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Recent content by Lord Rocket

  1. Lord Rocket

    Game News SKALD: Against the Black Priory Teaser Trailer

    some thoughts. what follows are real facts and not just, like, my opinions, man skald looks great (in terms of the grafx, haven't really been keeping up with any gameplay related announcements) qfg3 looks like shit. the disconnect between the sprites and the painted backdrops = ew gross. 256...
  2. Lord Rocket

    Historical RPGs?

    haven't played either but here's a couple TSR D&D-derived games for your consideration: Lion and Dragon -- describes itself as 'medieval authentic' Helvéczia -- based mostly on pulp fiction, 'pseudo-historical' the latter is from the Codex's own Melan so he may have something to add about the...
  3. Lord Rocket

    Questions to help design of Cobalt RPG System

    the main issue here is how vague it all is -- is it a classless system or not? Just pick one, making up my own rules is easy enough. If it's a class system provide some sample classes, and also give an actual list of 'abilities' (just call them skills tbh, that's the standard jargon at this...
  4. Lord Rocket

    PnP for kids, adventure books preferable

    Actually I feel a bit bad for talking shit about Advanced Fighting Fantasy because my comments were based on the first edition, ie. the one I have. I checked some reviews and it seems like the linked, SECOND, edition cleans up some of the goofiness by constraining the stats range and adding a...
  5. Lord Rocket

    Fighting Fantasy

    Goddamn Ian's moustache was so fuckin good Back when I was a kid, he was my favourite of the two just for that (also because he wrote Forest of Doom which was my favourite for some reason but mostly the moustache) NOW look at him: why did you do that to yourself Ian
  6. Lord Rocket

    PnP for kids, adventure books preferable

    I was reading my copy of this the other day: (it's Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-Playing Game if the image doesn't show) I first played the gamebooks when I was 8yo., by myself, so the rules won't be a problem for them, and the good news is if you played the gamebooks yourself you...
  7. Lord Rocket

    Tabletop Wargames for 1 player?

    this is a whole thing dude, although you'll be playing hex and chit games like a goddamn man rather than little sissy baby games with miniatures. Google 'solitaire wargames'; here's a few links more-or-less randomly selected from the first page of results...
  8. Lord Rocket

    Good Doom/Heretic/Hexen WADs

    There's a new Doomer Boards Project out: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/115453-dbp25-dead-but-dreaming/ If you don't know the DBPs are short monthly WADs (usually around 10 maps long) released by members of the eponymous forum. This one might be of interest to Codexians since it's...
  9. Lord Rocket

    Incline OSR Games - Official thread

    I'd like to encourage everyone to read Philotomy's Musings, or at the very least the 'Dungeon as mythic underworld' section Also just to resurrect a long since resolved discussion, but one that took place while my net was down, I'm not sure ability checks are ever necessary. Just let them do...
  10. Lord Rocket

    Editorial On the birth of Dungeons and Dragons

    no, because character 'building' is metagaming -- this should be obvious as assigning points is something you do between sessions, not during actual gameplay, and is more easily learned from wiki entries rather than direct experience. 3.xe in a nutshell anyway the difference between 1e and 2e...
  11. Lord Rocket

    The Importance of Color

    Amiga Lemmings had a p nice range of colours across levels (although a fairly restricted palette per level): (with apologies for the watermarks)
  12. Lord Rocket

    Phase-based combat in 1v1 fighting

    - RNG (skill/combat rolls) - RNG (skill/combat rolls) <-- why should these be different from the way normal TB does them? Are you making a turn-based physics simulation game or something? - The simplest solution would just be to queue up one action per phase and thus neatly sidestep the...
  13. Lord Rocket

    D&D 5E Discussion

    OSRIC is the original AD&D retroclone, if you want a hardcopy of 1e specifically while saving some bucks. That said, the 1e DMG has a lot of useful idea-generator type material in the appendices (and scattered throughout the rest of the text, because logical organisation wasn't invented until...
  14. Lord Rocket

    Anime Superhero themed games that arent retarded

    I don't think he wants Hero on the basis of what he said in the OP anyway I don't know shit about superhero rpgs but I have no life so I must post. Therefore here's a few I've heard about but not read or played FASERIP - generic clone version of the old 80s TSR Marvel game. Free so no Marvel...
  15. Lord Rocket

    4X Make Civ(likes) Great Again! Brainstorming design thread

    what these things really need is some sort of logistics system -- I've not played any of these, but what I've heard about the the one in the WWII Columbia block games (Rommel in the Desert rulebook, section 12) sounds like it could be imported with little fuss (you need to be able to draw an...
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