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Recent content by Julio

  1. Let Me Trainwreck Final Fantasy VII For You! (Completed!)

    It's quite amazing how focused and inspired the Midgar/Shinra part of FF7 was, and how consistent its art direction was, compared to how incredibly mediocre and over-the-map the rest of the game was.
  2. TOEE first playthrough

    If the cleaver you're talking about comes w/ Fruella, then that was in the original game.
  3. Interview Dragon Age tidbits and BioWare design philosophy

    Morgoth's aiming for a title
  4. Editor of Australias biggest PC gaming rag talks AoD

    Perhaps VD banned him from the Codex during the dark times and now he's lashing out.
  5. Game News The Witcher - X360 and PS3 version leak

    I'm the new, I'm the new, I'm the new new model Better in the head And in bed At the office... I can suck it aaand smile.
  6. Company News The Witcher Enhanced Edition announced

    Vamp, you might be stretching the 4-5 hour point with GoW, as it's at least 8-10 hours on PC thanks to the extra 4 levels. CoD4 and Airborne, however, can easily be completed in less than 6 hours; and let's not forget Kane & Lynch which is about 5-6 hours long.
  7. Shivering Isles = Fixes Many of Oblivion's Major Problems

    Bad attempt at trolling.
  8. Company News The Witcher Enhanced Edition announced

    Wow, this is an amazing bit of news. You go girl, CDP!
  9. Alone In The Dark 5

    It's Alone in the Dark meets McGuyver edition. Sticky tape ftw?
  10. Alone In The Dark 5

    New footage released showcasing the game's physics and "all-body awareness". Reminds me of a cross between Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay and Resident Evil 4. They're showing some impressive stuff with the physical object manipulation... hope it bleeds into the actual gameplay...
  11. Let Me Trainwreck Final Fantasy VII For You! (Completed!)

    LP threads are part of the cancer killing the Codex.
  12. Second Neverwinter Nights 2 expansion

    All I can see are letters in red font.
  13. Mass Effect to be released for PC

    Warden is a thief, he steals my oxygen. I demand retribution.
  14. New indie CRPG: Charles Barkley: Shut UP & Jam: Gaiden!

    The mere idea of neo-shekels is sheer genius.

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