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Recent content by Gangrelrumbler

  1. Gangrelrumbler

    The RPG that pissed you off the most

    WoTR every time fucking mounted charge bugged out.
  2. Gangrelrumbler

    RTS modified into a unique RPG

    Reverse Majesty. If AI has enough resources it will upgrade shops, letting you buy more advanced equipment.
  3. Gangrelrumbler

    RTS modified into a unique RPG

    Something like that had already been done in Pirates back in 2006, I'm not sure if it was like that in the original game. The AI runs various European nations which are constantly waging wars on each other. Supply ships bring gold to ports which makes them grow (and be able to filed more...
  4. Gangrelrumbler

    Anime Poll: CRPGs and the Japanese Question.

    I dunno, I think we should have a discussion regarding the definition of an RPG before we can discuss this question.
  5. Gangrelrumbler

    why do so many people here hate modern games ?

    These games are shat on by different groups of people, Elex fanbase isn't big enough for the game to get heat. Fans of Owlcat shit on Larian games and vice versa. Witcher 3 is hated so much because it won RPG Codex GOTY years ago, which enraged fans of different types of RPGs. Be aware that...
  6. Gangrelrumbler

    The hidden math of rpg rules

    Just give me all the rules. It's a game, I want to know the rules to know how to play it. Especially if the game expects me to build a character before I even set foot in the game world.
  7. Gangrelrumbler

    Rebel Wolves - Making Dark AAA Action RPG, former TW3, 2077 Devs

    The devs include Tamara Zawada who worked on Witcher 1,2,3, known previously as Tomasz Zawada.
  8. Gangrelrumbler

    Are we an RPG Discussion website or a Free Speech website?

    On the contrary. I'm pretty much OK with the way games are since I can play some odd non-SJW western release when I get tired of anime cliches and play something Japanese when I don't want to be surprised by leftie talking points. The only time I play games with SJW is when I get too hyped and...
  9. Gangrelrumbler

    Are we an RPG Discussion website or a Free Speech website?

    You're bitching about SJWs and bitching about people who abandoned western gaming all together. Despite your constant pedoposting the main reason people are more interested in Japanese media is that you can buy a game or watch an anime and don't have constant SJW propaganda showed down your...
  10. Gangrelrumbler

    Are we an RPG Discussion website or a Free Speech website?

    -Bitch about games made by SJWs -Also bitch about people playing games not made by SJWs RPG Codex in a nutshell. The only acceptable way of life is to follow the eternal cycle. Buy game made by SJWs despite better judgement -> play it to completion -> bitch about it for no less than a week. See...
  11. Gangrelrumbler

    Are we an RPG Discussion website or a Free Speech website?

    Despite the weeb invasion it's still a website focused mostly on western gaming. It's "Real Trannies With Penises Codex"
  12. Gangrelrumbler

    Decline Designers grabbing you by the hand and leading you isn't very fun

    You can still use keywords but the way you approach gameplay is completely different. In games like Fallout you don't really need to pay attention to the dialogue. Just read the lines you are given and click the lines that don't sound retarded or offensive. Everything you need to know will be...
  13. Gangrelrumbler

    Pathfinder Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous RELEASE Thread - Treasure of the Midnight Isles DLC on August 30th

    Trickster's unique content was so memorable it was widely discussed in some other threads.

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