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Recent content by PeachPlumage

  1. PeachPlumage

    What if we split the Codex into two sites: RPG Codex + Political Codex?

    Rock Paper Codex > scales to your wokeness
  2. PeachPlumage

    The STEAM Sales and Releases Thread - SUMMER SALE 2022

    I picked up FTL: Faster Than Light, Hieroglyphika, I Am Overburdened, Skyshine's BEDLAM, Stay Safe: Labyrinth of the Mad.
  3. PeachPlumage

    The Codex of Roguelikes

    KeeperRL - Free Quarantine Alpha Download https://keeperrl.com/download/
  4. PeachPlumage

    What game are you wasting time on?

    Finished Duke Nukem 3D, all expansions and so far Duke Nukem Forever mod. Finished Powerslave. Taking a break from the build engine games with maybe UnderRail or something of that nature before I tackle Blood :cool:
  5. PeachPlumage

    plague/pandemics in games

    Neo Scavenger - Blue Rot
  6. PeachPlumage


    Picked up UnderRail and the expansion :salute:
  7. PeachPlumage

    Games like Terra Nova

    Outwars - mechasuit against insects
  8. PeachPlumage

    What game are you wasting time on?

    Marathon 1 via Aleph One - Picked Marathon up again and hoping to finish it this time. Anyone know if ZPC is playable on Aleph One?
  9. PeachPlumage

    Linux support mostly.

    Linux support mostly.
  10. PeachPlumage

    Torn between getting games on either gog or steam :(

    Torn between getting games on either gog or steam :(
  11. PeachPlumage

    What games did you complete in 2019?

    Redneck Rampage Redneck Rampage: Suckin' Grits on Route 66 Redneck Rampage Rides Again I just remembered I also completed the Doom wad - Zombies: Extreme Epidemic Edition
  12. PeachPlumage

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE4shVkwqIk Merry Christmas

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE4shVkwqIk Merry Christmas
  13. PeachPlumage

    What game are you wasting time on?

    Playing Prince of Qin. I bought the game years ago but I am finally giving it a proper seeing to.
  14. PeachPlumage

    Prince of Qin

    I have recently started playing Prince of Qin. Thank you Uncle Skull for the Chinese voice files :hug:
  15. PeachPlumage

    The Codex of Roguelikes

    Auto Fire has a public build v05 download available https://vertigon.itch.io/auto-fire

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