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  • Why did you disable comments on the redaxium meme review?

    Is it because you know smart and compassionate people (me) would call you out for exploiting a mentally ill person?
    Don't you just hate when they're out of the Durex XXL Condoms at the gas station so you have to rawdog that fifty dollar hooker?
    Next time the cops show up just tell them: "Someone's triggered kek" and watch them cope, seethe and dilate as you do the smug pepe pose and slam the door in their faces.
    Petition to take the Zionist Agent tag from Kruno. Brofist if you agree.
    You must proclaim your allegiance to Israel first. Am Israel Hai.
    I sense some butthurt incoming!
    And a fine sunday to you as well. Video games may cost a fortune where you live but at least your proime minista knows how to make serbs seethe.
    Fear of losing my rare username (that I intend to sale in 5-10 years when gullible codexers start falling for the "PFK was the last classic RPG" meme) is the only thing stopping me from setting a bot that would post grafvoncuck photos on your profile page every 12 seconds
    Also that your plan would last about a day and leave no evidence once it was cleaned up.
    Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    Pathfinder: Kingmaker
    it's not about long lasting consequences, it's about sending the message
    Hey u thank-ytou for keeping this place up and running for another year despite only toucghing base every Christmas that is okay I keep my sanity so all the bset in the New Year okay? Keep in touch.
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