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Recent content by Nigfy

  1. Nigfy

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl

    Will pirate because of ChOrnobyl
  2. Nigfy

    Taking forum features unannounced

    Ah, I see. That face can be anything from 13 to over 40 yo.
  3. Nigfy

    Taking forum features unannounced

    Age doesn't matter, it's all about the appearance.
  4. Nigfy

    Why was The Wall temp-banned?

  5. Nigfy

    Star Valor

    I think it's quite rare to have a fully simulated economy like in X4.
  6. Nigfy

    Deus Ex Deus Ex

    gonna be woke shit?
  7. Nigfy

    Victoria 3

    A lightweight character system seems fine to me.
  8. Nigfy

    Subnautica: Released (SPOILER WARNING past Post #1)

    A Leviathan attacked me while I was exploring in the prawn suit. He went past me and got stuck in a cave, I had to punch him for quite a while to kill him.
  9. Nigfy

    Who should moderate the Shoutbox?

  10. Nigfy

    Crispy abusing his mod powers in shoutbox which he shouldn't have per the agreement made.

    Yeah, shoutbox is basically unmoderated now. Which is fine until one retard comes along and starts sperging out and spamming.
  11. Nigfy

    Incline A big thanks to all Codex staff

    I agree with everything you said.
  12. Nigfy

    The value of CDPR's shares has reportedly dropped by 75% since the release of Cyberpunk 2077

    It's obvious what happened. When they abandoned the sex card collectibles from witcher 1 it all went downhill. Now they're just another woke pandering dogshit company.
  13. Nigfy

    Best recent city builders?

    The thing is, I played the game for some time but I remember almost nothing about it. So I assumed it wasn't really worth playing and gave that rating.

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