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Recent content by Drowed

  1. Drowed

    Arcanum New Arc Line - Arcanum-inspired, modern Party-Based RPG

    Sunri since you like to dance that much:
  2. Drowed

    Game News Vampire: the Masquerade - Swansong Released

    Damn, it looks as bad as I thought it would be. Not that I had any positive expectations.
  3. Drowed

    Game News Yaengard powers out on Steam

    The gameplay has some really cool ideas, but... I really don't like this visual style. But miraculously the price in my country is not absurd, it is an acceptable enough value to consider trying it.
  4. Drowed

    Game News Holomento Early Access on GOG and Steam

    The same reason they posted about Skyrim and Witcher 3, I guess?
  5. Drowed

    Game News Baldur's Gate 3 confirmed for release in 2023

    There are literally dozens of perfectly valid reasons to criticize Larian. The fact that they created a direct sequel to an RTWP series to totally change the gameplay. The flawed implementation of D&D. Their hit-or-miss humor (which for me hits, but your mileage may vary). Your companions/party...
  6. Drowed

    What's an RPG you'd like to see made?

    Honestly, I wanted a game with the gameplay of Underrail (but with a party) and the C&C style of AOD. The setting doesn't matter much to me as long as the story is interesting and well written.
  7. Drowed

    Fallout Mutants Rising - fanmade Fallout TC

    I definitely hope you get support around here, because what I could see of the project (and admittedly I didn't see much because the more I saw, the more I liked it, and the less I wanted spoilers) is extremely promising. My knowledge of Fallout scrpits is nil, so I can only hope that other...
  8. Drowed

    Game News Knights of the Chalice 2 Released

    The truth is that Pierre is a genius troll. People complained so much about the lack of sprites (me included) that he decided to use the most horrible sprites available on the face of the Earth, so the tokens became extremely nice by comparison. :salute:
  9. Drowed

    Game News CD Projekt announce that the next Witcher game is in development using Unreal Engine 5

    I would not consider any of these situations a reinvention of the wheel, but the use of the wheel. Yes, there were little changes and adaptations but in essence the wheel remains a wheel, when you use an engine you also make changes and adaptations within what it offers to best fit what you...
  10. Drowed

    Game News CD Projekt announce that the next Witcher game is in development using Unreal Engine 5

    Twiglard, you're just moving the goalpost. It seems like an engine is to you what you want it to be - so in your definition, of course you can pick and choose the games you want and say that used or didn't use engines. But that only makes the point irrelevant. It doesn't change the fact that...
  11. Drowed

    Game News CD Projekt announce that the next Witcher game is in development using Unreal Engine 5

    Nah, the first is Morrowind, number 10 (Gamebryo engine), but you can claim that it is an in-house engine, even though it was created and has been used for many other games. Then Age of Decadence and Torque, number 11. But the thing is that most of the earlier games that don't use engines are...
  12. Drowed

    Game News CD Projekt announce that the next Witcher game is in development using Unreal Engine 5

    Honestly, giving up the garbage that was their previous engine is the best decision they could make. If you notice, their games basically does not have any quests or dynamic events within environments with NPCs - everything always happens in restricted environments and heavily scripted. If the...
  13. Drowed

    Lilura's Blog: An Ongoing Codexian Obsession

    I neither believe nor disbelieve, quite the opposite but in a reverse way. I'm just here for the butthurt and drama.
  14. Drowed

    Elex 2 VS Elden Ring

    Not to mention that it goes beyond handholding, often the game is not even designed to work without these elements. Sometimes you 'can' turn off certain UI elements, but it often breaks the game because it was not meant to be played that way. Say you can turn off quest markers, but then, the...
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