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Recent content by AdamReith

  1. AdamReith

    Random thoughts on whatever JRPG you're currently playing?

    Picked a PSX rpg at random and ended up getting into Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. It's bloody good, some or the finest pixel art I've ever come across.
  2. AdamReith

    What game are you wasting time on?

    I'm amazed Rockstar games are still making big money, as far as I was concerned the edgy humour was the only thing that made them worth playing. GTA5 and RDR2 are like meeting a wild dog again after its been castrated. Damn sad thing.
  3. AdamReith

    Anime Your test site sucks

    Is the test site a joke? I really hope it's a joke. Whenever I find a dead forum, it looks exactly like that.
  4. AdamReith

    best space sim for VR+HOTAS?

    Free Space Open is a blast. https://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=94068.0
  5. AdamReith


  6. AdamReith

    AI: The Somnium Files - A Jap novel/adventure game

    Is this similar to the Phoenix Wright games?
  7. AdamReith

    Games that spark joy

    Had one of these rare joy moments as I was learning the ins and outs of Mius Front. My first night fight was something special, tracer rounds firing off into blackness, no idea what the hell was going on. Then a wonderful flank action from the enemy on the right just as the sun was rising...
  8. AdamReith

    Warhammer Total War: Warhammer III

    With regards to sieges sucking in Total War a good comparison is Graviteam Tactics which I recently started getting into. When people request urban battles the developers explain that their engine would not provide a fun experience in those scenarios. So they just don't do it. Pity CA didn't...
  9. AdamReith

    LucasArts What's Your Favourite Monkey Island Game?

    I felt the second one was in touching distance of MI3 with a stronger second half. The incident with the umbrella for example I thought was very inspired. Was so excited for the third one but they got very weird with it and the puzzling is so inconsistent. Still a lot of fun for the most part...
  10. AdamReith

    Warhammer Total War: Warhammer III

    How is 2022 and I still can't put siege weapons on walls. Is it still like in Medievel 2 where you can't even move siege through the city gates, rendering any low angle siege completely worthless for sally battles?
  11. AdamReith

    LucasArts What's Your Favourite Monkey Island Game?

    Same, it's just too painful to play a mediocre game in that setting. You can feel the magic die in real time.
  12. AdamReith

    Decline CDPR ruined the games industry by exposing what it truly is.

    Doubt they are too much diffferent from the other "cinematic gaming" studios. They just happen to have more conventional RPG cred due to the Witcher 1 being one of the best commercial Aurora engine adaptations. Similar case to Bioware I guess, if they had started out making shite instead of...
  13. AdamReith

    LucasArts What's Your Favourite Monkey Island Game?

    Story and Writing of Monkey Island 1. Puzzles of Monkey Island 2. Art Style and Voice Acting of Monkey Island 3. I hope Gimpy Gilbert and Chafey Schaffer realise how close to perfection they got only to throw it all away. By the way has anybody played Deponia 3, that series got severely demented.
  14. AdamReith

    Return To Monkey Island - MI2 sequel from Ron Gilbert and David Grossman

    I'm of the opinion that thirty minutes of compelling thought provoking gameplay is superior to thirty minutes of mindless clicking. I think it's less about their schedules and more they don't just don't get these games. The mind space that's required to enjoy them is lost to them. They should...
  15. AdamReith

    MythForce - co-op first person inspired by 80s cartoons from Beamdog - now on Early Access

    Imagine if they had shat out this low rent unity offal as their first project. Those Black Isle classics would still be unsullied and their developers and artists would be out on the street turning ten dollar tricks like god intended.

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