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Recent content by Jim Cojones

  1. Jim Cojones

    Fanstratics: A HoMM 3 Spiritual Successor

    Heroes of Might and Magic III already had lizard people among Fortress heroes who don't seem to be a significant part of any classical mythos. I'm not sure why would anytime Caneghem be opposed to green anthropomorphic reptiles but somehow cool with blue anthropomorphic reptiles.
  2. Jim Cojones

    Incline RPG Codex's Best RPGs - 2019 - VOTE ONLY THREAD

    4 points Jagged Alliance 2 3 points Fallout 2 points Age of Decadence Gothic Knights of the Chalice Wizardry 6 Wizardry 8 1 point Arcanum Dark Sun: Shattered Lands Fallout 2 Gothic 2 Icewind Dale Planescape: Torment The Temple of Elemental Evil Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
  3. Jim Cojones

    Wadjet Eye Primordia - A Point and Click Adventure - Now Available

    One category at least makes sense. Nominated Arcanum for "Best Use Of A Farm Animal".
  4. Jim Cojones

    So, anyone playing League of Legends?

    It must work this way, otherwise four premades would never find a player to join their game.
  5. Jim Cojones

    Completed Let's play Teenagent

    Instinct tells us to use one of the pills to run past Noty and his associate but Mark has a much better idea. Thank you all for following the thread, I hope you had fun reading the LP. Enjoy your brofists!
  6. Jim Cojones

    Completed Let's play Teenagent

    Finally we get to the mansion of infamous John Noty. Let's read it. Right, there's just one final update left and it will definitely be much shorter than this one.
  7. Jim Cojones

    Completed Let's play Teenagent

    We acquired a shotgun yesterday so we can use it to scare crows sitting on a scarecrow. So, you can expect the final update to be full of gore, Mark will surely find lots of ways to torture Mr. Noty. :D Oh, and I have uploaded the intro sequence on Youtube and added it to the post on the first...
  8. Jim Cojones

    Completed Let's play Teenagent

    OK, let's try to get inside once again!
  9. Jim Cojones

    Completed Let's play Teenagent

    The guard still stands at the gates of the mansion, ever vigilant, not moving an inch during past couple years. This time, continuing our efforts to enter the house, we shall resort to bribery. In order to gather some funds, we'll have to borrow some item from an elder man living in the village...
  10. Jim Cojones

    Completed Let's play Teenagent

    :necro: More than five years have passed since I abandoned this LP, I think it's time to finish it at last. I should be able to post an update later today and finish the game within 4 - 5 updates this week. Or I'll just complete all attempts at getting into the mansion and leave the thread for...
  11. Jim Cojones

    Editorial Josh Sawyer Explains: How to Balance an RPG

    Roguey should have 'Pillars of Eternity lead designer' tag and Obsidian logo for avatar.
  12. Jim Cojones

    Wizardry The Wizardry Series Thread

    The game doesn't simply roll one die to determine how many bonus hit points do you get on level up. Instead every time you level up it rolls as many dice as it would be appropriate for the new character level. If the sum of all the rolls and, if applicable, bonuses form condition is higher than...
  13. Jim Cojones

    Most fisted posts

    Why does the list show that the number of posts written by Infinitron after Xenoforo install is higher than his total post count?
  14. Jim Cojones

    Advertising AdBlock

    I used to have Codex added to adblock's exception list, as well as all the sources of advertisements there to noscript's exceptions, so I could click some ads occasionally, just to help the site a bit. Then with the new forum engine and design came obnoxious advertisements put into the first...
  15. Jim Cojones

    Anime DotA 2 vs LoL

    A week ago I'd say there's a bit of room for beating Morello but the fucker has just modified Anivia's autoattack particle speed.

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