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Recent content by Carrion

  1. Carrion

    Convince me to replay witchers

    If you only played the games at the time of release, you should give TW2 another go with the Enhanced Edition. It fleshes out some parts of the game and adds a couple of great side quests, one of which is probably my favorite quest in the game. TW3 has the least replay value, but you should at...
  2. Carrion

    Better, than the test site, blander than the past.

    What sorcery is this?
  3. Carrion

    Better, than the test site, blander than the past.

    For a while I thought the button parade was gone. That one brief moment of happiness was fun while it lasted. Quoting seems painfully clumsy now. Too many clicks, especially if you want to reply to just one particular part of a post.
  4. Carrion

    Incline Remedy's Max Payne 1&2 remake in the Northlight Engine

    All this talk of cover systems in a Max Payne thread makes me wish for a nuclear war. It depends. I played the original CD versions on W10, and they both required some work before you could even run them. Nothing too drastic, but I think you needed a no CD crack for one or both of the games...
  5. Carrion

    Return To Monkey Island - MI2 sequel from Ron Gilbert

    LeChuck's Revenge has the best ending in the history of computer games.
  6. Carrion

    ARMA 3

    How much worthwhile single-player content does Arma 3 have at the moment? Any must-play unofficial campaigns or missions? I'm mainly interested in good old infantry stuff in the vein of OFP, but I'm open to other suggestions as well. Also, which of the DLC should I get? I'm not really into the...
  7. Carrion

    Who's actually running a low-spec machine?

    From 2014 except for the GPU which I replaced around 2017 after the previous one died: i5-4690 GTX 1060 3GB 8 GB RAM 100 GB SSD + 500GB HDD I've thought of upgrading every now and then, but I haven't bothered since I've been able to run everything I've wanted to just fine.
  8. Carrion

    Favorite Difficulty Spikes

    I played a techie and briefly hit a wall too, but the whole ordeal made me invest into Throwing as a secondary skill, which took my character development into a nice, unexpected direction. I liked that.
  9. Carrion

    Favorite Difficulty Spikes

    I only used that in the latter mission with those long fucking corridors that make your heartbeat sensor useless. I guess it was cheating, but I feel no remorse.
  10. Carrion

    Favorite Difficulty Spikes

    The stealth missions in Rogue Spear. The whole game is punishing, but these fucking missions... You need to complete the levels on one go and be a perfect ghost, slipping in an out without getting spotted or attacking anyone on the way. You won't hear the guards mumbling "maybe it was a rat" or...
  11. Carrion

    Alan Wake Remastered

    Yeah, looks like Alan Wake. Wouldn't realize there was any difference if it didn't have "remastered" in the title. Wasn't a huge fan of the original, even though the setting's really up my alley. Sam Lake's writing worked fine in Max Payne, which was a bit more tongue-in-cheek, but in Alan Wake...
  12. Carrion

    What is Decline?

    Yes, and it allows you to drop the player right onto Liberty Island, a starting level that would seem unthinkable in a modern game. Action-packed "tutorials" are the worst, the ones where some great drama supposedly takes place and you're supposed to give a shit while learning exciting new...
  13. Carrion

    What is Decline?

    A tutorial is fine if it's just an honest tutorial and not the first three hours of the game pretending to be something else.
  14. Carrion

    Incline Half Life 2 is great and I love it

    Yeah, it's not like there are many shooters worth mentioning that were released after HL2 anyway. If anything, the current crap only makes it seem better. The visuals have held up incredibly well too. This is not exactly true regarding HL1. HL2 is quite a bit more straightforward in its level...
  15. Carrion

    Pro Evolution Soccer is dead, replaced by F2P game eFootball

    Aside from football games, I only know that the NBA 2K series (which really is a damn fine sports game and way better than what FIFA or Konami have been able to offer) has been destroyed by microtransactions and some other crap like unskippable in-game ads. Any other examples? This'll probably...

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