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Recent content by Deuce Traveler

  1. Deuce Traveler

    Rance Series

    So the gacha mobile game Beat Wars Escalation Heroines has Rance as the antagonist of the current event. Nagi and Shizuka are obtainable characters, though you would likely have to spend money to collect Shizuka. Game is probably still not worth your time, but consider this a service...
  2. Deuce Traveler

    Incline Final Fantasy 6 - New Hack

    Resurrecting this old thread since I just finished FF6 on the SNES. :necro: Mini-Review Time: I have now beaten Final Fantasy 1 through X-2 and also Final Fantasy Tactics. I also tried Final Fantasy XII, but it was dull and I gave up on the series when I gave up halfway through the game...
  3. Deuce Traveler

    Rance Series

    I downloaded this when it came out a couple of weeks ago and I beat the main campaign already. It's good for a mobile game (most are complete shit) and it was a nice to revisit the the cast of the Beat games from AliceSoft. I earned myself some Rance profile pics too, and I'm currently using...
  4. Deuce Traveler

    Atlus Persona 5

    Codexers bitching about games that aren't even in development yet is peak Codex.
  5. Deuce Traveler

    The STEAM Sales and Releases Thread - SUMMER SALE 2022

    Fuck the haters. It's a good game with some wonderful moments.
  6. Deuce Traveler

    Nioh: Feudal Era Dark Souls

    So no, I don't own the DLC. I'm short on money right now, but I have Playstation Now and have been downloading and playing games from that list. I just finished Nioh, but I'm not in a financial position to purchase the DLCs or Nioh 2 right now. As for the caterpillar boss, I hated the mines...
  7. Deuce Traveler

    Nioh: Feudal Era Dark Souls

    I beat the game a few days ago and here are my thoughts: + This game is legit hard. I tried to avoid spoilers, but I did have to look up advice on how to beat the butterfly lady. I finally defeated her after a few more tries. She was the toughest boss in the game to me. + I love how you can...
  8. Deuce Traveler

    From Software Dark Souls 3

    So I beat the game a couple months back and here are some random spoilery thoughts: + It's more Dark Souls! Once again I played an armored knight with a penchant for big fucking weapons. I still love the feel of combat in this series. + I feel like the NPC interaction is the best of the...
  9. Deuce Traveler


    Called it! See my post above, then the following link: http://crpgaddict.blogspot.com/2022/02/angband-setback.html :greatjob: Btw, I still love DOS era Angband and Zangband. I guess it's my parallel to the insane fans that love Fate: Gates of Dawn.
  10. Deuce Traveler

    Demons Age by Bigmoon Studios - turn-based RPG "highly inspired" by Chaos Chronicles

    Hold Monster was just a higher level version of Hold Person in older versions of D&D, and you could use it against humans in the Gold Box games, so the logic is there.
  11. Deuce Traveler

    What RPGs have you played in the last 7 days?

    Do you know how us older Codexers rail about level-scaling? So Phantasie 3 was published before all that non-sense. Think of the difficulty of that area as a sort of artificial barrier that you are not able to break yet. Once your new party gets some levels and equipment updates under your...
  12. Deuce Traveler

    Demons Age by Bigmoon Studios - turn-based RPG "highly inspired" by Chaos Chronicles

    dumbuglyorc , it sounds like a dream-game for those that like to break a game and go full-on power fantasy. I really like how playing a mage in TES: Arena led to you being a veritable God in the final stages. Do you think going with an all-ranger or all-mage (with fireballs) party is viable...
  13. Deuce Traveler

    Incline Which is better and why: AD&D or AD&D 2nd Edition?

    Pre-D&D? Well, there's Orpheus from Greek mythology: Don't forget Homer, too. He's sometimes called 'the Bard'. I guess if we are looking at historical figures we could also include Sappho. Really a lot of famous Greeks sung their tales. Many of the Scandinavian people revered their...
  14. Deuce Traveler

    What RPGs have you played in the last 7 days?

    Welcome! Yeah, the Gold Box games are fantastic. You should join the thread here: https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/ssis-gold-box-series-thread.61389/ And the FRUA thread here: https://rpgcodex.net/forums/threads/forgotten-realms-unlimited-adventures-frua-thread.61909/
  15. Deuce Traveler

    Incline Which is better and why: AD&D or AD&D 2nd Edition?

    In ancient lore, elves and faerie creatures didn't have souls, but they had many special abilities. So in the rules that translated to demi-humans being better than humans since they came with extra abilities, but with the caveat that they couldn't be raised from the dead if killed since they...

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