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Recent content by desocupado

  1. desocupado

    X-COM XCOM 2 + War of the Chosen Expansion Thread

    If I recall correctly, there's both a hidden bonus to player shots on the two lower difficulties, and a bonus given each time the player misses a shot on all difficulties but the highest. Only on the highest difficulty what you see is what you get.
  2. desocupado

    In Progress Codex Bloodbowl League

    Still gotta buy the game. I checked some places, but since Brazil is even more of a shithole recently and our coin has tanked in value...
  3. desocupado

    In Progress Codex Bloodbowl League

    I wish you called earlier when BB2 was on sale. It's 80 bucks now, for the legendary edition. I'll try to find a bundle or something.
  4. desocupado

    Screenshot thread

    We need a "GODDAMNIT JAPAN' emoticon added to the emoji parade.
  5. desocupado

    KickStarter Phoenix Point - the new game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop

    This might be the case. I ran into that troubling coding a game a couple of years ago. My first attempt was to completely decouple the game stats from the animations. That resulted in problems like the hp bar reducing in size before the bullet animation hit the sprite. There was also a problem...
  6. desocupado

    Hard West - tactical turn based + wild west setting

    I started playing it recently. Played for a couple of hours. But I find it annoying that the game won't give me a proper squad. I think the max I had with me was 3 characters. This is some pretty terrible shit, in a tactical game, the fun is to play with your squad, flank, cover, etc...
  7. desocupado

    KickStarter Phoenix Point - the new game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop

    I thought the meaning of "fixing" was something along the lines of "have it resolved, working again". It seems I was wrong all this time.
  8. desocupado

    4X Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War - turn-based 4X from Slitherine

    How is the game nowadays? I have a not removed from inventory copy, and it's pretty fun, but I'm finding the game kinda impossible to win on "impossible" difficulty, while being kinda easy on the difficulty before that. Or maybe it's because the race balance isn't very good. I think my copy is...
  9. desocupado

    Blood Bowl 2

    Hmm. I would be up for some BB, I think, but I gotta buy it first. It's still the same "buy game, get a couple or races, get the rest via dlc" bullshit as before?
  10. desocupado

    X-COM XCOM 2 + War of the Chosen Expansion Thread

    Maybe I suck at this game, but I'm struggling a LOT on timed missions on legendary. Some seem straight up impossible without extreme casualties. Usually the objective is far enough that just moving towards it takes quite a few turns, and then there's the enemies to deal with. Those who beat the...
  11. desocupado

    KickStarter AI War 2

    I got it on steam, and played one match (about 10 hours). I think I like it. -No more low level mark ships. Once you get a higher mark, all your ships of that kind upgrade. The changes aren't as dramatic as the previous game, though. -The 3d models look poor, but the weapon effects are very...
  12. desocupado

    KickStarter Xenonauts - XCOM-like set during the Cold War

    Hey dudes, anybody can indicate some cool mods for this? I played the first time with the Community Edition a couple years ago. Anybody tried that X-Division and/or Into Darkness mods? Are they cool? Are they properly balanced? Do they have retarded stuff? One of the things I found lame in the...
  13. desocupado

    In Progress Dawn of War tournament - SEASON 2 NOW OVER

    IG T1 is poor (although your buildings allow you to turtle somewhat). T1.5 is a lot better T2 is very good T3 and T4 are among the best in the game. I think IG is actually a very strong race, middle to top tier
  14. desocupado

    In Progress Dawn of War tournament - SEASON 2 NOW OVER

    That shitty banner placement, is usually due to me being swamped with things to do. Say I'm microing 3 squads so they don't die, I just build the banners where the gretchin are, so I can go back at keeping my shit alive. I'm not saying that's the best idea, just explaining it. I really gotta...
  15. desocupado

    In Progress Dawn of War tournament - SEASON 2 NOW OVER

    So, I played against roxor, here are the replays http://www.mediafire.com/file/0osik5vvwbiuxb7/deso_vs_roxor_game_1.rec/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/49zzlue5cvlc2v5/deso_vs_roxor_game_2.rec/file
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