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WHERE in the city are the trainers?

Discussion in 'Prelude To Darkness' started by Radish, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Radish Novice

    Dec 31, 2005
    From yonder star in search of churros.
    The official walkthrough gives a list of all the trainers in the game and what city they're in, but not where in the city they are. Some of these cities are pretty damn big.

    So, could anyone clarify where exactly each trainer can be found?

    EDIT: Oh, and it would also be nice if I could be given some clue how to go about getting training from any particular trainer. I finally found the blunt trainer and his dialog is pure fluff: "I like this drink and I came here with my fiance, the end." No quest, nothing. *eye twitch*
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  2. Radish Novice

    Dec 31, 2005
    From yonder star in search of churros.
    I will now take the liberty of answering my own question, almost in full (I'm missing or forgot the details for a few).

    Location: Citadel, Seminary
    Trains: Literacy and lore
    Requirements: Pay a fee

    Location: Barrier, the square or Kaliyan Inn, depending on time of day.
    Trains: Speech
    Requirements: Talk to him at the inn. May need to pay a fee, don't remember.

    Location: Barrier, Kaliyan Inn
    Trains: Blunt or Unarmed
    Requirements: Find his fiancee, Meila, in the square. She will have you go to Dinali and remind him that he's supposed to be meeting her. Sometime after delivering the reminder you will find them both at the inn, and Dinali will offer you training if you talk to him.

    Location: Citadel, House Char
    Trains: Any weapon skill or Armor
    Requirements: 1000 drachs or for free as a reward from Lucien for helping House Char.

    Location: Citadel, southwest quarter
    Trains: Pickpocket
    Requirements: Talk to him, catch him pickpocketing you, then as recompense demand he train you in pickpocketing.

    Location: Barrier, (Haven't Found)
    Trains: Literacy and lore
    Requirements: (Haven't Found)

    Location: Monastery, eastern plaza thingy.
    Trains: Power of Flame
    Requirements: None.

    Location: Barrier, Gem Shop during day and Tarsh's Tavern at night.
    Trains: Barter
    Requirements: Talk to him at the gem shop and ask him to train you, then go see him at the tavern at night and he will train you for a fee. WARNING, do not accept his training until after receiving Component 1 from him for the Rebellion, as once you get training from him the game assumes any further attempts to talk to him are just to thank him for training, and you will have no dialog options other than "Goodbye".

    Location: Citadel, southwest quarter
    Trains: Music
    Requirements: A fee and possession of an instrument (though he will sell you one if you don't have one).

    Location: Citadel, locksmith
    Trains: Tinker
    Requirements: 25 drach fee

    Location: Barrier, don't remember where
    Trains: Medical
    Requirements: Possibly a fee.
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  3. CP Liturgist

    Nov 20, 2002
    Only missing two I think. All trainers are listed on the walkthrough at:

    Twin brother of the Barrier's Telus, traveling merchant and Iuliana's husband. Improves Barter skill substantially. Can get training fee as low as 100 drachs if leader already has high barter skill. Otherwise it is 300 drachs.

    Spends evenings at the bar in Olvar's Tavern. Will teach Nature, Stealth or Missile for 80 drachs.


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