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  1. DarkUnderlord

    KickStarter Monomyth - A first person action RPG/dungeon crawler - now in Beta

    I think I answered a survey and sent a thing off for this. No, I don't remember what I sent. It probably involved dead Codex memes like equip the ring and such.
  2. DarkUnderlord

    Crispy™ Should Crispy be promoted to Administrator?

    Turtle Zone only survives due to the care and effort that its turtles put into it. Making it public would destroy that.
  3. DarkUnderlord

    Safe Spaces Broken - Please Protect Codexers

    Nothing much. Just chilling. Waiting for breakfast before I go pick up my dog and head back out. Washed the car but there was this sign, "remove mud before entering car wash". I don't think the guy was happy that I ignored his sign. Remove mud? Bitch that's why I'm here. If your car wash can't...
  4. DarkUnderlord

    Should Crispy be demoted (again)?

    Better would be if I highlighted Crispy's posts in colour and sent an alert to every user who's ignoring him every time he posted.
  5. DarkUnderlord

    Safe Spaces Broken - Please Protect Codexers

    To be fair, I'd have to give more than one fuck for that to happen.
  6. DarkUnderlord

    Safe Spaces Broken - Please Protect Codexers

    Gave Immortal a Safe Space tag because he seems to need people marked with Safe Space just so that he can have a Safe Space. Also added Atlantico because I felt like it.
  7. DarkUnderlord

    Should Crispy be demoted (again)?

    I just want to make it clear, Sir Crispy is still on staff. He just doesn't show up as staff. That's a separate checkbox. And by removing that checkbox, people can ignore him. It doesn't remove any of his powers though.
  8. DarkUnderlord

    Why was Ontopoly banned?

    Actually they all sold out. Still got heaps of metal pins though - mainly because I deliberately over-ordered those. Also, didn't we ban Ontopoly?
  9. DarkUnderlord

    Christmas Season

    Jesus already?
  10. DarkUnderlord

    Niggling problems remaining in new Codex - also for identifying possible bugs

    I don't think there's any sorting on the gallery, other than by date images were added. Sorting alphanumerically should be doable.
  11. DarkUnderlord

    I Need to Speak to the Manager

    Scrap Mechanic is where it's at. At least was for a bit.
  12. DarkUnderlord

    Why was Ontopoly banned?

    Shoutbox has always had a report button??

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