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Recent content by Ferdator

  1. Dodge and Toughness

    It's one thing to dodge the attacks of your direct opponents that you currently battle in melee. It's another to dodge an unlimited amount of arrows that rain on you from all directions. In the original rules you get the bonus against one single opponent you have an eye on. I thought to have...
  2. Dodge and Toughness

    I didn't know about the fact that those feats do differ in Pathfinder. I personally haven't ever played it and my first contact was during the implementation of CC. Nervertheless those two feats do actually work different in our game regarding the OGL rules. In the original rules the dodge...
  3. Masterwork Weapons and Armors/Shields

    Most of our weapons and armors do have a masterwork version to it. Your characters can use any item without being proficient but take the usual penalties. If your armor has no armor check penalty proficiency wont make any difference.
  4. Playable Character Races and Classes

    The feats for item proficiencies do not have any class prerequisites in OGL 3.5. Nor do they have in our game. All classes do usually gain some of the proficiencies by default with character creation. But that doesn't prevent you from taking any missing one at a later time, when you are allowed...
  5. Ability Scores Generation

    Personally I do prefer the point buy system. It is easy, fast and has the best balancing. And you might very well scale difficulty with it. What I really dislike is a dice roll system, where you can reroll infinitely. What's the use of such a system, if it's just a matter of time, when you...
  6. Playable Character Races and Classes

    In D&D every single class gets class specific feats, spelllike abilities and supernatural powers at defined levels. This has never been a problem and nobody will complain, if we handle it the same. But if we adopt the exact same system for spells, it does change everything? I see how this would...
  7. Playable Character Races and Classes

    You did have other points than ? Sorry, I must have missed them.
  8. Playable Character Races and Classes

    Yeah, you're right! Why ever try to build a deep challenging gameplay, when all you ever need is a 'Levelup-Simulator', where you could spend endless hours in ugly interface frames, to make the choices that really matter.
  9. Playable Character Races and Classes

    Good example. I will try to bring up some ideas based upon it, to show you, why I think, that automatic choice is favorable to free choice. - Let's say you thought you know it better and picked the fireball spell instead. So now here you are, having nothing to put against that elementals. What...
  10. Playable Character Races and Classes

    I'll try to explain it once again. Beside the spells you learn by default on levelup, there will be a vast amount of scrolls in the game, that teach your classes other unknown spells. So all we did is to take that choice out of the levelup progress and put it in the game world instead. Most of...
  11. Playable Character Races and Classes

    Not in the base game. But as our classes, along with their respective level progression, are completely defined within text files, it is no problem to have something like that for future updates or achieve it by mods.
  12. System Requirements

    ... said the one, who asked for Windows XP support... ;)
  13. Playable Character Races and Classes

    Of couse we cannot include every single spell defined in OGL within our game. But we do have a good selection, which will make your casters a viable reinforcement for your party. All our spells parameters are defined within textfiles. The execution is scripted. So within the given...
  14. Playable Character Races and Classes

    You did get, that there are additional spells, that you learn by scrolls? They will make the majority and boost exploration a lot. - "Wow, I found a vendor, that sells a spell I didn't know!" - "I'm glad I took the rogue with my party. Otherwise I would have never found that secret chamber...
  15. Playable Character Races and Classes

    Just because casters in D&D may possibly replace any other class with their specific tasks, because they have an appropriate spell, doesn't mean that this will be the case in our game. We do have very strict rules, where, when and what new spells your characters can access. We choose which new...

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