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Recent content by eli

  1. Baldur's Gate Baldur's Gate 3 by Larian Studios - now available on Early Access - next Panel From Hell on December 14th

    This could be the next WoW with far superior graphics, instead of some anacronistic mammoth burdened with LGBT subplots and unnecessary dialogues. So much wasted potential... Oh well, back to Elder Scrolls Online
  2. Elder Scrolls Ways in which Morrowind indisputably inclined from Daggerfall

    Morrowind is fully 3D like any other sensible game and Daggerfall is a 2D/3D horrific hybrid that causes me motion sickness.
  3. what are conceptual - mechanical differences between Baldur's gate and Morrowind?

    I feel people here don't get it right, I want to know what genres BG and MW are different at and how the differences in the gameplays explain the conceptual ones as well.
  4. The Worst RPG You Spent The Most Hours On

    spent 13.6 hours on PF:WOTR and i believe it is most then the majority of people.
  5. The RPG that pissed you off the most

    -OG1: good combat, leveling, itemization, and charecters; shit -OG2: worse combat, leveling, itemization, and characters; top five ?
  6. Decline The REAL False Dichotomy of Storyfag and Combatfag RPGs

    LARPING is the only right choice
  7. The RPG that pissed you off the most

    any RPG that adopted its ruleset or envisioned itself entirely on tabletop and adds nothing/ inferior mechanics to replicate tabletop experience in a video game medium, if you want to experience tabletop just play it. games focused more on tabletop recreate tabletop experiences with mechanics...
  8. RPG Mechanics Made Pointless By Game Features

    Every RPG mechanic in a single-player computer game is useless in trying to improve gameplay since RPGs are tabletop social games.
  9. Things that Arena does better than Daggerfall

    I've played almost every single elder scrolls game, including battlespire, and my favorite has always been Daggerfall. But I've always taken a look at Arena and just thought that it looks more like hard work than fun, and so I never tried it. But recently I decided that I really do have to force...
  10. Elder Scrolls Which of the 7 editions of Skyrim is the best one?

    7? fuck I thought there were 5, Bethesda surpassed my own ridiculous estimates.
  11. Incline Of the Big Three, which is your favorite? (Fallout, PS:T, Arcanum)

    WHY isn't Morrowind considered as a CRPG?

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