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Recent content by almondblight

  1. Retarded mechanics/features that never works out

    I hate the IE/NWN/PoE style "traps." You waste one characters points pumping up a detect traps skill, then you're whole party moves slowly around with your thief in front so you don't accidentally trigger them, and then when a red rectangle appears you click disarm trap and click on the red...
  2. I owe an apology to Shadowrun: Dragonfall

    Genesis Shadowrun has more window dressing. But it's actual gameplay is even more simplistic than the SNES game most of the time. If you're not a magic user, the real time combat consists of selecting an enemy and jamming down the attack key until one of you dies, and the majority of the game is...
  3. KickStarter StarCrawlers Chimera - single character cyberpunk dungeon crawler - now available on Early Access

    I think he said a while back that he was planning on a proper sequel. But it's been 5 years since the first one and he's still working on Chimera, so I'm not expecting things anytime soon.
  4. KickStarter StarCrawlers Chimera - single character cyberpunk dungeon crawler - now available on Early Access

    Second. The first had a lot of cool stuff in it, even if it didn't entirely gel all together. It even had a matrix system that was basically a copy of the Genesis Shadowrun matrix.
  5. KickStarter Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness - RTwP Shall Infest Us All

    Game sounds kind of like if The Broken Hourglass actually made it to release.
  6. I owe an apology to Shadowrun: Dragonfall

    I believe the original Cyber Knights RPG was an attempt to recreate Sega Shadowrun. I never got far into it, but that was the impression I got. Starcrawlers also had hacking that was pretty much the same as hacking in Sega Shadowrun. Of course, the base game was completely different.
  7. Fallout 2 was always incline

    Even New Reno had a lot of stupid stuff. You get to be a fluffer in a porn studio, but then you get poisoned from all the cum you guzzle. Did people play this game when they were 10 and find the jokes funny or something? You have sex with the wife of a crime boss, but it says you weren't good...
  8. Game News Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor Released

    To add to this, he's the only indie RPG creator pre-Steam who survived. There were a number of other indie RPGs out there - Cythera, Realmz, Prelude to Darkness. But you usually had developers making one or two games and then disappearing. The way he survived was by fostering a small fanbase and...
  9. Game News Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor Released

    I honestly don't understand what the issue is. He's been making games showing these issues for 30 years, and he recently wrote a blog post about the issues he's been throwing. Is this supposed to be some sort of gotcha? "How come you're just NOW saying the things you've been saying in your game...
  10. Game News Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor Released

    Exile/Avernum as a setting always had a somewhat libertarian slant to it. The Empire controlled most of the surface with an iron fist, and the underworld was the last bastion of freedom, populated by pioneers and very loosely governed. Not sure about "woke;" Vogel's always been a bit of an...
  11. I owe an apology to Shadowrun: Dragonfall

    I mean, Planescape: Torment had mountains of low quality melodrama. The Codex would lambast a modern game for having text dumps like this:
  12. I owe an apology to Shadowrun: Dragonfall

    I'll just copy what I wrote elsewhere comparing Dragonfall and Hong Kong. I forgot to mention that Dragonfall often had combat situations involved a few strong enemies, whereas "challenge" in Hong Kong almost always involves throwing cheap cannon fodder at you: SR:HK is a pretty steep decline...
  13. Gold Box Gold Box & other PC SSI classics available on Steam

    Eh. The game starts with the slums that have over a dozen trash mob encounters playing out exactly the same, with low hit point enemies just running straight at you. The only somewhat memorable one was the hidden troll encounter. I don't know how anyone can play a game like KotC and think the...
  14. Playing PoE1: impressions

    As Ninjerk said, the area beyond the wall wasn't some mysterious wasteland, beyond which the Romans knew nothing about. Like many areas beyond the border of the empire, it was a tribal region that the Romans often interacted with. Have you heard the phrase "the have made a desert, and called it...

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