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Recent content by GentlemanCthulhu

  1. GentlemanCthulhu

    Caves of Qud (ROGUELIKE) deserves our love

    Oh no! We introduced a faction with an ideology we don't agree with in a largely free-form game and cannot tolerate you siding with them!
  2. GentlemanCthulhu

    Spiderweb Queen's Wish 2: The Tormentor - Jeff Vogel's new series continues

    Considering how simplistic and braindead the mechanics are in Geneforge and Avernum, I really don't see how much more watered-down Vogel can make his games. This is approaching 2010s phone game tier.
  3. GentlemanCthulhu

    Weird West - top-down immersive sim action-RPG from Arkane founder Raf Colantonio - now with first-person mod

    The FPS mod really transformed this game for me. It technically features all of the immersive elements i'd want out of a game like this, but the perspective really put me off. I'm surprised to see how well it works.
  4. GentlemanCthulhu

    Incline How to properly enjoy an RPG

    Beer, pizza, and weed if you're so inclined makes any gaming experience pleasurable.
  5. GentlemanCthulhu

    ELEX ELEX II - Jax is back

    I think by far the biggest shortcoming of Elex II is that exploration is no longer rewarding in the same way as the prequel. Part of that has to do with there no longer being a sense of wonder since there aren't significant changes to the game worlds of the two games in terms of aesthetic, but...
  6. GentlemanCthulhu

    KickStarter Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness - RTwP Shall Infest Us All

    I hope this company gets to develop more games. I found out that they actually developed their engine from scratch which was the bulk of their costs. Now that it's done, they should be able to spend more on production quality and making more interesting RPGs.
  7. GentlemanCthulhu

    Avernum: Escape from the Pit

    Hopefully this is not necro. Recently put two hours into the Avernum: Into the Pit which is the remake of Exile 1. I dunno man, I just wasn't feeling it. There's really nothing wrong with the game. It's mechanically sound if a bit too simplistic (at least in as much as I've played), the writing...
  8. GentlemanCthulhu

    Anime Tales of Arise - Shounen trying to be deep.

    I played about 10 hours of this and my god what a slog it was. This has some of the most boring plot, cast of characters, and general writing out of any RPG. Hard to think it's from the same series as Berseria. What a disastrous disappointment. Goes without saying, I dropped it.
  9. GentlemanCthulhu

    KickStarter Exoplanet: First Contact - a space western action-RPG - now available on Early Access

    This is shaping up to be p.nice. Although it'll probably take another 3 years or so before it's out at this pace.
  10. GentlemanCthulhu

    KickStarter INSOMNIA: The Ark - dieselpunk sci-fi action-RPG set on a decaying space station

    I played this for a few hours some years back. I remember the weapons feeling really good to shoot with.
  11. GentlemanCthulhu

    Deathlord Relorded!

    Oh actually if it's not opengl then forget about it. Someone has to implement vulkan or opengl functionality into the existing code base, and judging from what you said, you don't have an interface separation to make that easy. I'm not willing to do that at this point. As for the vs project...
  12. GentlemanCthulhu

    Deathlord Relorded!

    You should provide a cmake file or something. At least the project file (not the sln) so i can generate one myself. I don't have a windows system to run visual studio. Wanted to build it on linux.

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