mutated' (deformed face, -6 battlescore, half population, -1 civilisation level)
    * Added new race prefix 'Evil' (+6 battlescore, is automatically aligned evil)
    * Added new race prefix 'Ascended' (max civilisation level, x2 battlescore, automatically aligned good)
    * Added new race prefix 'Rock' (+8 battlescore)
    * Added new race prefix 'Common'
    * Added new race prefix 'Hulking' (+10 battlescore, bigger heads)

    Check out some the weird new possible races from this update and what they look like

    **NEW SOUNDS**

    Added some new sounds including dynamic arena sounds, a new intro sound effect and the chance that trumpet players fail and mess up!

    * Added new sound effect 'Trumpet fail'
    * Added chance that trumpet played fails
    * Added new screen for long may you reign
    * Added new sound effect for long may you reign (recorded by me :D)
    * Added new horn sound for arena challenges against other kingdoms
    * Added 4 new dynamic gate opening sound effects for arena


    Some great ideas on expanding the monster system, now you can train trainers and feed your monsters for a chance of bonus strength, also 1000s of new possible monster combinations!

    * Added ability to train your monster trainer (credit KenshiraTheTrinity
    * Added feeding any green monster a goblin instantly guarentees +1 strength
    * Added ability to feed monsters your goblins/slaves/peasants (only works if strength of beast is below the max of 20)
    * Added Chryssalid creature parts submitted by 71 on steam (1596 new possible monster combos)
    * Added sideteeth head part
    * Added large horns top head part
    * Added thin spikes top head part
    * Added chicken body top head part
    * Added sharptoe body part
    * Added dogbody body part


    Lots of bugfixes here including some that have been on my list for quite some time, the most annoying two bugs were grand champions getting killed in a tournment and then not appearing in the hall of fame, after losing a favourite champion of mine in a game to this it got personal, also independent lords not having faces relevant to the race, so eyeless vampires in your throne room, and their leader would be eyeless but the lords would just be regular vampires... not anymore!

    * Fixed option tags in specific monster generator (credit 71)
    * Fixed ditch race description
    * Fixed league of darkness and league of good kingdom status not changing when discovering new lands
    * Fixed broken face part
    * Fixed text colour of intro text in barracks/training grounds/etc
    * Fixed issue with helmets being visible beyond ascii filter (credit Bookrage)
    * Fixed rehabilitation law not removing the bandits it converted (credit 71)
    * Fixed bubbling lava sound not stopping (with music disabled) (credit u/Bookrage)
    * Fixed independent lords faces not having characteristics of their races (ie deformed/childlike/eyeless/etc)
    * Fixed Arena grand champions defeated in tournaments don't get put in the hall of fame
    * Fixed tournament mislabeling fighters that kill grand champion as grand champion
    * Fixed southern and western explorer encounters saying they were eastern (credit bookrage)
    * Fixed champion battle with independent champion skipping a screen
    * Fixed grand champion defeated against foreign champ still exists with no name (credit u/timedonutheart)


    A couple of other changes of varying significance!

    * Added coin sound and coin loss screen to garalds city tours
    * Changed colour of credits screen
    * Updated title of warsim music library extras screen
    * Updated hire staff and champions screen to manage staff and champions (credit u/LurkMorePlease)
    * Added 4 new arena champion death descriptions
    * Reworked arena entry descriptions
    * Added 6 new ent names
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