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Recent content by Ibbz

  1. Ibbz

    Jagged Alliance 3 from Haemimont Games

    Biggest issue I find with that trailer (which is still significantly better than the first) is that it looks like all the shooting is occuring about 5 metres away from each other - and there is still an unmistakeable console feel to it, but we shall see.
  2. Ibbz

    The Jovian System Development Update #2.

    What game engine are you using for this?
  3. Ibbz

    Master of Magic remake from Thea developers and Slitherine - coming December 13th

    Just so long as they actually listen to the feedback, and it's not a situation where it's ignored like in numerous other instances.
  4. Ibbz

    Incline Battle Brothers + Beasts & Exploration, Warriors of the North and Blazing Deserts DLC Thread

    Did you find the Ancient Wisdom perk to actually do anything? I've taken it on two of my savants and they still take damage as normal it seems.
  5. Ibbz

    Pathfinder Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Pre-DLC Thread [GO TO NEW THREAD]

    Does anyone know what point in the story you get the hellknight armour as a hellknight? And if you respect into hellknight, can you still get it later on?
  6. Ibbz

    Colony Ship Update #51: Early Access on April 6

    To support one of the few developers of incline still left in the industry?
  7. Ibbz

    Anime What's the most nostalgic game for you?

    Always wondered why I could never get past level 2 until I found this video and found it was timed too tight to complete... no internet back then though to find out. And of course - The Central park theme is still one of the best themes to this day.
  8. Ibbz

    Of Reviewers and NWN...

    Deathy isn't and neither am I or DarkUnderlord, so that makes 3 of us.
  9. Ibbz

    Elite Dangerous devs making a Warhammer Age of Sigmar RTS

    Has there been one RTS targeted for multi platform that was actually any good?
  10. Ibbz

    Have any of the builds of Duke Nukem Forever ever leaked?

    I did indeed, cheers.
  11. Ibbz

    Have any of the builds of Duke Nukem Forever ever leaked?

    I think you're right. (They did Alien Colonial Marines as well)
  12. Ibbz

    Games like Terra Nova

    You could try the Heavy Gear series - the suits in size are somewhere in between Terra Nova & Mechwarrior. Not sure if it has a medal room as such though:
  13. Ibbz

    KickStarter Encased - isometric post-apocalyptic RPG under the dome

    It's free for any backers / people who have pre-ordered.
  14. Ibbz

    KickStarter Phoenix Point - the new game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop

    Gollop just needs to take a leaf out of Raf Colantonio's book and realise he doesn't need to have a team of 40, he could create a great game tailored to what his fans enjoy with less financial risk with only 10 people. (Then again the same could be said about 95% of IT Projects in general)
  15. Ibbz

    Momentum - turn-based tactical RPG set in Vietnam War - CANCELLED

    Thanks for the explanation, I'm assuming you're going for more disposable soldiers then ?

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