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Recent content by Glop_dweller

  1. Glop_dweller

    Why so few games with permadeath/ironman/hardcore modes?

    I had an intense play-through of Grimrock 2 (Ironman, and single use crystals). This was not permadeath —unless all members of the party died. As it played out, the party had one or possibly two healing crystals per map, and they only work once in the game. The game only saves at the crystal...
  2. Glop_dweller

    For grognards, when was the point of no turning back for DnD?

    Like 4th edition of DOS, am I rite?
  3. Glop_dweller

    Best game manual?

    The only manual that I would buy second-hand is the spiral bound booklet from Fallout 1. Mine was destroyed by hurricane. *But I won't be buying this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183393697409
  4. Glop_dweller

    Design your own level challenge.

    Legend of Grimrock [1] User Map: One Room Round Robin II https://www.nexusmods.com/grimrock/mods/368/?tab=files *It includes access to the full editor project. We (22 of us) spent over a year on it; improved the engine with it. Features from ORRR2 made it into Grimrock 2.
  5. Glop_dweller

    Jeff Vogel Soapbox Thread

    You underestimate malevolent spite, and the extents that it can drive individuals for sake of it. I saw nothing unrealistic about it. The once great Saruman [veritable fallen angel] brought low; become a street vagabond thug pent on revenge by destroying their beloved Shire... what could hurt...
  6. Glop_dweller

    Incline Temple of Elemental Evil

    I don't much care for D&D 3+, but TOEE still stands as the best cRPG implementation of the game—for any rule-set. The sad part is that TOEE was not intended to be a D&D 3.5e game; they had to retrofit it when the D&D 3.5e rules were released to the market—just before TOEE was ready to ship.
  7. Glop_dweller

    Gold Box Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games

    The NDA would prevent them from ever telling. *Yes, there was an NDA on the coleslaw recipe.
  8. Glop_dweller

    Incline Temple of Elemental Evil

    Yes. It was focus of a Matt Chat episode four months ago; I was not impressed. Why is this relevant? Why is this desirable?
  9. Glop_dweller

    Incline Temple of Elemental Evil

    TOEE has the best implementation of D&D combat to date; best of any cRPG known.
  10. Glop_dweller

    Bard's Tale The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep - Director's Cut

    No... It's simply not this: ...And by my interpretation BT4 seemed to be a Frayed Knights rip-off. —not even a Bard's Tale rip-off. :(
  11. Glop_dweller

    Fallout Fallout 3 isn’t as bad as you think...

    Yes. (...and that someone should be obvious from the tattoos —although it's faked with Photoshop. ;) )
  12. Glop_dweller

    Fallout Fallout 3 isn’t as bad as you think...

    I can agree with (and brofist) this part, but not the rest, sadly. FO3 was irredeemable, FO4 is a FO3 spin-off; both are franken-shooters. NV is making the best out of FO3.
  13. Glop_dweller

    RPGs where you can bake bread

    In Arx Fatalis (mentioned above), you can spike the bread dough with wine.
  14. Glop_dweller

    Simultaneous execution turn-based RPGs?

    So essentially Rock, Paper, Scissors then; turns taken (in advance), then evaluated simultaneously? This seems a lot like Bard's Tale to me, where the player declares the intended actions for all of their PCs, and then sees how it all plays out in the following combat round. This is known as...
  15. Glop_dweller

    Incline New Rolemaster edition available soon

    Could this ever mean a revised edition of M.E.R.P.?

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