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    Better, than the test site, blander than the past.

    Twiglard brings glory to Poland!

    The new site is almost as good as Dragon Age 2

    Love it :)

    Warhammer Total War: Warhammer III

    Elites still feel somewhat different because they are more powerful when not every other unit is "late game" strong

    Warhammer Total War: Warhammer III

    Those games are always better when units have hard recruitment caps on better tiers. Make early units useful while elites feel powerful.

    Anime Why was NegroMarine banned?


    Anime Why was NegroMarine banned?

    More missing "banned" people than in a nomenklatura apartment building in 30s Moscow:D

    Are we an RPG Discussion website or a Free Speech website?

    All the basketball related content will have to move to the deep web. Embrace the cyberpunk future!.

    Good gaming channels on Youtube?

    Imagine something more meta, like leftist accelerationism. Rightwing politics atracting people with lower human capital thus being dead end(same for russian language content).

    Good gaming channels on Youtube?

    This guy was a Russian alt-right personality, after doxing and interacting in real life with retards, got buthurt - moved to Belarus and became a lefty.:lol: Probably a codexer.
  10. ASTRAL

    What are the best Main Menu screens you've seen in video games?

    My personal favorite. The music got me pumped immediately.
  11. ASTRAL

    Help, lawyers are after me and my game!

    Call some local TV station an offer them the heartwarming story of: "The Corporation vs our local boy". Try to get some free publicity.
  12. ASTRAL

    A list of safe spacers

    Ignoring Liberal made the codex experience much better. I regret nothing.
  13. ASTRAL

    AI Dungeon 2 - a bizarre procedurally generated text adventure

    > You transform in to a werewolf and make passionate sex with the girl. You feel your body change. Your skin itches, and you want to run around, but some force prevents you from doing so. Instead, you feel an overwhelming urge to howl. "I feel it too! We have to make out!" she says. You push her...

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