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Recent content by Edward_R_Murrow

  1. Edward_R_Murrow

    Preview Microsoft Gamescom 2015 Conference: Dark Souls III Gameplay Trailer

    Technical aspects aside (Dragon's Dogma does have some serious framerate issues) it is so far beyond Demon's/Dark Souls in terms of design that anyone who says otherwise comes across as just plain silly. Let's just do a few comparisons here. Souls combat is mostly two dimensional; there's no...
  2. Edward_R_Murrow

    Is it possible to create a 'true successor' to Baldur's gate?

    I can understand not enjoying the Prologue through Chapter 2 of BG1, but the Bandit Camp is actually quite well done. There's multiple ways to find it and players can either blitzkrieg the camp or can fake joining up and infiltrate the camp with minimal combat (only Sarevok's acolytes in the...
  3. Edward_R_Murrow

    Which is your opinion about Trial and error in videogames?

    My biggest complaints about one-shots in Dark Souls are mostly environmental hazards. Mimics, Seath's ambush, Kalameet before Gough, the Hellkite Drake, and, while not really a "one-shot" (in some cases more painful, Reah getting ganked. Things that just bone the player once and then are never...
  4. Edward_R_Murrow

    Preview Microsoft Gamescom 2015 Conference: Dark Souls III Gameplay Trailer

    Well, for poor PCbros unable to play Dragon's Dogma...
  5. Edward_R_Murrow

    Which is your opinion about Trial and error in videogames?

    "Trial and error" is a loaded term when it comes to gaming. As others in this thread have noted, gaming journos often misappropriate the phrase, applying it to situations they simply weren't "gud enuff" to handle, invoking it as some sort of face-saving maneuver. "I'm not an incompetent gamer...
  6. Edward_R_Murrow

    [theoretical question] what kind of an RPG would you prefer?

    So, basically, KOTOR2 or Way of the Samurai? One of these games is part of a fun, goofy series that I've sunk probably a couple hundred hours into, playing around with reactivity and the combat system. The other is a remarkable story, with one of the best antagonists in gaming, that's an...
  7. Edward_R_Murrow

    Magic: The Gathering

    Hope I wake up tomorrow to a Brainstorm ban in Legacy, though I'd be moderately happy to see Dig Through Time or Derp and Tell get the axe. Additionally, an Earthcraft ban wouldn't be the worst thing either. Eh, won't be too cracked up if none of this happens though. Legacy is clearly not a...
  8. Edward_R_Murrow

    From Software Dark Souls 3

    From personal experience, Fume Knight's unpredictability, even in his first phase, makes him a lot more difficult to "solve" than Artorias, who doesn't have much in the way of surprises to a veteran player. The one-armed knight is still fun for a lot of "squishy" reasons that don't stand up...
  9. Edward_R_Murrow

    From Software Dark Souls 3

    I'd go a step further and say Crown of the Iron King pretty much trumps AotA on all fronts. AotA level design is decidedly below median for Souls games. The Dark Chasm is rushed crap and the Royal Woods are a reskin of Darkroot Garden minus the inter-connectivity that made it interesting to...
  10. Edward_R_Murrow

    Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Pre-Release Thread

    Indeed. Behead those who insult Kath Soucie voice acting.
  11. Edward_R_Murrow

    Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Pre-Release Thread

    Adventure Y just seems like a completely unappealing idea for a game; the constraints of being an "interquel" between BG1 and BG2, using the same player character (and party?), seem far too restrictive. I get it, they're interested in making "their own" IE game but are a small studio lacking...
  12. Edward_R_Murrow

    Review RPG Codex Review: Pillars of Eternity - By Vault Dweller and the Spirit of Grunker

    This review seems Good-For-What-It-Is. Mix in one part turn-based fetishism*, a few dashes of simulationist kvetching, one cup of cynical retrospective on the financial history of cRPGs, and a whole heapload of feigned interest and you get...this. Doesn't seem like anyone's heart was truly...
  13. Edward_R_Murrow

    Baldur's Gate does not deserve to be lumped with the rest of Bioware's shit

    Honestly, the entire Bioware subforum seems pretty silly. Most of the older games merit threads in GRPG for one reason or another and we have megathreads there as well for mocking The New Shit™.
  14. Edward_R_Murrow

    Mods that balance out Arcanum

    Uninstall.exe, because a non-existent Arcanum is the only Arcanum that's even close to balanced. But seriously, Arcanum is easy enough that practically any build can clear the game...unless you happen to be a creative director (emeritus) at Obsidian, whose lycophobia keeps him from finishing...

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