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Recent content by cvv

  1. cvv

    Expeditions: Rome - the final Expeditions game from Logic Artists - now with Death or Glory DLC

    Yeah, Conquistador was all right. Viking was fantastic, one of the best cRPGs ever made and probably THE most underrated one. Haven't played Rome yet.
  2. cvv

    KickStarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Dan Vavra's medieval chad simulator

    Dunno, if they were gonna be ever revealed it'd be at the Koch event. I guess next summer then.
  3. cvv

    KickStarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Dan Vavra's medieval chad simulator

    Well there was the KCD logo in their show's intro, hopefully it's not just a new soap or a board game or some shit.
  4. cvv

    KickStarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Dan Vavra's medieval chad simulator

    Maybe a controlled leak a week from the announcement. Their publisher show is starting in 15 mins.
  5. cvv

    Dungeons of Edera - roguelite action RPG dungeon crawler - now available on Early Access

    Is this like a crossbreed between Gothic and Diablo? Do I even like that idea?
  6. cvv

    KickStarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Dan Vavra's medieval chad simulator

    Is "Kingdom Come Sequel" a medieval RPG or a new heavy metal band?
  7. cvv

    The Witcher The Witcher - A New Saga Begins

    I've always liked the basic idea Dragon Age 1 came up with - the first few hours of the game are totally different based on the class you picked and then the different storylines converge into one. And apparently CDPR likes it too, seeing what they've done in CP77. I'd love to see that done in...
  8. cvv

    Vapourware Daggerfall Unity isnt Vaporware

    Yeah the original characters look WAY better and the original static images like the start screen or the map are fine but playing in the ancient "3D" engine is an absolutely atrocious experience only masochists and people suffering form a severe nostalgia brain damaging syndrome can endure. I'd...
  9. cvv

    The Witcher The Witcher - A New Saga Begins

    I've described exactly how games can make you part of the world and it's got nothing to do with picking dialogue options.
  10. cvv

    The Witcher The Witcher - A New Saga Begins

    Mostly disagree. Games can tell good stories, just as books can, but most people want "choices & consequences" and you just can't tell a truly great story where the narrator has to constantly shift according to where the listeners move. RPG plots are bad precisely because players want to make...
  11. cvv

    The Witcher The Witcher - A New Saga Begins

    The widespread assumption and most likely scenario is you'd play as Ciri. It's an established character, a known entity, it'll sell. Plus she fits in the currentyear zeitgeist where a strong female character is the only permissible fixed protagonist in any major game. The problem with that is...
  12. cvv

    Starfield - "space epic" from Bethesda Game Studios

    I like the UI. Slick, minimalistic, serious. P. grate. Environmental design looks drab. Gunplay looks WAY better than previous Bethesda games. Still p. bad. P. meh overall except one thing - I absolutely did NOT expect them to go back to the Daggerfall roots and step into the procedural...
  13. cvv

    HUMANKIND - Amplitude's historical turn-based strategy

    Mixed ratings on Steam, no major 4X tubers/streamers play it anymore, nobody cares. Game's been a total flop.
  14. cvv

    Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition from Nightdive Studios

    A point'n'click adventure for a console? :philosoraptor:
  15. cvv

    inXile General Discussion Thread

    "continue championing diversity and inclusion" In other words everything from inXile will have the hair dye stench of Outer Worlds from now on - full of stronk wahmen, eebul men and "fuck cptailsm" kind of messaging. W3 was their last good game.
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