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Apr 12, 2015
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Learned, Male

making nudes Dec 1, 2017

    1. AetherVagrant
      lol nazis werent socialists, they were fascists...what about the nazi platform was socialized? socialism implicitly describes agreement
    2. AetherVagrant
      blank-blank is the definition of failure = logical fallacy. dictionary right there
    3. AetherVagrant
      quote of the day "socialism is the definition of failure" by that definition japan and sweden should be failing. capitalist koolaid ftw
    4. AetherVagrant
      you used to be counter-culture. now you're just part of the culture.
    5. AetherVagrant
      quite enjoying windows 10 and the new kings quest...though both are way more dragons lair
    6. AetherVagrant
      cockacidal Shaniac
    7. AetherVagrant
      schematic semantics
      1. Higher Animal brofisted this.
    8. AetherVagrant
      no such thing as a bad thread as long as it's the appropriate section. (do we have a codex trashcan to sift through?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Dev_Anj
        Also we have a detention center part of the forum. Also no, bad threads are definitely made here, and in other places too.
        Jun 11, 2015
      3. AetherVagrant
        i was just enjoying trawling through some old threads that were vastly amusing but i didnt want to necro them. A "hall of shame" would be a splendid section for post-hoc perusing
        Jun 11, 2015
      4. AetherVagrant
        though im sure saying as much all but guarantees ill end up in it.
        Jun 11, 2015
    9. AetherVagrant
      boom. just talked someone into buying underrail...though they dont own a pc
      1. Pipemen and Bradylama brofisted this.
      2. AetherVagrant
        he installed it on his workbox, silly employers thought a 5 yr old Dell workstation would keep him productive..
        May 30, 2015
    10. AetherVagrant
      always eating the cock. when the lady isnt looking
    11. AetherVagrant
      best garden year evah. over12 different veggies, cherry trees pollinated and everything turning out good fruit thus far.and its still spring
      1. Bradylama brofisted this.
    12. AetherVagrant
      i have no facebook friends and got kicked off here i come.
      1. Flunklesnarkin and Bradylama brofisted this.
      2. Night Goat
        Night Goat
        How'd you get kicked off efukt?
        May 23, 2015
      3. Ranselknulf
        Post the story in prosperland men
        May 23, 2015
      4. AetherVagrant
        showed my dick too many times, plus disagreeing with too many mra's, posting pics of plus-sizes girls, etc. but once my irl female friends who got me on there im pretty done. not totally banned but done. i can post fat chicks here.
        May 25, 2015
    13. AetherVagrant
      catering was a failure,lost at least $300. Was promised 150+ attendees, and wound up with 60. But the food was nigh-perfect and got bizcards
      1. Ranselknulf
        You need to demand enough money up front next time to at least cover "costs".
        May 23, 2015
      2. AetherVagrant
        it was for a charitable event, we didnt pay any rent or fees, they collected nothing because we didnt cover costs. failure all around except for the contacts.
        the food was enjoyed, even by "real" southerners
        May 23, 2015
    14. AetherVagrant
      the difference between libertine and libertarian is how much fun you get to have
      1. Bradylama brofisted this.
    15. AetherVagrant
    16. AetherVagrant
      well, the secret to getting fisted is to just ask nicely, and lube it up with compliments. here cums lord british
    17. AetherVagrant
      so i come to codex
      1. Bradylama brofisted this.
    18. AetherVagrant
      jonesing for dick
      1. Flunklesnarkin and Gobblecock brofisted this.
      2. Luzur
        May 14, 2015
      3. Ranselknulf
        *Grabs Crotch*
        May 14, 2015
      4. AetherVagrant
        i always work for dick jones and i have a terrible habit of just holding my cock in my hand through my pocket while talking or nervous. it has several times been a point of major revulsion and/or celebration...depending on crowd
        May 14, 2015
    19. AetherVagrant
      omg Underrail runs like a champ on my 2006 laptop. Now the kid can play it next to me and plague me with constant stream of questions
      1. Pipemen brofisted this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. AetherVagrant
        he's six, loves games, but I refuse to let him play shitgames. He's working on Mother 3 as reading practice, and he loves turn based tactical combat so I let him tool around with my Underrail and Divinity Sin saves, and sometimes, if he's put in "educational time" I let him play some Torchlight 2
        May 1, 2015
      4. AetherVagrant
        should clarify: girlfriend's kid. Have a gf kid, an ex-stepkid, and a itty bitty one of my own
        May 1, 2015
      5. Irenaeus
        Of course it runs, it's god-awful
        May 1, 2015
    20. AetherVagrant
      Two weeks to rebuild my smoker with enough capacity to cater a 200person event. Mocochino for lyfe.
    21. AetherVagrant
      I should use my 8yr old for a Let's Play...let him do the grindin, and ill do the findin.
      1. Pipemen brofisted this.
      2. Ed123
        make sure you title the video "Let's Play...with an 8yr old"
        Apr 18, 2015
      3. AetherVagrant
        I envision a hangar full of kiddies, eager to mine games of all genres in exchange for snacks and computer time, it'll be billed as a tech-education focused day care service, using game mechanics as incentive for least allegedly. the future is ripe with potential
        Apr 18, 2015
    22. AetherVagrant
    23. AetherVagrant
      I dunno what's wrong with my taste in games, but i loved 2Worlds and Divinity 2 and Risen...
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Lhynn
        Borderlands has solid shooting mechanics and underrated weapon variety that keeps it entertaining for a while, overleveling the content in it is also a fairly common problem.
        Dark souls has gud combat and good world building, gut gaem overall.
        Apr 15, 2015
      3. AetherVagrant
        lol, what i meant was the games i didnt like were better mechanically, but i keep hearing messiah was great. id dismissed it as yet another arpg/dark alliance type thing
        Apr 16, 2015
      4. Lhynn
        if you didnt like dark messiahs combat you are shit and your progeny will be shit.
        Apr 16, 2015
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