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Recent content by Dick.

  1. Dick.

    Incline Have you played Eternal Darkness for the GameCube?

    Yes, I meant ED. I don't remember any other E.T game besides the Atari 2600 one.
  2. Dick.

    Incline Have you played Eternal Darkness for the GameCube?

    I recently acquired a Wii at a yard sale and modded it to play GameCube ISOs from a external HDD. I played the opening of ED about a week or so ago on it and liked it. Looking forward to playing the rest when I'm done finishing RE4 for the 13th time.
  3. Dick.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Free mode is basically for farming S rank soldiers (when you have high enough Heroism so they appear), and doing Side Ops. Most of the Side Ops are repetitive shit but AFAIK a certain amount of them are required to get the last mission.
  4. Dick.

    GTA 6 Speculation

    As much butthurt GTA Online's success has caused fans of the series. At least it gave us the greatest car to appear in any game: The Cheburek
  5. Dick.

    GTA 6 Speculation

    You do know Rockstar North (Who is the main developer of GTA since the beginning.) is Scottish, right? Besides that though, Dan Houser said they would never do another GTA game outside the US. Something about GTA being primarily about a satirical view of American life.
  6. Dick.

    Incline Activision patents microtransaction based matchmaking

    Bobby K. again proving he's the supreme Jew in the video game industry. :keepmyjewgold:
  7. Dick.

    What is the worst game you played from the past 10 years?

    Probably Fallout 4, what a boring turd of a game. Not even Bethsoft's hilarious ineptitude for basic game design could redeem it. Meh
  8. Dick.

    Admit it: You are going to buy Fallout 4.

    Yes, I'm buying it. And yes, fuck you.
  9. Dick.

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    It never gets old ambushing godless commies from a ditch with my 1911-alike and trusty dog. It just feels so damn satisfying.
  10. Dick.

    So, gaming addiction...

    Just fap and play some New Vegas. Works for me.:mrpresident:
  11. Dick.

    NSFW Best Thread Ever [No SJW-related posts allowed]

    If it's not available on Nintendo 64 I won't buy it.
  12. Dick.

    Good Mainstream Games (no, really)

    The Hitman games (barring Codename 47 and Shitribution) are excellent games that have tons of replayability and fun gameplay. Blood Money being by far is the most polished and detailed. (and my favorite)
  13. Dick.

    Ralph Baer, "Father of Video Games", has passed away

  14. Dick.

    Prosper I love archery in RPGs, here's my top 10 (sort of).

    Not an RPG by any means, but Far Cry 3's Recurve Bow is fantastic. Hunting negores/animals/mercs in the jungle never got old.

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